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'For those who've been tuning into the Openhand material regularly, you'll know that from time to time we're referring to an "Opposing Consciousness", one that has intervened with the natural human evolutionary process and has been essentially controlling society for it's own ends. It's been a difficult subject to talk about openly because of the incredible volume of historical disinformation that's either burying the evidence or else 'spin doctoring' it to present particular sanitised viewpoints. Society does not want us to know the accurate picture, because once full disclosure of what's really going on unfolds in the collective consciousness, it will metaphorically turn how we live our lives 'on its head'. It will have an accelerating effect on human consciousness that could no longer be controlled by the 'powers-that-be'...

Multi dimensional expansion

For me, my view on what's really going on literally exploded around the events of a car crash, during which, my awareness was suddenly expanded into multi-dimensional states. I was able to see and read the deeper meaning behind events and circumstances, how everything was interconnected and had a natural underlying consciousness flow. Furthermore, I could suddenly observe, sense, intuit, feel and simply know, many of the intervening and blocking influences that go on within mind and body. This multi-dimensional insight has provided the impetus and catalysis to help people who've come to the Openhand work by dissolving away distorting internal blockages and unfolding more authentic aspects of beingness.

Our purpose is to help people ascend into who they truly are. But we've had to be intricately careful on the information we've shared about how such limitation happens in the first place, the last thing that would have helped is to have closed skeptical minds early in the process. When I've mistakenly presented too much information too early on, that's been exactly the effect. It has retarded evolution rather than accelerating it. Perhaps that offers a degree of insight into the difficulty of the subject! But what's beginning to happen now within the work, is that people are opening up much more quickly, they're becoming able to sense and intuit the blocking energy themselves, so they know it's real.

Furthermore, the effect of the catalytic-consciousness-activation is taking people directly into past life karma. This is where it gets extremely interesting. Not only does processing karma greatly accelerate our unfolding, but it reveals the various extra terrestrial 'interplays' that have happened throughout human history.

Early advanced civilsations

For example, it begins to reveal advanced civilisations on earth that existed thousands of years before current archeology will acknowledge - it confirms the existence of 'legends' such as Lemuria and Atlantis. People have direct experience of DNA engineering that has downgraded humanity and of implants that currently limit them. 'Star-souls' relive and experience essences of life in other star constellations and recall Ascension processes that have broken such alien limitations before - the intervention of Opposing Consciousness stems right back to the formation of our Galaxy. It is our 'Galatic Karma'.

Right now is an extremely exciting time to be alive, because with the explosion of human consciousness going on, people all across the world are beginning to challenge the existing view on life and it's happening in so many different areas.

The hidden code

Take for example the Human Genome work. We're reading more and more of the hidden code buried within our DNA. How is it that such sudden and radical changes happened literally over night and within ALL humans? It simply blows apart the currently accepted Darwinian theories of how life evolved on this planet. And why for example does the Human configuration contain many genes that can't be located anywhere else on earth? Why is it that we have literally thousands of genetic 'coding errors' when we're supposed to be so evolved and advanced? We can expect much greater light to emerge on this in the years ahead (Openhand's new project Divinicus to be launched in September 2014 is set to do this).

There's incredible archeological structures that are being found such as Yonaguni off the coast of Japan, sunk during the melting of the last Ice Age some 12,000 years ago. And the pyramids that exist in many locations around the world. How do you cut 200 tonne stone blocks, cut them precisely to fit, and lift them many feet into place? With sticks and strings? It's farcical! What's being revealed in pioneering and ingenious work, is that by reversing the magnetic polarity within the stone molecules through the projection of an harmonic frequency, you can produce a magnetic repulsion effect with the earth's polarity which simply levitates the rocks. Stretches the imagination a touch doesn't it!

in any case, what were those pyramids actually used for? As burial chambers for the Pharaohs? Are people really supposed to believe that! Why is is that two chambers found in the Great Pyramid at Giza point exactly to Orion and Sirius? And why are people coming forwards with past life experiences from those constellations? In my knowing, the Pyramids hold a vital key to the history of the intervention that's happened and what's currently going on right now.

The lid is lifting off

But as with all our work, we feel it is vital to empower people at the right time and in the right space so that they know the realisations are their own truth and not those of someone else. The lid on human consciousness is now beginning to lift. Powerful inflows of the 'Christ Consciousness' (not to be confused with the religion) are activating evolutionary powers of non judgmental discernment - breaking apart the conditioning and helping souls liberate themselves from limiting behaviours - just as has happened to ascending civilisations through the eons.

So we're feeling strongly to introduce this new material in the months and years ahead. We can't stop it anyway, as soon as we sit down to meditate with people it simply starts flowing! The timing feels appropriate.

You might feel to begin to investigate some of the key issues yourself, especially around ancient civilisations, early technologies and architecture, the human genome project and alien disclosure. It's starting to emerge in the mainstream now anyway. But I advise proceeding with great care and discernment. Many wild and whacky, deceiving and delusional ideas are abound. And in my observation at least, there are none more distorting than within spiritual circles and communities. That's where this Opposing Consciousness is working hardest, within awakening minds because that's what it fears most. So when you read or hear new material, my advice would be similar to that of the Buddha -

Believe it only if it truly resonates in your consciousness and activates your own truth. Cast aside speculation. A reality only truly expands you when you know it in your heart.

