Burning the Old You

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Burning the Old You with Openhand
As dark and dense as things seem on the surface right now, that's only because we're stirring up the swamp. And the system is being purposefully reshaped. That may seem daunting, even overwhelming at times, but know this: when the energy is moving, that's the moment of greatest opportunity. The greater concern is when it's stagnant.
The energy is moving. So it is going to impact your karmic subconsciousness. And this WILL feed into your relationhsips, careers and general living circumstances. Witness yourself in all these places. Where do you go into repetition? Where do you go into what's expected? Where are you asleep? These are the places to dig deep into - explore what the insensitivity is about. Maybe you're afraid or just like things to be steady - that's for another time, not now! When the deck is moving, you've got to move with it.
What movements will you make? By the time you see the crystallisation on the surface, it's already too late to alchemise that moment of reality. Choices have to come from the openness, from the unknown.
How do you maximise this potential?
It occurs by confronting whatever density is coming up - fear or anxiety for example, about making a certain choice. Explore what exactly you're afraid of. How are you needing it to go a certain way? The soul is not attached in this regard, only the ego.
So work into the subconscious of these repetitive touch points. Open a space. Reflect on the changes and the shifting going on. Now you're feeling into the flow of the field. Bear in mind this won't make sense with the surface. Remember, by the time you witness the change on the surface it's already too late to alchemise the moment. So open into the not-knowing. Let the nuances and perceptions flow through you. Make the choice when the knowing simply lands - go with that and trust in it.
Crucially you've got to be prepared to let go of old reality constructs, from one day to the next - especially the old iterations of yourself. It's like burning the past and being reborn in each new day, each new moment. Remember, in times such as these, when you see it on the surface, it's already too late to alchemise that particular moment.
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