"Living in 5D Consciousness Now"

Submitted by TeamOpenhand on Mon, 02/26/2018 - 07:37

There's a way of living and being which is totally at one with the Divine, where miracles, mystery and magic abound. How might we live in 5D consciousness all the time - even during day to day life? What are the key considerations? Here's an informal video diary to inspire your shift. Watch out for the 3 cheeky monkeys right at the very end! Enjoy...

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Hi Open, loved the video and the feeling of joy that was released with the meeting of those 3 'Cheeky Monkeys'.

much love

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It's a lot of fun making these Video Diaries - there's little or no organisation involved - just always following a pull to a particular location and talking about what's coming up right now. Then some lovely things happen - like the 3 'Cheeky Monkeys' showing up right at the end of this one. Priceless!

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