Stargates, ETs, Quantum Manifesting

Submitted by Open on Fri, 10/08/2021 - 17:03

The Planetary Stargates are activating meaning there's an acceleration of energy in the shift. In this video from Avebury I'm tuning into Extra Terrestrial support to intuit what's going on in the field and the impact in our lives on all lavels: emotionally, mentally and physically. Also how we can harness this energy to enable quantum manifesting for adundance, guidance and success in our lives...

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Loved the video, especially as I was at Avebury a week and a half ago and that farmer cracked the exact same joke with my partner and I 😆 !

Hi Open,

Wonderful film. Watching this reminded me of the many energies we all felt (and moved) while we were there. It is such a magical place with many stargates and many beautiful ancients ! I am so extremely grateful I was able to be there and connect with them. Wow- what pivotal field work we did there.!

I have certainly been able to discover many stargates here in the states. Since I returned from England, I am much more aware of the many stargates all around me - the subtle energies I can pick up, from the marshes to the mountains - the trees, the plants, the openings - stargates are everywhere- we just have to tune in and pick it up-  Countless experiences as I walk through these stargates- Tree spirits especially, I have discovered,  are the guardians and the openings to some of these stargates, these other dimensions- it is quite extraordinaire!

And yes, as you said, the ancients are there wanting to connect- and to bring them into your life and let them animate your being.... 

wow. that is so powerful , so beautiful. Such a great reminder. What more could we possible need. 

(oh and I loved the Arcturians who showed up in this film.- they can be quite comical indeed!)

Praying EmojiSo thank you so much for the beautiful messages in this film Heart

Sending much love ,




For sharing this ancient sacred site with us! Much in our world is crumbling, these ancient sites not so

It was a great adventure making this video from Avebury... Stargates, Extra Terrestrials and Quantum Manifesting. I got woken from my bed at 4am last Monday,

"Right, come on, get up, shake your bones, we're going on a little adventure!"

An adventure it turned out to be for sure - right into the heart of the energy fields around Avebury. Tremendous connections and reflections to share with you all. I trust you enjoy the video (scroll to the top).


Open 👌🙏

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Hi Open,

Thanks for your great video - good to hear you met the guy who stands all the rocks back up daily! Wink Emoji

Your video reactivated what you shared during yesterday's online Ascension Exchanges (which was a truly uplifting and energising time spent - thank you so much - I highly recommend these new sessions to everyone to connect with very forward-moving, invigorating energy). It was incredibly useful being able to discuss the concept of dropping intention and instead embracing being a conduit for Source energy via one's Higher Self and Soul. I know I will feel more into the differences between these two concepts in coming days: intentionally feeling to bring something into creation (subtle or not-so-subtle ego) versus allowing oneself to be inspired by what makes one's heart 'sing' and following where that leads instead. It is all still 'brewing' within me and has been via your articles for some time...

A big heart-felt THANK YOU.

Much love,

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