So here below is an extended thread of comments, views and video to stimulate your thinking.



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Hi Buencamino,

There is no need to be unduly concerned. I see the flow has everything in hand. The control - the matrix - is being steadily unwound, many cosmic energies have arrayed to ensure this happens.

And I don't believe it is wrong to observe the truth about what is going on. The key is to unwind attachment to it, because that's what holds it in place. And then not to dwell in it. Watch it yes, but always stepping into the new paradigm which is unfolding itself.

As we continually step into the new paradigm, the various layers that hold this consciousness will peel away.



Falconbrother, I do not feel hostility nor resentment towards this consciousness caught up in major crisis. I have asked myself many times what Gandhi would do, knowing that traditional ways of resistance do not apply here for heaps of reasons.

However, when it comes to their human pawns and their evidently violent plans, I must admit that I dont really know on which foot to stand. Are we meant to be passive observers of whatever it is 'powers-that-be' planning for us while we are reintegrating with our souls? Are we manifesting their plans by acknowledging its existence through the pilling up evidence?


They're certainly hundreds of millions of years old in my knowing. I can actually recall being around at Sirius C when it exploded 120 million years ago which is where they came from. They knew radical change was going to happen and found a way of ditching their karma and moving into the 4th Dimension. Although many didn't make it. It was extremely traumatic as I'm aware.

They then took on a kind of energetic synthetic form in the 4D. They disconnected themselves from the usual cycle of death and rebirth. Although its also my awareness that some do reintegrate over time. It's now really a dieing and degenerating race from where they once were. The grey form is merely of shadow of what they once were.

I'm also aware of the reptilian 4D form which is another 'off-shoot'.
And I'm aware of their ultimate desires to reintegrate and realign with the source. But a leopard doesn't change its spots overnight. And also it depends on humanity. If the group consciousness can let go of trying to control life, it'll let go of the manifestation of that control.



Buencamino, you're running down a deep rabbit hole here. I really enjoyed Chris' reply and read it a few times. Some people think that we humans are caught in the middle of, well, a war of cosmic proportions. Basically, if I understand it, we kinda got the sh!t end of the stick as certain, I guess we can call them star people, began to try to enslave us for their own power trips. I've heard the term reptilian thrown around. There are both benevolent and malevolent forces at work. Yet, in the midst of this we find ourselves on the cusp of a dimensional shift.

So, regardless of what you see, fear not. Feed your brain compassion, joy, and mostly love. Become loving and giving. Don't believe what the power structures tell you that brings stress and fear. Rather, fight back by refusing to march in lock step to the agenda of fear and threat. Become a peacemaker, take the bad and return only good.

To vibrate faster we can't live in fear.


Do we know anything about the life duration of these entities? Not that it really matters, just trying to identify in every detail what we are up "against".

Another disconpuzzling (disturbing+confusing+puzzling) question is: how and why didnt these entities after so many incarnations make it to incarnate as spirits which I translate to the opposite of deception, manipulation and interfering with the natural flow of creational evolvement? Did you say millions or billions of years, Chris?


hello to all from Portugal =D

so glad that you guys share the same beliefs that i always had !!!
i feel deep inside that soon things will change for the best and we will all be together again, and we will be learning such important things with them and we will begin to live life as its supposed to be , here on Gaia :)

i'm so happy for all my journey, from the beggining with no beliefs at all, with no hope, to today . and everyday i find allways something that validates my beliefs!! and this is another validation !

thank you to all, wish you lot of love, happyness, health and abundance :)


Hi Falconbrother,

Thanks for your post and welcome to Openhandweb :smile:

I concur with much of your thoughts. I too saw these 'interventionists' first as Opposing Consciousness - enslaving and farming humanity for energy - in fact to me, that's still very much going on.

Yet recently I've also been caused to view 'them' in a different light. I've been introduced to the cause of their manipulation, going back through history where they were pretty roughly 'done to' in the catastrophic changes that took place in their own constellation Sirius 120 million years ago.

I believe they were looking for a way to reincarnate into their once powerful form rather than the steady degradation that happened since Sirius C exploded. So they helped to genetically create humanity as a potential vehicle which again hasn't really worked out for them.

In some ways yes, but integrating into human form is fraught with difficulty. And yes, it's been exceptionally painful for us too. I simply offer this contrasting viewpoint to many that are presented to help people understand a touch more why they act like they have.

But now I'm feeling the realignment wanting to happen. It's not easy, because our lives are completely integrated into the 'Grid' - the matrix - and unraveling from that is a challenge. Don't get me wrong, it can be done and is meant to happen, but it is challenging - I believe the film "The Matrix" metaphors the dilemma pretty well.

So it's a steady unwinding that's required. The destiny of both Humanity and the Annunaki will unwind and separate. The Grid will transform into something more liberating and empowering - a DNA consciousness field that supports and enhances our historic gifts.

