5D Shift: Our Divine Orientation

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It's essential to your deep peace and well being of soul to find the correct orientation in life and the shift. Here's a video exploration of finding that deep core self, that pervades peace and completeness into your environment. Shot from the Openhand New Year Retreat 2019...

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Thanks for the kind words Sandra. I'd not heard of Joseph Campell before so you intrigued me. I very much like how he explains "The Hero's Journey" and this one, about following your bliss in life and what then happens. Very aligned with Openhand Philosophy...

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Truth is.  IS is. PRESENCE is .  Or in reverse, IS is truth. IS is presence,  IS is .  It may be presented in different modes, ways, languages,  but it IS.  Ha..what would I give to be in the presence of a conversation between you and Joseph Campbell!  WOW OH WOW!!  

He saw this day coming, dear Open, and called it "the greatest shift humanity bas ever seen.  The greatest....

If I find this quote I'll send it to you. 




I do so love your messages, Open and  now the ability to share them on fb with others.  They of course expand me beyond where I am, but they also tether me which is often what I need as intend to float away, if you know what I mean. A challenge which I actually now experience as an opportunity is the extreme winter we are having. It forces me to choose to expose myself to it and suffer the effects of the autoimmune disorder,  or to stay indoors and enjoy making more.prayer shawls, reading, dancing,.using the social media to assist in the giving and receiving process, and renewing old friendships...most recently in the writings and interviews with Joseph Campbell.  I am convinced he saw this day coming...


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