Why Spiritual Mastery is a Shattering Process...Understanding the Path

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Anyone truly embarking along the spiritual path, must quickly give up the idea that it's easy, or especially, that it will somehow build you up into something. And it's definitely not all 'love and light' - not the true path anyway. In my experience, both of my own journey and in working with countless others, Spiritual Mastery is a shattering, breaking down process, that causes you to reconfront past-life trauma and source pain. It's also reflective of the current state of our reality right now.
Why is that? What might you expect? How might you deal effectively with what comes up?...

Walking the Spiritual Path

I've encountered many people who'll tell you they've been "walking a particular spiritual approach for so and so years". Yet really, when you dig below the surface, it's clear they're not truly Walking the Spiritual Path. Why not? What does Walking the Spiritual Path really mean?

It's a moment-by-moment, all-in, total commitment to surrender. It's definitely not about trying to get something physical. It's certainly not intentional manifesting - who's trying to do that? It's mostly an ego. There comes this moment on the journey, where there's a breaking-down sobbing commitment to the divine. A recognition that this is what you're really here for - to be of selfless service. In this place, you'd practically starve, have everything taken from you, all relationships broken, and yet still see the beauty of it, still celebrate your inviolable connection to the divine. It's an in the moment commitment, to only, and always, come from your highest truth, as felt deep within your soul.

It's like saying: "I am not going to do another dammed thing, I will do nothing, unless I can feel it coming from my soul; even if I die in this place right now, there will be no more wishy-washy half truths."

In my experience, the incredible paradox is, there's great joy in this feeling!

Why else is the spiritual path a shattering process?

All realities come and go

Consider the Universe. It is in constant flux, constant change and it is all interconnected. Nothing is solid and fixed - it only at times appears that way. It is all interconnected vibrational energy, all flowing in various waves of direction. At times, eddy currents form in this flow and realities take shape. But still they are not fixed - just like water constantly flowing in and constantly flowing out. No matter how established they seem, as some point, everything caught up in them will ultimately wash away.

It's the same in consciousness space. Unity consciousness is like the flow. And it's always searching for higher harmonies of existence. In one way, this sense of unity binds realities together - it's the "gravity" of which the cosmologists speak. Yet it also creates instability, the agitation searching out higher, more equitable realities. So ultimately, ALL realities become unstable and break down.

That's the place the Earth finds herself in right now - a reality has formed from the karmic 4D layer for a given period, for the collective to explore particular truths - such as: "what's fair for all life, not just one form of life?" When the central pillar of that reality - Gaia in this case - has learned what she needed to, then she moves on, encouraging all life to move with her. So Gaia has begun unravelling this old reality and is currently building a new one in the 5D. Anyone who is able to expand - within themselves - out of the limits of the physical, through the karmic 4D layer and into the interconnectivity of the 5D, will already be feeling it within their consciousness. (see... The Process of Transformation from 3D to 5D Earth)

An explosive cauldron of alchemical change

That's why I say this is a breaking down process. Not a building up one. Our connections to the physical reality must break as we penetrate and unravel our karmic veils. And at the moment, only a very few, in percentage terms, are committed to this. I work with spiritual people all over the world, and barely without exception, they have incarnated into families, most members of which, are still stuck, still identifying with the drama, still asleep. The awake ones mostly feel in a minority, mavericks amongst the mainstream. So when a soul truly exerts its power and sovereignty, it's mostly against this dogma and resistance. When you have the courage to be you, it will challenge the people around you - when you're doing your job of unfolding fully, I observe they'll go one of three ways:

  1. start breaking down and unfolding themselves
  2. hold the space admirably while you get on with it and without interfering
  3. exert resistance, and dig their feet in, until probably the relationship breaks down.

It's almost impossible for the relationship to sustain in its old form within this consciousness shift - it's a firey cauldron of alchemical change.

All the time in the World - but no time to waste

Do I make it sound tough? Well I don't wish to unnecessarily. I don't wish to exaggerate. It's just what I observe, time and time again. And mostly those not in this cauldron, often tend to be in a quasi-state of denial about what the path is really inviting, or else lack of true commitment. Take a pop at me if you like, it is just my truth based on what I observe.

You might find yourself in this breaking down process. You're genuinely committed to the path, but find things falling apart - your job, your relationships, your general way of living. Don't worry. I see this time and time again in true seekers. Let's be clear, the Earth is in a breaking down process right now in the 3D. And this needs to happen in order to fully establish the 5D. So don't expect your life to be easy. And don't worry if it's all breaking apart, if the layers are being mercilessly stripped off you - that's exactly where you need to be.

And if your life is not breaking you down or has not, if it's not been challenging you to the core for some considerable time, then maybe you've not yet committed enough? Maybe you've not yet been all-in. In which case, don't worry either. But do explore your commitment. There's still all the time in the world, but the world is changing rapidly now, the 3D drawing to a climatic conclusion, so there's definitely no time to waste.
Try this... 9 Step Process for Dealing with Karma and Trauma.

Surrender. Dive all-in.