Plus I think it also pays us to remember that we only drew this control to us because of our our karma - it always works that way.

It's why I don't feel to struggle too much to correct the disharmonies going on in society right now. Because I believe humanity needs this mirror to activate, explore and unravel its karma. To me, that's our path forwards and the opportunity is presenting itself perfectly.



What seems obvious to me is that, historically, we really know nothing about our ancient origins. Any recorded history is flawed by the intentions of the writer and the editing that occurred after that. The scientific conclusions that are drawn are proven wrong over time and must be re-considered again and again.

Lloyd Pye's explanation is as good as any. I personally don't see the Ancient Aliens as benevolent. Rather, it seems to me that we were created to work, slave labor. But, perhaps in the process they accidentally gave us great spiritual potential. Darn few people put forth much effort towards spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Buddhism demonstrates to us that we can fall into an ego loop that can keep us delusional for many lives. That is, thinking that we are making spiritual progress when, in fact, it's just another ego trap that will create suffering. But, the Buddha understood that there was this "eight fold" path which included meditation.

I believe that it is meditation that is the key to unlock all the spiritual potential we possess. The more we challenge our own ego, fantasy and self-delusion the closer we get. The less we crave spiritual enlightenment (craving is ego based) and the more we stay on task with meditation, the closer we get.

Lloyd Pye says that when we were created the Ancient Aliens didn't really care that the DNA was all jacked up and that a certain percentage of us would have illness due to genetic imperfection. The casual observer would likely also make similar observations. And, unlike wild animals, we don't kill our weak and generally speaking, it's not just the physically and mentally strong that survive. I guess the question becomes: How close is the soul and the physical body connected? There seems to be conflicting evidence on this issue.

Samadhi Suicide is a process where veteran meditators are engaged in meditation, it gets to be real good to them, and they sit there till they die. It's not that they intend to die, they just get caught up in the ecstasy of the experience. So, it seems to me that they get detached spiritual from physical. I have been completely lost in meditation many times and can understand how this could happen. Meditation is a powerful tool.

I have seen people miraculously healed many times in my life. There is definitely something going on. I can't say that I understand the process of how a person is healed above and beyond the medicine. We were once praying over a woman with cancer. She wiped her hand over the tumor once, it was there. She wiped her hand over it again and it was completely gone. I saw it happen. Altered DNA?

Unlocking human potential seems very important to me. What is a lifetime for anyway? To gain as many toys as possible? I doubt it. I have helped clean out the houses of people who have died before. All the things you treasure mean nothing to the people tossing it in the trash when you die. Now's a good time to evolve.

I look forward to reading the post and thoughts here in the future.


Hi Open,

I've had a few days where I have been aware of processing a kind of deep, deep, wretchedness that prevents a full expression of joyful beingness. It seemed something ancient that's deeper than anything I've touched before. Now it seems to have landed in my consciousness as being something leftover from the time of the switch from experiencing full at-oneness to being dumbed down.

Like many of these intense but at the same time subtle experiences it can be hard to place what is happening. Thanks for this greatly illuminating thread which helped me understand.

With love,


I'd say that's pretty good insight Yulia. Quite aligned with how I'm feeling.

As the higher dimensions have opened for me, I see something pretty wonderful coming into form at a universal level. For me a new perspective of 'the truth' has formed.

I felt to write about it briefly in this new post here...The Miracle of Life


I got the same 'realisation landing' during recent months. These two in particular:

1. "At the highest level, creation happens at the speed of thought. Once a thought is manifest, it then plays out the anomaly through some form of incarnated vehicle. So that any disharmony and distortion can be resolved out."

It seems things are processed and resolved through a dense system. For example, I have to go into the denseness in myself in order to resolve it. The same with any system. It is actually creating a dense experience in order to build the ability to get the 'light' (formless) through the 'form'. This is where the collapse of the duality is happening.

2. " It is where we are all connected, but each with a unique perspective. Yes there is one absolute truth, but it can be viewed in many different and related ways."

I also 'got' that the 'one truth for everybody' is a combination of all the truths and that it is not constant but evolving as the universe is evolving (in the 'eyes' of the self-perceiving universe). The paradox of this 'evolving truth' is that it is in fact eventually disappearing the closer to 'the truth' it gets hhhh

What I mean to say is that this truth exists as long as anomaly exists and as the disturbance is solving itself truth becomes more and more formless, as it can only exist as long as separation exists.

It sounds a bit analytical, but it is actually very feelable :) And for me when I get to hold this paradox this is when Christ consciousness can flow, because then 'truth' becomes instantaneous and flexible.

The trick is that just as truth has as many forms as the number of fragments experiencing (feeling) it, so does lie. And I think that this is what the part with the choice is about in the dialogue with the architect and also all throughout the movie (like picking one of the pills). The constructive intent of a lie as opposed to a truth is a possibility to make a choice.

