Astounding 11:11 Synchronicity

Submitted by Open on Thu, 01/20/2022 - 05:50

There's such a lot of energy moving around the 11:11 synchronicity - but what exactly is it telling us? This is what we explored with the Openhand energies on 11:11:2021 in seminar at the Glastonbury Town Hall - the Heart Chakra of our planet. A highly alchemical evening was experienced...

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Thank you Open, your passion and energy were intoxicating 😍 ! Great presentation and a wonderful reflection of my conviction to walk the path of 5D ascension ❤️

Hi Pam, Sherri & Kyle - thanks for the kind words of feedback 👍♥️

Someone in the audience asked me afterwards in Q&A, "so is humanity fu**ed?" It's fascinating because you could only really ask this question, having heard the material, from behind a karmic veil. And that's exactly the point:

When hearing this material it will touch countless karmic veils as they are ready to activate. So you could hear it a thousand times and hear it differently each time.

The crucial thing is to keep confronting it, and to keep feeling it. What triggers. What resonates.

Much love

Open 💙🙏

It's always riviting and I need to hear it many times.  Distractions are numerous and each time I hear you speak on this subject it helps me keep realigning.  Thank you!  Praying Emoji Heart


Hi Open,

I really enjoyed the seminar - it was a masterful presentation! I know this stuff, but still found it totally engrossing and absolutely spellbinding. Well done you and your Team.👌🏻


Here's the 11:11 seminar video from Glastonbury - we experienced some tech problems with poor lighting, but I trust it comes across well enough. Do share your thoughts on the material - this just isn't being covered not nearly wide enough.

Bright blessings

Open 🙏

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