When you do let go, when you dive over the waterfall with abandon, yes it's going to batter you; yes you'll have to confront many fears, many dark nights of the soul, but you will keep bobbing back up to the surface. And as you finally break through, all the pounding will have been worth it. You'll have forged true spiritual mastery. Your life will be forever bountiful.

Not only this, but your life will be forever bountiful and abundant. Because energy follows the unleashing and expansive expression of soul. It won't create in the way the ego wants, but it will always provide the energy necessary for authentic creation - you will never be left wanting. In each moment, all you have to do is figure out what the soul is inviting you to do.
(To support in that, explore Openhand's process Openway).

So my advice is to deeply let go. Surrender. Dive all-in. Let it break you down and churn you up - all the way back into The One. To help in the process, we put together this short video on dealing with such challenges on the path. Be inspired...

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In loving support

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It's amazing how cut off we can be from our deepest emotional self and not able to access it and become numb. I think many agree to meet apart of themselves and stay in that comfort zone relatively in tune...a place we can easily believe we master ourselves. Dare we go deeper and we may start losing control, or start fearing we shall lose control and loose it and become so vunerable, so open to being destroyed. I know I have felt this way. I know I have pushed a big part of my emotional self and cast it, disowned it into the underworld.But it's rising to the surface, we may think we know ourselves, we may even loose ourselves and our old sense of identity, but I do believe we eventually find a new part of ourselves, if only we allow it to birth and shine and see the strength in it. What society perceives as strength is different. Shame and guilt can be so thrown out the window
I think for most people are afraid of being exposed and destroyed. Especially in relationships. So instead we categorise, repress, manipulate, humiliate adore or ignore.....touch them lightly, let them go, shut them up..anything but bring them out the closet into the light, rise to the surface and feel them fully. Much easier to fix them, hide them, play with them.
Rarely do we truly honour them , channel them and recognise the innate intelligence that lies beneath them ,which helps us move forwards and connect us more and more to power of the cosmos and the greater whole, realising everything is just flowing through us as an experience of the One. We really do have our inner resources from within, that the external is constantly challenging and reflecting back. Pretty much repeating what you are saying in different words BUT I say Honour them, honour them and access them, until we start letting go of the attachments to what limit our spiritual mastery, which to me no longer seems spiritual - spirtuality and life are one of the same thing to me,to me it's just life and natural growth.

I created a soulful response to this earlier on the way home from my travels on the bus, but as a reflection of spiritual challenges, it was deleted from my iPad before I had chanced to publish it. Testimony of the importance of non-attachment on the spiritual path :) I'll re-write a little of it here...

One of the most important tenets of the Spiritual Path for me is trust, because walking the Spiritual Path, doesn't always make sense in a 3D way. It can defy logic. It often comes without rhyme or reason, guiding us to do things, without any indication of a beneficial outcome. This is where trust in the flow is paramount. If we are able to tune into the higher paradigm, then it becomes clearer as a 'Path of Light', unfolds before us. And from this expanded perspective it all makes perfect sense, without a need to comprehend intellectually what is going on at all. If we can trust what we are being shown, and act, without attachment to the outcome, then we end up doing exactly the right thing. Often the only things that makes sense is the feeling of peace in our soul as the world comes crashing down (the break down) around us. It's liberation, freedom... the soul unleashed!

So, trust in the divine flow - that's where it's at for me. This is what inspires me to take all those crazy leaps of faith, that expand my consciousness and unfold my own divine beingess.

Hi Open,
You hit the nail right on the head there. I feel like much of my life has been a 'breaking down of reality'. Interestingly enough it really began soon after my awakening experience. It seems that stability and continuation are things to be encouraged in the 'normal' world, staying in the same job, house, relationship - but if you're really growing and following the soul I find this to be nigh on impossible!

For me right now, somehow, lots of things are coming up for me. Things that I thought I'd sorted; things that I never really had before even. I feel like I'm processing (for) the whole world and his mother! But it's fine as it shows me all the different 'stuff' that's out there, and sometimes I need to be slapped in the face with it, you know.

Thanks for your input about trust. Can you give an example of when trusting in the divine hasn't made sense in the 3D?

Thanks again for another blazer of an article!

    Richard W wrote: "Thanks for your input about trust. Can you give an example of when trusting in the divine hasn't made sense in the 3D?"

Indeed you psychic you *yes3* I did write more about that originally (before I lost my post).

I have lots of examples over the years, but I'll share something more recent. It's very personal, but it feels like the perfect example of how it doesn't make sense and therefore have to trust that there is a divine reason behind it all.

In October, at some point, I felt a pull. This pull was showing me that I was to pull back from Openhand, to let go of my relationship with Open and to become independent with my conscious cuisine endevours. I may have felt the pull before that, but previously I just wasn't ready (and that is important to say, because, there is a time and place for everything).

Did it make sense in a 3D way? No!

I thought 'WTF, you have to be kidding me!!!' Here is someone I love with all my heart - here is an organisation that I have put my heart and soul into for the last ten years of my life - here is my home, my whole world, my community. But I felt it. I felt it with such vigor. I couldn't ignore it.