About DNA and unplugging - is this why there are on/off periods? Getting clear then going back, then again and again. Because I thought I kind of fell, but maybe this is just part of the adaptation? And through this on/off process it feels like the grief gets more and more intense every time and I feel more and more determined and less proud and the choice is getting less and less artificial (bubble-like). Is it.. normal? hhh


With regards to the 'intervention' that created humanity's past history, what needs to be understood is that all such 'manifestations' in the universe are created from 'anomalies' (essentially distorted thoughts) at the highest level. At the highest level, creation happens at the speed of thought. Once a thought is manifest, it then plays out the anomaly through some form of incarnated vehicle. So that any disharmony and distortion can be resolved out. Interestingly in the film the Matrix, I'd say this is metaphored quite brilliantly when Neo meets the 'architect'. Neo represents the anomaly going into form and working to resolve itself out. He also represents the Christ Consciousness - that of non judgmental discernment.

Now of course all souls are connected at the highest level. Even though we each act as one. In my understanding, a thought was had to create a unifying 'religion' for all souls. At the highest level it had the best intent. The idea was to inform of the highest degree of 'truth' and bring mankind into the light.

So this idea became manifest in the universe. Indeed it did bring some aspects of consciousness together along a common understanding - the Annunaki for example. But it also created control through a unified mind. I'd say this is how the religions were formed. From the lower level of understanding there was a yearning for the highest levels of truth. That was given. But then there was attachment to it. This prevented the truth from evolving - or I should say more accurately - for more evolved perspectives of the one truth to emerge.

It created dogma - fixed religions. In my knowing, the Annunaki were (and are) playing that anomaly out. Mankind yearned to be shown the way. They were, but then became controlled by it. There was then a yearning not to be controlled. So the Christ Consciousness was 'sent' - it is that of non judgmental discernment (the ray 4) which each person feels in the heart (I should quickly add I'm speaking of a catalytic consciousness - not the religion).

Hence we're now moving into a new epoch - evolving beyond fixed religion. It is where we are all connected, but each with a unique perspective. Yes there is one absolute truth, but it can be viewed in many different and related ways. The higher we go upwards, the closer our truths become, although there is always space for the higher perspective. On top of the mountain, its the same view, but we each see it differently.

To me, the Christ Consciousness is a key aspect for humanity right now. I'd say we must each feel in our hearts what is our highest truth. It's this which (along with the other characteristics of our soul), can help break down the control and bring everyone into a more liberated yet connected space.

It is my knowing that the Annunaki became disconnected from God - the absolute - in this way. They were limited by a common misunderstanding about how creation happens. So they became isolated, and unified. In this way, many lower distortions become possible. An idea that is had within the collective mind cannot quickly be resolved out - it tends to hold distortions and build them. But it is also my understanding that they too now want this reunification with the higher source - after eons in the wilderness. I can feel that they want to process out this 'karma' by now serving humanity.

I see that actually beginning to happen right now - their task is to restructure the grid under close supervision of Gaia and the angelic realms - there needs to be that level of oversight. But don't expect it to be easy or sudden. Humanity can only 'unplug from the grid' at a steady rate so as to make the process manageable - it would be best to avoid chaos! The other complication - and great opportunity - is that we each have a connection through our DNA - the primate DNA and deeper down the reptile DNA (primates after all were evolved from the Dinosaurs - we each have a core aspect of that).

Now DNA is like a field of consciousness. It contains great wisdom about who and what we are - in the physical sense. It was also a part of this 'grid'. The distortions must be released (the controlling mind level 'matrix' aspect), but then as they are, we can heal the lower aspects of ourselves through a deeper connection to our inherited DNA - a unified field which can share all of the deepest healing secrets contained within.

Complex I know, but once we get past a lot of the mental distortions about who we really are, where we came from and exactly how humanity was seeded on the planet, then deep healing can and will begin. The veils will fall away. And humanity will emerge much more evolved and bathed in a new light.



Chris you say..
At the highest level, the Annunaki act as one soul, which can make things happen much faster.

I find this very interesting.. can you say more about it? they do seem to be highly 'evolved' and very interconnected within their group from what you're saying.


Maybe I am taking it too far, but I and I know some other people I know find that many times the interruption from the 4th D can be viewed as help.

So lately I was exploring it...

While many chose to say that we are being 'attacked', manipulated, etc etc by the grid, I must say that lately I explored how much actually I myself am feeding from this 'grid' and the limits of who's actually hooking who bevome very blurred.

Is it not in my power to release the entities, for example? Then who's actually holding them? Them me, I them or we both are collaborating in this?

In this way, when using any intervention as a pointer what, where and why I am holding things, I can actually see it as a collaboration. As I heal my DNA I process this 'mutual' attachment gets released (it's like processing common karma with my ex husband).

I am not sure though how it is working for them though. What do they need to do? How is it working for them?


I'd say you've hit a key nail on the head. The point to realise is that the karma and therefore the destiny of the Annunaki and humanity are linked. It's actually about healing both. Right at this moment, there are high level movements happening in an attempt to bring the Annunaki back into universal alignment. I can feel it's what they want (at their highest levels if not their lowest). The sense of inevitability of the situation and eons in the wildernesss are the incentives.

