Be a lamp unto yourself

Submitted by OpenhandTeam on Wed, 11/30/2005 - 10:25

    'Be a lamp unto yourself.
    Don't search for light anywhere else;
    the light is already there, the fire is already there...

    Just probe a little deeper into your being, enquire.
    Maybe much ash has gathered around the fire...
    Just probe deep inside, and you will find the spark again.
    And once you have found a single spark inside you,
    you will become a flame, soon you will be a fire...
    a fire that purifies, a fire that transforms,
    a fire that gives you a new birth and a new being.
    Be a lamp unto yourself.'
    Last words of Gautama, the Buddha

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"There is sunlight that fills all the world, there is moonlight and also firelight. Know that all these lights are of one light, know that I am the light."

from the Bhagavad Gita