11:11 Interview - Glastonbury FM

Submitted by Open on Tue, 11/09/2021 - 05:22

Our 11:11 event is on the horizon, the alchemy is building well, it promises to be an intriguing one. Here's a short interview I did the other evening with Glastonbury FM radio who were interested to know what the event was about, what is 5D consciousness and why 11:11?

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What a lovely interview, the interviewer  was so sweet! Shame I’ll miss this but I’ll be around for more of these in the v. near future. 
I thought you delivered a lovely balance Open, of science that people can connect to and expanding that into the connected spiritual aspect 🙏 

Looking forward to hearing the recording 😍

Wow O!  that was so well done! I reckon the dude might just show up he seems quite open to it.  I love how respectful you were and how you simplified the explanation. 

Woohoo! splendid! 

Lots of love

Erin 💚🐎🌳

Glastonbury FM radio were interested in what the 11:11 event is all about this week so we shot a short interview. It's quite fascinating explaining to someone new to all this what 5D consciousness and 11:11 is. Without that is, sounding too cosmic and out there! Judge for yourself if I managed it?! 🧐🙏

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