To deny this pull, would be to deny my soul. It would be to turn a blind eye to the Path of Light that was unfolding before me. It would be to deny myself and everyone around me the opportunity to expand and grow. It would be a denial of the universal life energy that flows through me. And since my commitment to The Path is absolute, I just couldn't ignore it.

I didn't actually know why I was being guided like this. Until... I dove in. ALL IN! And then, I still didn't fully know why. In a 3D sense it meant losing almost everything. In a 5D sense it meant a Path of Light.

    My deep inner exploration revealed that my life was tangled in a way that had meant I'd lost part of myself. In fact, I'd buried it so deeply, that there was no other way that I could reclaim it, than turning my world upside down.

I held the space. It was insanely challenging, but I held the space with presence, so that I can allow right action to happen - NO MATTER WHAT!

The events that followed, all pressed exactly the right buttons, generated the exact perfect circumstances in order that I could reclaim myself. With every cell of my being I was giving everything up, searching for a new home, separating my life with Open. Open and I changed the nature of our relationship. It seems that there were a million different things to unravel in my life. I set a new world in motion. It was so painful. Incredibly painful. I'd never cried so much! Yet in honouring the process, with an open mind and heart, with presence (as best I could), things began to shift and change.

The universe began to reconfigure everything. With everything that followed, I began to reclaim this lost aspect of myself.


My purpose in life is to be of divine service in the best way I possibly can as each moment arises. To me, that means to be FULLY me and unfold into the Path of Light. To reclaim this lost aspect of myself, meant that I can be more open and expanded and able to give more of myself to the divine flow.

It was only with time that it became clearer. In the meantime, I was surfing the path with total trust and surrender.

Then after Christmas at some point I felt like I'd arrived. Woah! In fact, that aspect of myself that I'd long since buried, had returned. Only then truly made sense.

I'll be honest, I looked at the trail of realisation I'd left behind me and realised that everything that had happened was perfect (downright challenging, but perfect none-the-less). Without it I wouldn't have found the lost and buried part of me. It was so important.

Now everything has changed around me. When we change, everything around us changes too. It's like a cosmic invitation for evolution. If we don't control it, if we trust in the pull of the soul, then the right things always happen. It means that I can move forwards from a new place of expanded beingess. It means I can be of greater service to the divine. It means that I can experience the depth of love between Open and with a much greater presence. It means a whole tonne of things!

It's hard to get every important aspect of this down. There have been three months of intense realisation happening for me. But I hope that captures the essence of how something doesn't always make sense in the 3D and why trust in the Path of Light/Divine/The Flow of Higher Consciousness is essential.

with love

In reply to by Trinity

Wow Trinity, I am very moved by your sharing. Thank you so much for posting it. Isn't it funny, like you said, how we can look back on these periods afterward and see, often with wonderment, exactly how perfect everything was, not just for our own journey but for all those around us too. Its like a little confirmation that trusting really does pay off every time. Something to be reminded of when the mind says "no way!"

I have felt deeply conflicted of late: stay in the womb of the farm, or walk headlong into the belly of the beast. On sunday I went down to the meditation stones at the creek, wonderful old granite stones forming a shelf that the waters sing to. A peace eagle circled just above the tree tops.

Go or stay? Go or stay? Go or stay....show me.

A grey silver cloud floated down from the ridge, I watched it swallow the trees then move towards me like an etherial wave, and then rain, soft even in the cold, timpani on stones on water on wood. I felt the answer before I knew the answer.

I walked up the slope, slippery wet leaves, the rain smell of earth, and stepped into the upper meadow, drenched and giggling like a five year old. To be wet, yes! To be grass, tree, humus, wings, paws all of that and more within me. No matter where I am, no matter what the density is.

The rain stopped as I reached the orchard. I turned to look back at the rise of hill above the creek. A rainbow spread from one end of the farm to the other.

Surrender for me is a vital element for walking the spiritual path, being in the flow. When I surrender, my mind gets out of its own way. My heart releases butterflies. The answers come :-)


Hi Rich,

Sounds like you've been going through a shattering process my friend. I trust you're managing okay.

Some while back down the path, when I was challenged somewhat within family relationships, the lyrics of a song were gifted to me, which made a profound difference to me:

    You gotta tie yourself to the mast my friend,
    cos you know the storm will end.

I instantly knew what the 'mast' was - the pillar of spirituality and my higher connection. It got me through.

Tie yourself to the mast my friend!

With love


Hi Open,

Thanks for that reminder. I remember you mentioning this on the Transfiguration course this summer. Indeed, it does seem like there is a point within, which is unmoved by all the uproar around.

The storm seems to be dying down now. Just a few 'aftershocks' really but nothing unmanageable.
Interestingly, I have had a few synchronicities around the beginning and the end of the transition period. As it started I came across a woman in a corridor (we were totally alone). She was wearing a t-shirt which said 'Just BE the one!'. I didn't know it's true significance at the time, but then again yesterday I saw someone else wearing a different hoody. There was, believe it or not some reference to boating and weathering the waters, and over the top of this was again the message 'Just BE the one'. Blew my socks off!

Thanks for all your encouragement, its truly appreciated.

From the heart,

Thank-you for showing such vulnerability and sharing your experience Trinity.