Ascended Masters: Group of Nine

Submitted by Open on Fri, 01/21/2022 - 05:09

Exactly who are the Ascended Masters and how are they helping humanity in the Shift? This video explains how they've moved beyond past identities and are working on vibrational frequencies to bring dormant aspects of soul awake in people.

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Hi Open, For some reason,  I just watched this video, drawn to the group of 9 info. But, then I find that you were walking along a stretch of river I know so well. I rowed in the school team there. Our boat house was near where you stood! I was also a member of a karate club that was next to it ( and I know you did that too!). Don't know what it all means, but inspiring synchronicities, that I thought I'd share with you ...

It was great to reconnect with the energies of Openhand as I watched the Ascended Masters video this evening. Superb message Open!

It's 11.06pm on Saturday 21st October in the UK, but it will be coming up to 4am on Sunday 22nd in Mcleod Ganj. Thinking of you all who are on the Tibetan Energy Pilgrimage. I am with you in Spirit.



That moved me greatly - hearing someone speak of things that I 'knew' to be true

Feeling to express heartfelt appreciation, Open, for all your guidance and spiritual support over the years.

I have to say I really don't like the term "Ascended Master"!! It contains so much loaded energy. Yet it's necessary to use because that's the general terminology used in spiritual circles when referring to the phenomenon. The real question is, of what benefit can they be to you and how can you work with them? In the video I've focussed on their work with the 7 Rays of consciousness. This is how they can benevolently work with a whole planetary system for example and through situations such as the plandemonium.

I trust you'll enjoy the video!

Open 🙏

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Open this was a beautiful video… so inspiring and affirming of the beauty of being in service to a movement of consciousness… The emotion that was moving as you walked up the River stirred so many feelings in me…meaning, purpose, beauty, love, harmony, strength, teamwork, openness …perhaps the joy of full and open expression of who you are and who the team is to you and how you work as one while still being uniquely expressed as well…thank you for sharing this.

I loved how you expressed that one does not even need to be aware of a spiritual journey … there is an invitation to respond to the shift… it’s never landed so clear to me that the shift is engaging these areas of consciousness and driving the changes we are experiencing. Seems common sense now but it’s been so helpful to see big picture in that way. 

love the synchronicity that your post was at 00:09 ❤️


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Thanks for the lovely feedback loop Jen ♥️

It's always wonderful to be met - to have someone see what you're feeling.
Yes it was just a wave of emotion that swept over me - the realisation of belonging to something that means so much. Having had to suppress it for so long.
I was unsure about including that part, but why hide?!

Much love

Open 🧡

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