Success is being achieved although it is too early to say exactly the extent of this and how long it will take. Plus there are a number of layers to the grid, all of which need solutions. At the highest level, the Annunaki act as one soul, which can make things happen much faster. But the layers that govern society are much more complicated and if those fell apart suddenly, then there could be chaos on the physical plane.

As these resolutions happen, the Grid will change in ways that I am not currently given to fully describe. Except to say, the grid itself is a powerful consciousness containing much ancient knowledge about how our DNA works and whereas so far it has been used to downgrade humanity, it could be used to restore it to full physical health. It simply depends on the frequencies of energy played through it.

So yes, as the karma between the two parties is resolved, the Annunaki can be progressively relinked with the source and at the same time, the DNA of humanity healed.

That's what I'm currently experiencing in the higher dimensions and I have to say I'm cautiously excited about it.



I asked this question months ago and got a positive 'answer', I mean it felt right to me.

This thread rather supports it. How can aliens drop their karma on us? Simply: through genes. And now we are to process all their, now our, attachments and misalignments.

And in general, how does the soul pick its physical parents? I guess it's not because it 'likes' them :) It's because of the genes and consequent journey it will have in the physical body on earth (for example) which will follow the genetic combination and karmic imprint coming from the human history.

This might explain why star people have memories from Lemuria, if the memory is stored in DNA. And as the tip is running on the code, we go through all the 'karmic landscape' and process it all. So that when we process karma we possibly change the DNA structure.

Anybody else get similar info?



Yes indeed. Of course. Whatever people feel about technology - and I totally understand - the internet offers an amazing lifeline to so many people. It has certainly helped greatly to spread the flow of awakening consciousness.

And yes, it's a slight degree of double-edged sword because much hype, glamour and disinformation can be circulated too. You're so right Yulia...

    "I feel that to me it is extremely important to feel even more the vibe and resonance and not to get lost in the junk-jungle (which is so easy)."

That's a huge message to everyone - humanity has been trapped mainly within the level of the intellect - subconscious mind. So the attachments on the mental plane must be unraveled - but that can only be done by going into the heart and feeling the truth.

So it is good to read about this stuff yes, BUT, and it's a big BUT, we must always keep dropping into the heart and testing against our own sense of rightness. If it doesn't feel right, cast it out until it does. It's a bit like painting by numbers!



Hello again,
This subject has always been at the core of my beliefs. Organized religion, lies, dumbing of the masses over and over using many horrible created belief systems and fear to continue to control and maintain their cozy place here in the planet for as long as possible. Our awareness is inevitable, perhaps we've even already achieved this before. Now Gaia is ascending, exciting times!
Amusement is key here I believe. One thing I've always amused myself with is writing. A way to express my innermost thoughts and yes, beliefs, using fiction as my forum. My favorite is apocalyptic horror with a satirical twist. Over the years, many if not most of my stories have in some way or another manifested, surprising my family and long time friends.
You mention in a post- "I'd say you can't clone a human without 'inserting' an individual soul - it appears that's what they're trying to achieve." and "Also they're trying to amass minerals, energy and other resources such as Gold,"
One've my tales is about cloning for affordable organs. I won't get into how the production gets underway, but this is the real juice of the story, just wanted to touch on the soulless body. In my story the vessels they use to birth the bodies begin to rapidly deteriorate as the destroy energy manifests in the soulless human form. The heroes in the tale believe that those using these organs are less human, having no morals. The more beast-parts you have the more beast-like you become. For instance why make amends, they have a kidney on the instalment plan, the plantet becomes without compassion, yada-yada-yada. "Bwha-ah-ha-ha-ha" :)
On another note, the "amassing of minerals." I'm in a relatively mineral rich area, specifically gold. Been sharing with others a lot lately about our experiences over the past year or so. Sounds from the sky (?) coming from all directions, low tone, a rushing or rumbling kind of sound, it's as loud inside the house as outside, drifting in and out for hours. Sounds like a jet hovering low. Any comments?
Thanks again for the safe forum full of love to engage these awkward subjects.


I'd say that's exactly right Lei.

I can also say to you that right now, I am receiving high level connections from this group. I am constantly working to make them aware of the need to realign - that to continue to resist the natural flow is ultimately pointless. I believe that engagement is beginning to bear success. But there's a conditioning that goes back billions of years that can't be corrected overnight.

I can tell you there's definitely the will to do it, because they can feel the sense of inevitability being radiated from benevolence (which is something we can all help with by feeling it in our hearts). But it's going to take time for that to happen. There's a need to forgive (them) and they feel an incredible amount of guilt - it's been a big burden to carry!

And also karma can only be played out within exchanges - so with humanity for example. Our destiny is to work through this karma with them - either knowingly or unknowingly.

It's all about control. That's the karma that came into the Galaxy at its beginning - trying to shape and manifest realities. Right now that's bubbled over into spiritual circles in 'trying to manifest a better world'. When in fact, Gaia knows exactly what she needs to do. All we really have to do is realign with her. It's both their's and our healing process together.



