5GATEWAYS 5-part Book Serlialisation

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As the remastered 5GATEWAYS work begins today, I also felt to share a 5-part 5GATEWAYS book serialisation for all tuning in. How are the 5GATEWAYS driving everything that's happening on the planet right now and in your life? Let's take an indepth look at this ground-breaking work, because it has the capacity to change everything for the better.

Bright blessings

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Here's the concluding part of Openhand's 5GATEWAYS book serialisation...

We stand at the dawn of a miraculous new evolution for mankind - a Golden Age - of which some are becoming increasingly aware, yet perhaps dare not fully hope exists as a possibility. The idea that we may ascend into a higher vibrational reality, will seem to many like science fiction fantasy, yet even to the most hardened sceptic, quantum theory must now be opening doorways of possibility through limited thinking. Matter and consciousness are one - there is no such thing as denseness, solidity and separation, except as phenomena made real in often fragile minds...

"All arises from the background eld of oneness
and flows back to it as the unbridled soul.
Temporarily the ego takes possession and creates attachment – identification with the physicality – making you feel less than the greatness that you truly are. So, create from the separation yes, enjoy it fully yes,

but seek not to confuse yourself with the creation itself. That is to try to hold in place the Seer in you,
which is ultimately fruitless, because it is placeless.
And the fullness of you cannot be indefinitely controlled, restricted nor constrained."


Quantum theory is also frequently misunderstood, and especially, it seems, in spiritual circles. When we gain the partial understanding that our reality is influenced by what we believe it to be, there tends to arise, in some circles, an attempt to shape that reality according to limited hopes, desires or fears. Alternatively, in the beginning, when you encounter something you do not like, there may also be the denial that your inner state of consciousness has created it in the first place.

To truly shape reality as you might want it to be, you would have to know the intended outcome within every cell of your being. It is not just about holding a vision within your mind. Oh sure, some may be able to access the Fourth Dimension and temporarily shape the immediate circumstances of their lives. However, this is only temporary: our separate existence is a mere microcosm in a vast ocean of consciousness, which has a natural design and inherent purpose all of its own. In one sense, the Universe has breathed out and is simultaneously breathing back in again. In my view, humanity has now turned the corner. Our purpose is to align with the movement back to the Source - it is our innermost longing. Efforting to create something else, simply removes you from this natural ow like the proverbial fish out of water.

At the Resurrection, you open the floodgates of higher consciousness into your bodily vehicles and fill with the Universe. Not only are you the Seer of all things, but the energy of the Seer now flows through you. You are being the Seer and a separated creation of that, at the same time.

You experience this amidst a multi-dimensional landscape – gone are the bounds of a limited 3D reality, where everything appears to happen randomly, which somehow, you must try to control. Instead, you have surrendered to the divine flow, which you continually read and/or readily integrate the deeper meaning of. You are now constantly building mutually supportive energetic feedback loops with the outer world and other sentient life in it. is becomes magically uplifting for all.

You are no longer controlling the ow, or even trying to, but instead harnessing it, and building the energy of it in your location - for the higher good both of your own soul and all other sentient life around you.

This is the true purpose of divine guidance in your life then. It is not to manifest some particular outcome, although you will abundantly manifest many things. Rather, divine guidance 'speaks through you', inviting you to see your authentic beingness in the people, other sentient life, and the situations you automatically shape around yourself. You literally feel, and instantly integrate, the reflections to unleash who you truly are. You are then radiating this beingness through every interaction. The corresponding feedback loops build a divine dance, which has no measure nor equal.

Meanwhile, your Twin Flame is dancing through this sensual reality, guiding you ever higher to the fullest expression of who you truly are. What could be better?

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Shadow Identities – ‘imposters’ of the soul

Despite the increasingly aligned and fulsome experiences of the soul now coursing through the bodymind, it is still not yet fully unleashed in its entirety - the soul will not yet fully diffuse through your being. Why not?

