5D Shift: Into the Unknown

Submitted by TeamOpenhand on Tue, 12/11/2018 - 06:30
5D Shift: Into the Unknown

There is a flow, which you can tap into, when you're prepared to step into the void of not knowing. Think about it, where there is emptiness, there is the infinite potential before the moment is born. This is where the flow comes from, this is what brings life alive, this is what breaks the continual repetitive limitation of ground-hog-day. But you've got to work for it. You got to test it, challenge it, work to open out through it - to accept that you simply don't know, and be awesomely okay in that. This is the key to living the flow - being awesomely okay with not knowing. Because what happens then, is you soften, and as you soften, you open into the subtle psychic senses inside, within yourself. It is these that are tuned into, and ride, the emergent waves that arise from the source, and into the fullness of the moment.


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It fills me with joy to read your post, Jetster!
So great to know there are other people out there really confronting their stuff.
A big thumbs up *good*

Shine on!


It has changed my entire way of being, altho it is a difficult path it is a rewarding one as well.