Hi Open, you say..
Essentially they found a way of 'dumping their karma' (ever heard of "time line therapy" in NLP? To me, it is essentially very similar).

Would it be correct to say we (humanity) are their past on the timeline and that's why they're able to dump their karma on us from the forth dimension?



I looked into a lot of this a while back. Understanding more on it does have it's benefits, but it's also a bit of a black hole, dark and consuming, easy to lose sight of the light.

There is clearly enough evidence to back up extra terrestrial intervention, no surprise it's being covered up. Well informed ants don't make good workers!



It' a great point Mark - I'm glad you asked it. What has our DNA got to do with our spiritual evolution? And simply 'being' in general?

We are of course spiritual beings - a soul incarnated. For most people, the lower aspect of the soul is still fragmented within the bodymind and disconnected (to greater or lesser degrees) from the 'higher soul' - that which is not yet infused.

The natural purpose of the soul is full integration and embodiment in order to further learn, evolve and grow. So in much of the work we do, it's about focusing on the soul and relinquishing attachments to the physical/emotional/mental/karmic planes so that the soul can act in an empowered, liberated and unhindered way.

In natural circumstances, the soul essentially manifests the perfect vehicle through which to learn the next lessons on it's journey. That might be a human vehicle for example. It will have a certain genetic configuration to support that exploration.

However if the genetics get tampered with, then it can make the whole integration process more difficult. In some cases so much so, that it can prevent the higher soul infusing. That's happening to many right now.

Various things effect our DNA negatively and positively: the food we eat, the electro smog we're subjected to, chemicals in our water, how we infuse our consciousness with judgmentalism (in the media for example). Such things are proven to negatively effect our DNA and make our system less harmonic - so the evolutionary process is that much more difficult.

It's clear to me that a variety of changes were made to humanity purposefully to undermine internal harmony - the strength and impact of testosterone in males for example, in the invasive and sometimes debilitating effect of moon-time for women. But all of these are correctable by healthy living in a good energetic environment and by infusing higher light through meditation for example.



the points you raise about beings not of this planet (aliens?) are something that seems to be a common 'knowing' for many people, as with the belief of visiting advanced civilisations. The only experience I have of seeing a being that was not physical, but was present was about 30 years ago, and at the time I classed it as a ghost, shows me that there are things 'not of this world'. I used the term ghost as a label for something I had no explanation for.
Since my awakening I have seen a change in my view of things. I have been exposed to some totally new concepts and initially I would dismiss many of them, but as I developed my view would change in terms of I 'felt' some now made sense to me. Other ideas and concepts do not.

I am confused understanding the points around DNA changes. I have no doubt that my purpose is to re-connect my spiritual self with the source. I am more than a physical body and mind, but they are an integral part of my whole in this life. What I am confused about is if our DNA has been altered, what has that done to me and us as a species? What I am trying to say (clumsily) is, if these DNS changes had not happened where would we be in terms of development both intellectually and spiritually? Would it have affected our ability in this form to awaken and to ascend? Mark


In my knowing, originally the Annunaki's home planet 'Nibiru' was caught up in pretty cataclysmic changes within the Sirius star system. I sense the living surface became pretty uninhabitable. What happened next I find a touch tricky to find words for, but I'll try.

Essentially they found a way of 'dumping their karma' (ever heard of "time line therapy" in NLP? To me, it is essentially very similar). At this point (although it could also have been before this), they were able then to raise their vibration into the 4th Dimension. Essentially they 'tagged onto another - higher - consciousness to do it'.

They created a kind of synthetic reality and synthetic form - the grey alien form. With this synthetic existence, they seem able to shift between the 3rd/4th Dimensions (which is why they're seldom visible). Although they would find it really dense here living in the 3D for any length of time. It would be the equivalent of living in a place without gravity and then suddenly having it superimposed upon you. They are simply not well adapted to this environment (yet!).

Although they 'dumped their karma', they still formed a limiting relation to it. Just as people form limiting subtle identities when they do timeline therapy. You can't just ditch your baggage - you have to process out your attachment to it - otherwise it holds you back and draws you down again at some point (that's what reincarnation is about).

And they also willingly disconnected from the natural universal flow of reincarnation at this point. They did this by holding a relationship with the third dimension. That's what the mummification of the Pharaohs was all about. It's like forming an earth bound soul through attachment to physical form. They stay anchored in the reality they've created. Which means as a race, they could retain a controlling agenda. This doesn't generally happen in the usual reincarnation process because a good degree of realignment takes place and healing within the angelic realms.

So even though this race has millions of years of evolution behind it, and is very technologically advanced, can manifest realities, genetically modify species and control minds, it is limited in a kind of limbo. And despite its 'success', I get the sense whilst they've been trying to control and 'incarnate' here, they also would like to return to the source - at least reconnect with it.



To take the subject deeper still, it is in my direct knowing, that originally, the advanced group that seeded humanity, did have a benevolent intent to seed planet earth with a benevolent human species that could become 'custodians'. Indeed many of the earlier 'Original Human' tribes had an interconnected life totally at one with Gaia.