It is at the point where you really begin to experience deep soul infusion, that shadow identities arise. This is where the flow of the soul becomes distorted by subtle filters in the Fourth Density, within the ‘causal body’ (see Gateway 5). These challenging, very deceptive filters, are caused by the karma of past-life experiences (often traumatic). The unleashed soul now flows down through these filters on its way from the Source. The problem is not so much that fragments are breaking off and becoming separated, as with the ego, it is more that the mainstream of the soul is becoming subtly deceived by its own mis-perception of reality.

Thus ‘shadow identities’ form; these are exceptionally clever, for they know the ‘correct’ behaviour of the soul. However, there will be a slight time-lag in the soul’s flow – like an echo - which takes you out of alignment. It can only be perceived through profound self-honesty – witnessing that under certain circumstances, your beingness moves behind the flow, creating small ‘bubbling eddy currents’ of slight discomfort...

Someone who is truly present and aware, will likely witness this karmic filtering effect as micro-expressions in your face, and slight contractions within your energy eld.

It is the presence of these filters that can take on a ‘shadow identity’ (some teachings refer to them as ‘imposters of the soul’). The shadow identity is much more subtle than previously experienced. Unlike its predecessors (such as the inner child and inner teenager), impulses to act are not initiated within it, they always come from the Source; however, by acting as a filter, the shadow can distort or dim the divine light you are now feeling. So typically for example, you may be engaged in spiritual, apparently selfless, work of some kind, but the soul might be slightly lacking full trust in the divine due to the karmic filter of lack of support (perhaps a venture in a previous life was unsuccessful, caused great heart-ache, and so trust in benevolence was lost). Now, that filter retains the slight contraction of fear in not being supported, and so works to make sure there is some (hidden) payback for the apparently selfless work. This is how a typical shadow identity then builds around that aspect of karma.

So subtle are these identities, that they are highly difficult to see for yourself, because they can feel so real and authentic. they may manifest, for example, as the slightest trace of efforting to reach many people, heal the sick, save the planet, protect Mother Nature etc. It could be that the soul is authentically given to do these things, but that slight degree of ownership of the purpose, will add that extra bit of energy, the extra impetus, that over-accentuates perfect delivery of Right Action.

It is exactly this obscuring energy, which can turn away those people of the correct vibration to receive your particular transmission. It could be that you still reach many people and that a message is transmitted, however, is it exactly the right message for exactly the right people? So it is this shadow identity that you must deal with during the Gateway 4 transition.

The key to dissolving these shadow identities, is to understand exactly where they come from and how they operate. As previously stated, the shadow forms when the light of the soul gets slightly filtered by karma: so the soul touches past-life karma as it flows through the causal body and activates it. Now, this layer of consciousness begins to influence many patterns of experience in your daily life; these subtle karmic filters now manifest external ‘images’, so that you may see, and better understand, the blockages you are activating. You are now being given the opportunity to confront and deal with your past-life karma. The process used to dissolve the karma, is the same as the 9 step process applied in Gateway 3 – basically to confront, feel into, become as one with, then unleash the soul through it. Upon which, you fall back into the void of Presence - the Seer.

It will greatly help you get into the karma, if you know the kinds of shadows that can arise. Therefore vigilance of your behaviours is crucial, with a careful observation of possible filtering distortions.

You must nd the loose threads, and pull on them!

Here are some typical ones I have encountered (they will always be a distortion of a particular ray of consciousness of the soul)...

