Connecting with your Guardian Angel...Here's How in 3 Steps

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What has truly enthralled me during my awakened life is the sweet scent of synchronicity: the eternal message of the divine, forming the very fabric from which the weave of life is woven. It's all too easy to see the denseness, difficulty and even despair through the physical world. All too often we get sucked into an end goal, the need for a particular outcome. Yet if for just one moment, we can look above and beyond this limiting parapet, if we can summon the courage to hold back the moment and just be present, sit and wait and trust; trust that we are eternally loved by a presence of infinite benevolence, then our lives could be so much more magical...

Simply profound

Yes, if we can do that, if we can take this moment and discard our fear of it, if we can just hold the silence in a lightly opened palm, not worrying, not needing, not demanding, then the entire universe will reveal itself to us. One by one, the veils will fall away. It requires something of us which is simple yet profound. Something easy, yet so easy we frequently can't accept it as the solution. It is this...

Imagine that a guardian angel of infinite benevolence, with infinite miraculous organising power, is using every single word we hear, every single vision we see, and every single sound, to speak to us. What would she be saying? Again, it's so simple, so sweet, so sublime, it so often seems too difficult to receive... "I love you!"

Sweet scented Synchronicity

I remember once standing under a tree on the farm where I lived. It was a truly beautiful oak tree, majestically gnarled with long sweeping branches reaching almost down to the ground. I remember speaking to the tree and musing how wonderful it would be if it could speak back to me. Do you know what happened next? A sudden gust of wind caused one of the branches to bow down and softly stroke my head!

  • "Dear child" it was saying, "of course I'm speaking to you, I never stop!"

It can't be that simple can it? Yes it can. Yes it is! But although it comes to us on a plate, we ourselves have to pick up the fork and eat. No one is going to spoon feed us. We have to do that part ourselves. We have to make a choice. A constant conscious choice. Process the denseness but then attune to the sweet scented softness instead.

Birthday gift: three simple steps

So today, imagine your Guardian Angel to making a gift to you. It's your birthday and she's holding out a present. The gift is this...

1) Take a free day out of this busy life, make the space, be alone, go out into nature, or even the town. Have ABSOLUTELY NO AGENDA - other than to be loved. Soften the mind, drop into the heart, breathe, become the observer of yourself. Ask the question "What would you have me do now?" - and then go with the heart-felt pull. Watch, listen, feel, intuit.

2) In EVERY SINGLE MOMENT you're invited to look for the message "I love you". Where is it now? It's begun through these words, but where is it next? Maybe it's the smiling eyes of the postman? Maybe it's in the next song you hear on the radio. Maybe as you look out of your window it's the robin delicately picking seed off the bird table. Maybe when you look up to the sky, it's in the clouds swirling over your head or in the wind speaking through summer trees.

3) Finally, ask yourself "how do I feel about that?" Open your heart and take the love inside. Let it unravel, unwind and expand you.

Every single thing is a message

Trust, just trust, that every single thing is a message saying "I love you". That's exactly what this Openhander did. You can just imagine the profound feeling of joy and self love it brought...

In the woods God told me I was loved I went for a walk in the woods today and God told me I was loved. A birch, it's bark so mesmerising I may have been there days, spelled out words in abstract beauty “You are loved" As I watched the satin ivy leaves lift gently, I heard them whispering to me “You are loved" A spider, long legged and silent moved not, and by her stillness spoke to me “You are loved" Moving with purpose in transparent perfection a tiny mite addressed me “Remember, you are loved" An oak, gnarled and broken, cloaked in moss with great wisdom spoke of truth and beauty and repeated “You are loved, my child, just loved" I moved on and everywhere from every thing the reassurance that I craved enveloped me with love and care "You are loved and perfect as you are" Overhead a flock of starlings, exuberant in their flight, spelled out with tiny wingbeats “you are fine! you are loved you are perfect! you are free so are we so are we!" In the little calm that followed I saw a single buttercup “You are loved" it said “and free" The winter sun, low and partial, joined with the silver lined and billowed clouds. They told me, heartfelt, as I looked “You are perfect, wild and free" And humbled, laughing, grateful, stumbling I raised my arms I thanked them all I started to believe. Laura (an Openhander)

Open invitation

So here's an open invitation to connect with your Guardian Angel today. Who know's what divine beauty will be waiting?

In loving support

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Wow Heather! Delightfully magical. The humble bumble bee knocking at the window glass this day ....the blade of grass whispering.......grow... bend.


Thanks so much for this Trinity, this is so beautiful and you've given a way of connecting which is so easily accessible for anyone to do!
I like to try to make spirituality as integrated as possible into my every day life, so as well as taking special times to connect I also try to do it in the times that seem least conducive spirituality too, like when I'm on a crowded bus on my way home from work in a traffic jam and it's dark and raining, then looking for the 'I love you' messages' around me. It's like a game to play trying to find them when they're most hidden!


It's a beautiful Story Mike.

How easy it is to miss such things happening right under our noses. That is until we soften intention and allow our consciousness to be 'spiked' to the deeper dialogue.


Open *OK*


That poem is so touching and vivid and alive. I know I will carry it with me when next I am walking in the woods. Thank you Laura.

Also the piece about the guardian angel using so many ways to talk to us of love. Thanks for posting it. As you say, simple yet so profound.



Thank you.

I feel this article is the "I love you" message in itself, it touched something inside of me, and reminded me to balance the destruction and reconstruction happening in my consciousness, bodymind and life now. I have a lot of fire, dynamite and explosions all around, happy ones :) Changes... But yes, the sweet and gentle... often funny. I am so loved and taken care of. I am not imagining it. Things just happen, all kinds of things, that can't be coincidences, both on the inside and the outside.

Miraculous world it is.

Thanks again <3