But that all changed around 200,000 years ago, when an intervening alliance - led by the 'Annunaki' - took matters into their own hands for their own ends. They down-graded Original Humans to "Homo-sapiens" - I have direct recollection and personal experience of this happening - I experienced the switch from a Cro Magnon type existence to Homo Sapiens and the incredible difference it made (I know one of the reasons I had this experience was to share with others).

This subsequent intervening alien group are the entities to which I frequently refer as "Opposing Consciousness". And they have appeared to many people around the world with the classic 'grey' image (as shown in the original picture to this thread). I have had countless challenging (to say the least!) encounters with this group.

These greys are really a lesser version of the same consciousness originally manifested as 'superior' tall greys sometimes called "whites".


Okay, so perhaps time to go deeper. We're not half human and half 'alien' - we have some DNA that is alien to this planet - 223 genes to be precise.

The modern day ‘father’ of the Human Genome project is Dr. Francis Crick who together with his partner James Watson, won the Nobel Prize when they accurately deciphered the structure of the DNA molecule. But what has since been hushed up by ‘official science, are some of the stated conclusions that Francis Crick subsequently made. He shocked the scientific world back in 1953 when in one of his books he said this...

    ”In today's global economy an 'official science' which denies the analytical study of spiritual phenomena, as a legitimate context for understanding human reality, has been created over time. The 'science' which is legitimated by institutions that are closely linked to this global economy, tends to seek to analyze only certain aspects of 'materiality'.

    Prioritised subjects by this 'official science' are limited to areas which complement the agenda of constituencies of individuals who seek to manipulate the 'recognized' body of human knowledge for power and control. That scientific prioritisation context, has notably sought to exclude extraterrestrial relationships to humanity, in order to keep humanity ignorant of its apparent potential 'locked' heritage within its own DNA.
    Dr Francis Crick

More recently, renowned scientists around the world are quietly investigating this extra terrestrial "exo science" and having to do it 'off-the-radar-screen' of official channels which (it is clear) are purposely trying to suppress the work.

In the Human Genome project, it has been shown that at least 223 human genes have no counterpart here on earth - which greatly calls into question the progressive evolving ‘natural selection’ theory for mankind. We are the only species here having these genes.

    Why is it that ancient native, cultures all around the world, from the Americas to Africa and Australia speak of advanced ETs ‘seeding’ humanity on earth? How is it that such apparently primitive peoples had in-depth accurate knowledge of constellations such as Sirius - which cannot be seen with the naked eye - several thousand years ago?

It is in my knowing that originally, a group of spiritually and technologically advanced ETs seeded humanity with the apparently ‘benevolent intent’ of mankind becoming ‘custodians’ of Mother Earth and working to live in balance with her. That’s why so many of the original tribal cultures such as the North American Indians, The Mayans, The African Dogon, The Tibetans and the Australian Aborigines all lived largely in harmony with the earth and at balance with nature.

The proof is there. Official Science can trace the time when Humans first appeared on earth 200,000 years ago. It can do this through the female ‘mitochondrial DNA’ which traces us ALL back to the original “Eve” ancestor.

Our DNA is passed on through what are known as "Chromosomes" , which are really like the branches of a tree each holding collections of genes. All humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes (46 in total). In each pair, one chromosome is inherited from our mother and the other our father.

Now this number 46 is crucial to the ET story. Our genetics are about 97% equivalent to that of a Chimpanzee, great Ape or "Hominoid", which were the naturally evolving pre-human lineage on earth. The difficulty official science has always had in relation to the natural evolution theory for mankind, is that Hominoids all have 48 Chromosomes. Why is it then that we are supposedly more evolved, yet we only have 46?

When Official Science delved deeper, it realised that the reason we have two less, is because the second and third chromosomes have been fused into one. It tries to explain this by saying such a mutation could happen naturally and points to other evidence in nature such as butterflies. Indeed such spontaneous mutation can happen, but what they’re not saying (and quietly brushing under the carpet), is that although this ‘mutation’ offers no natural evolutionary advantage whatsoever, it appears in EVERY SINGLE HUMAN!

How could that be? This fusing of the chromosomes is not what makes us human, and it does not offer any ‘natural’ evolutionary advantage (I’ll return to this in a moment). Yet we all have the mutation? If we supposedly evolved from Hominoids (like Neanderthal) and this mutation offers no advantage, then you’d expect to see some humans with 48 chromosomes and some with 46, but not ALL with 46!

But when you delve deeper into the chromosome story it gets even more curious. Each chromosome has three parts to it: both ends and a middle. Now in eight of the other human chromosomes, there has been an inversion of the middle part - it’s been ‘spun around’. Again, these inversions offer no natural evolutionary advantage - they don’t change the genetic material - yet ALL eight supposed ‘mutations’ appear in ALL humans.

Now you don’t need to be a mathematician to know, that the odds for all nine mutations to happen spontaneously, where no natural evolutionary advantage was gained, and for that to happen to both the original human male and female, at exactly the same time, and in exactly the same place, and for them to breed and produce the entire human offspring is so unlikely, the odds are literally zillions to one!