Typical Shadow Identities:

the false prophet: owning the selfless actions of the soul, requiring a subtle ‘payback’ (perhaps because of ultimate lack of trust), thus rendering selfless actions less effective.

the controller: not fully trusting in the natural ow of the Universe, or that somehow, Right Action will ultimately happen. us there develops a covert, over-energised manifestation of events.

the questioner: whilst it is important to question what is really authentic, overly questioning creates a lack of knowing - it causes you to lag slightly behind the natural flow of events, which creates lesser harmonies.

the dissolver: this is concerned with the risk of identification with events, and therefore tends to be dissolving of the natural strength of the Seven Rays owing through you. It makes you less effective in life than you otherwise could be.

the absolutist: a shadow needing to always express absolute truth, whatever the cost, thereby unnecessarily damaging the energetic harmony of the moment.

the pacifist: yes, the soul is compassionate to all life; however, sometimes realities need to be broken down and distortions in others challenged. Having an overly (or owned) compassionate approach, can reduce your effectiveness as a catalyst.

the teacher/guide: by now, you will have great capacity to help others see the way forward on the path. But it is their path? It is vitally important to allow others the space to self- realise, rather than be overly leading, teaching or healing.

It is also important to realise that the shadow serves a beneficial function too. By owning the natural impulses of the soul as they arise and express through the bodymind, the shadow ensures that the impulses gain traction in the dense energetic environment, which they tend to encounter. It could be the case, that without this additional amplification, the impulses might dissolve just as soon as they arise - that is until the newly transfigured being becomes adept at feeling and attuning to the arising impulses, then acting on them, even though they might at times be quite gentle.

So the presence of the shadow is a double-edged sword, with both benefits (initially) and drawbacks. In the beginning, you can benefit from amplified expression of your higher knowing; however, just as a growing child is nurtured and protected in the formative years, so, you must at some point, be weaned o this support, to stand wholly and squarely on ‘self-realised feet’. You must ultimately confront and dissolve all shadow identities if you are to experience your destiny...

Enlightenment: the constant experience of non-identified presence.

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In part 3 of the 5GATEWAYS serialisation I'm sharing indicators of beginning and completion of Gateway 3: The Transfiguration. Each section of the book contains lists of tools, tips and advice for transitioning a Gateway, including how to know if you're entering one or completing it...

Transitioning Gateway 3 - indicators of beginning -

The lead up to the Transfiguration is not an easy one. It is going to challenge you to the very depths of your being...

It is just like riding a rollercoaster: in the dizzy heights of heaven one moment, and the dark depths of hell the next!

Your passions will be tested to the fullest, so that you may determine what are truly authentic expressions of the soul and what, on the other hand, are the ‘base metal’ distortions that want to ‘own’ these expressions. So you may feel an inner ow to revel in the absolute joy of living, and then find yourself attached to the materiality of life; you may feel profound love for another, but then find it hard to be without them or else losing yourself within the relationship; you may explore the pull to completely surrender from the drama of society, only to nd yourself becoming listless and lacking purpose. All such experiences are designed to help you resolve out, and transmute, the lower behaviours - the denser consciousness.

Indeed there is no shortcutting the transfiguration process. It requires much dedication, perseverance and persistence. There is no magic wand that can be waved, the only way out is through; knowing your pathway is not enough, you must also walk it...

But take heart! As you truly commit, then the distortions reveal themselves - they come into the light so you can work through them. And your soul is seeded to succeed.

So commit yourself to the journey: make the choices, and then seek to understand with profound self-honesty, exactly why you made that particular choice. Was it because of a lower based human instinct or conditioning? Or was it a genuine pull to express higher truth, both for your own good and the good of all life? If you are in a place where you are constantly contemplating and finding the bigger picture through all your choices in life, then this a good indication that you are advancing towards the Transfiguration. Specifically, you are likely to be experiencing some or all of the following:

Indicators the Transfiguration is commencing

  • a roller coaster ride of emotions, thoughts and feelings, where one moment you might feel energised and high, but the next, in confusion and depression

  • confronting patterns of behaviour emanating from inner child, inner teenager and other old identities

  • headaches as the third eye and crown chakras begin to open

  • increasing observation and interpretation of synchronicity

  • increasing psychic and intuitive capability, with prophetic dreaming, and knowings of the future landing now

  • expansion of consciousness resulting in multi-dimensional experiences, including deep revelations as to the nature of reality

  • Opposing Consciousness derailing you from your true pathway

  • destabilising sense of perception as the Transfiguration consciousness shift occurs

  • difficulty in communication and right expression.

