Ascension Exchanges: 1/2 Day Online Interactive with Open, 18th Sep

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It's confused and confusing out there in society! But not if we can see the patterning of the flows of light through it and realise how it's engaging the very process we're currently triggered by. That's where illumined reflections can be priceless to help the karmic penny drop. Ascension Exchanges with Open are a new offering in the Openhand Academy: a half day connection on zoom, with meditations to meet the moment, and one-on-one exchanges to illuminate your path. If you feel the pull, join me!

This event is timed more conveniently for people from the USA, UK, EU and Africa. Another event on 9th October is timed for people from the UK, EU, Africa, India and Australia... Ascension Exchanges 9th October

Open - a Higher Dimensional Bridge

I incarnated unusally, as a soul exchange, specifically guided here to support people in the shift. I work with a group of Ascended Master energies which collectively I call "Openhand". It's an ancient presence that can support people's revelation of self and an evolutionary shift. I work to embody the Openhand energies and hold a crucible with them of profound inquiry: it's about breaking the karmic hooks that bind you and resonating new frequencies of beingness that you can feel and embody as your own. People often say it feels like coming home.

Ascension Exchanges

We'll meet on zoom, where first we'll connect with each other in meditation and open higher dimensional channels to your supporters in the ether. I'll then guide an intuitive journey, which relates both to events happening in society and the shift, but also weaving in the group and individual inquiries. We'll work to unravel any density or karmic restriction activated and then I'll open the floor to one-on-one exchanges with me.

Explore challenges in...

Your relationships
Career or job situation
General living circumstances
Karmic issues, Entities, Implants and general blockages
Embodying the light and walking a 5D pathway through life.

Share with me what's challenging you at this current time and I'll offer intuitive insight to help you unravel through. People find these exchanges can be utterly priceless.


"A truly, truly wonderful experience and one that I am so very honoured to have been a part of... Teeari

"It was a great experience to be part of the retreat. Thank you, Open, from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful work and commitment. And thanks to the group that came together so quickly. It was always a feeling of acceptance. And so great to see you on your journey, inspiring and learning from each other."

"What an amazing, powerful experience.. To me it felt the most important thing I have done in my life so far. Powerful! I am so grateful to the facilitators, to every body Who was there and to Open for the valuable teachings and his presence. Something unlocked for me.. Something that i ve been looking for quite a while. I am so grateful! The Meditations mindblowing, the energies so powerful the transformation so Present. Thank you everyone for sharing and contributing to what took Place."... Vaso

"I was wondering how the virtual one would work and now I know the answer...brilliantly!"...Diane

Administration details

Timings: This will be a 3 and 1/2 hour Gathering on Saturday 18th September commencing at 2pm (London UK time). Closes by 5:30 pm (London UK time).

International Timings:
06:00am-09:30am(PST) / 09:00am-12:30am(EST) / 14:00pm-17:30pm(UK)

Recordings: recordings will be available afterwards upon request.

Cost: Inline with a new Openhand approach to payment, which recognises the financial challenges some find themselves in during these times, there are three prices breaks...

1) Cost Effective Regular price: for those in employment or reasonably well resourced: $42 USD/£30/Euro35
2) Bursary Price: for those on low income, on government support or student program: $30 USD/£22/Euro27
3) Donation: for those who have little income or are in a financially challenged location: $We agree with you a donation based on what is affordable to you.

Not for profit: Openhand is a not for profit organisation. All surplus revenues are either reinvested to help others in their journey of spiritual awakening or else gifted to help feed homeless people in Glastonbury.

Booking: To book a place, contact our Event Coordinator Tilly:

***IMPORTANT*** We will respond to your email as soon as possible, if you have not heard from us within 24 hours, check your spam folder.
(For your info, here is our returns and rebooking policy)

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Hi Tilly,

I am a friend of Michelles and I just signed up for the Sept 20-24 Divine Being Activation. This is my first time, would it be beneficial to go to the Ascension Exchanges first or wait for another time after I have grown more..:) Thank you

In reply to by Celine Fitzgerald (not verified)


Greetings Celine,

Tilly might not be around to answer so allow me to jump in. The Divine Being Activation Retreat is actually our stage 1 course - so it's the perfect place to begin. We take people on a journey right from the roots of the Openhand philosophy on reality. We added in the Ascension Exchanges as more of a shorter intro to the work and also so people could regularly tune in to explore karma and what's arising for them at that moment.

Looking forwards to seeing you there.

Open 🙏


Hi Open,

I just got a notice from facebook about your upcoming Sept. 18th ascension exchanges Zoom Webinar.  It says there that they are FREE but when you come here after clicking the link, it has prices to attend.

Which is it?  I think these are both the same event?  The half day exchanges...  Please let me know.  Thank you.  The event advertised as free has the link that brings you here to the one with prices for attendance.   I was going to copy/paste it to show you but I don't know how to do that on here.

Looking forward to it anyway... Praying EmojiHeart



Hi Open,

I'm interested in the Sept. 18th event but will have to wait to sign up until about Sept 5th or 6th if there will still be an opening.  Will have to see how my laptop works in the zoom room for the Avalon Rising  Lion's Gate first.  I've got to get the cable co. out to the house to change out the modem as it's getting very slow.

If all that works out I'll sign up around the 6th.  The zoom events are very helpful.

Namaste Praying EmojiHeart




14/08/2021 Openhand Journal Update

For the new Openhand academic year beginning in September we're introducing these regular new 1/2 day "Ascension Exchanges" on zoom. It's where we meet up for around 3 and 1/2 hours to connect, meditate and then we'll hold the space for Q&A where you can explore with me some of your current challenges or situations where I might help with an illuminating reflection.

We've got two lined up to begin with:

18th September: timed for USA/UK/EU and Africa...Full Details
9th October: timed for UK, EU, Africa, India and Australia...Full Details

Looking forwards to seeing you there!

Open 💙🙏