    So why then are there these so called nine ‘mutations’? I believe it’s quite simple. If you were an advanced race intending to seed humanity on earth, yes you’d take a majority of the genetics from the most suitable species - from Hominoids. If you wanted them to be bright, smart and cosmically connected, you’d feed in some of your own DNA. But then the last thing you’d want, is interbreeding between human and hominoid - that would dilute the new evolution and risk turning it backwards. These nine changes that were made, meant that if interbreeding did happen (and the fossil records show that in places it did), then there is a vastly increased likelihood of pre-birth miscarriages happening. The nine changes they’d introduced, ensured the new human species remained human.

I believe in the times immediately ahead of us, it will be shown beyond doubt that the seeding of Humanity was anything but natural!



Hi Chris,

Yes, this is a subject that can really test the ego's desire to keep all friends, family and colleagues from phoning for the doc!

Personally, I find the label of 'alien' a tricky one. I read Lloyd Pye's book last week (Everything You Know is Wrong). If I understand correctly, he suggests the current human race is the result of mixing the genes from hominiods from Earth and the visiting alien race (Annunaki from planet Nibiru). So we are now half hominoid, half Annunaki? That means we're half alien, and the Annunaki are our parents on one side of the family?

I was in conversation with a friend last week, telling her about this theory, and she asked, 'But where's God in all this?' I said that I thought it was possible that God is even in the Annunaki, as all living flesh entities could in theory embody a part of the original Divine Source, just as we believe we do.

Do other readers have differing views on this? Is it possible that we are exhibiting feelings of 'racism' but on a much larger scale?

I am aware as I write, that I may be upsetting a few people here. But it can't be a bad thing to spark a bit of debate about this subject. I appreciate that there may be a fair amount of fear concerning alien intentions to feed off our energy and block our spiritual evolution, and we rightly need to learn more abut this. However, perhaps we may also find it useful to explore the possibility that although they come from other planets, they may also share a common link with us, in as much as they may have an identical inner life force from ultimately,from the same divine source.

My own experience with 'aliens', has been mixed. As a small child starting school, I was accompanied in the classroom by three beings. I thought at first that everyone else could see them, then found out it was just me. They seemed friendly enough, they always hovered about by the blackboard (!!) and kept up a constant barrage of intrigued questioning, asking me what the teacher was talking about (we communicated at a psychic level). However, when I was about 13, I used to get 'visitations' at night by beings that just appeared to want to scare me. On one occasion I was even hit by some kind of beam that threw me out of bed. Nasty stuff!

It would be interesting to hear if anyone else has had 'alien' experiences...if you're not to busy calling the white-coated professionals to haul me off, that is!!

Regards, Wendy.


You asked about the pyramids Vaso. At this stage I can say they were used for building energy - of various kinds - a bit like a power station. I don't feel to go into this more at the moment though. They were certainly a part of the whole intervention process and the building of an energy grid around us. Pyramids exist all across the world.


After you posted the article i started watching the Ancient Alien series. Its so interesting, i watched since the 6th episode. Whats more interesting are the comments on youtube about the series. There are so many arguments about why aliens do exist and the series present many evidence and yet the comments are full of anger about those scientists and about what they are trying to say and many are laughing at them.
Also as i continue watching i get more angry about the governments. They are covering the whole thing up and they have no right to do that.
You said that 'the Pyramids hold a vital key to the history of the intervention that's happened and what's currently going on right now.' Can you say more on this topic?
Another question i have which may sound funny... can an alien be attached to a human body (like an entity can)? I experienced something a few nights ago and im not sure what it was. i was detached from something while i was sleeping and i saw it (im not completely sure if it was that which i was detached from. Im sure i saw it though because i could see my self sleeping too) That thing i saw it didnt look like an entity but like an alien.



This is a very interesting and brave piece. The concept of ancient (and present) aliens and their interactions with us is something that I have followed for many years, but not really talked about, except to a select few, as I’ve found that it is a step too far for most people. They’re just about ok with prana/energy, chakras, maybe even kundalini, maybe angels, but mention ‘aliens’ and I know I’ve lost them and they’ve relegated me to the realms of ‘one of those nutters’. They then disregard anything else I might say, because I’m clearly delusional, and I feel I’ve undone any progress I’ve made! I guess it’s a matter of feeling the way, and knowing when people are ready to hear things. But sometimes, maybe, you have to just say it anyway and they can take it or leave it.

There is also a lot of conflicting evidence out there and it can be confusing. I try to keep an open mind and not reject people’s ideas/experiences outright, just ‘keep them on the table’ until it is verifiable or otherwise. Who am I to disregard someone’s theory or story? Just because I haven’t experienced it myself, does not mean it can’t happen. Some of the ideas put forward on the episode you posted seem a bit ‘out there’ at first, but who knows?

Another fascinating series was ‘Magical Egypt’ with John Anthony West, where he investigated in depth where the Egyptians' knowledge came from:

(this link no longer works - you might like to google John Anthony West - he's quite an expert in the area).

Thank you – I do hope that the ‘lid is lifting off’.

Becky x