Transitioning Gateway 3 - indicators of completion -

The Transfiguration is perhaps the most profoundly magical transition of them all. It is where you get to know yourself as what you truly are - the Seer - experienced as Pure Presence. You will now know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, your inviolable connection with Unity Consciousness, and that your soul is a unique expression arising from that.

It is through the Transfiguration that you get the sense of non-localised presence: on the one hand, it feels as if no one is here; and on the other, as though the whole Universe is!

You will have tasted the magical joy of full kundalini activation – a shi so profound, it can shock you to the very core of your being and likewise catapult you into the dizzy heights of heaven.

With full kundalini activation, unfolds a deep recognition and reconnection to the whole of life, experienced throughout your being. e mere contemplation of Mother Nature’s simplicity, a tree, a flower, a bird, might be enough to reduce you to tears, as the shocking recognition of the true meaning of life comes fully into focus. Not only do you sense the interconnectedness of all life, but it becomes an intrinsic aspect of your beingness.

It becomes practically impossible to damage, pollute or exploit any sentient life form, unless it is clear beyond all doubt, that doing so is somehow in the higher interests of all life. As the energy of the soul reintegrates and infuses within your being, you experience enormous surges of energy, heat, light and super consciousness. In summary, you are likely to experience some or all of the following:

Indicators the Transfiguration is complete

  • full kundalini activation will have occurred, and been experienced perhaps as profound bliss or indescribable joy

  • you will be experiencing yourself as non-localised presence, moving through life now more as a flow of consciousness

  • kundalini activation will have been accompanied by powerful surges of energy, perhaps accompanied by lucid dream-like experiences

  • the pull and characteristics of your soul will be felt within, although you might not necessarily be able to define its qualities

  • friends and family will notice that your sense of being seems to have changed quite dramatically

  • you are likely to appear very relaxed, non-attached and calm

  • all choices become more about the revelation of your divine being and alignment with the deeper meaning of life

  • there is likely to be a strong inner motivation to divine service

  • there will be feelings of complete at-one-ment with the Universe.

As you complete the Gateway it leads to full-blown kundalini activation - the most profound spiritual shift, where you feel completely interconnected with the source and higher dimensional consciousness, which then flows into your life and your life's creations. 💙🙏

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For this part of the serialisation I felt to jump straight to Gateway 2, the Realignment, because I know that's playing a major part in society right now...

The Gateway 2 transition, “Realignment”, is all about re-attuning to the soul - the mainstream of which, is aligned with the universal organising flow, with the interests of all life at heart. As your consciousness expands, you find yourself naturally surrendering – bit by bit, and ultimately completely - to its supreme governance in your life. As you release the inner tightness of control, concurrently the joy of the divine floods in. It is a priceless feeling, which no efforted manifestation could ever surpass.

As the gathering wave of the Realignment sweeps through you, the magical moment arrives, when you go ‘down on bended knee’, and make the natural inner commitment, that all choices in life, will be those of the soul - your highest truth – totally aligned with the divine.

You may nd yourself asking: why is such a Realignment necessary? How did humanity become so far out of alignment? At birth, the soul infuses into the bodymind and over time, begins to identify with it. Conditioned behaviours develop, forming closed loops of behaviour within the brain. In our dense and often harsh environment, the light of the soul begins to dim. If your parents are not suffciently awake to continually remind you of your divine essence, or if negative external energies are too overpowering, then the soul begins to fragment and dissipate throughout the bodymind. If this happens (as it does in most cases), you lose connection to Unity Consciousness and the chakras begin to tighten and contract, such that they are no longer fully functioning as they were designed to. Over time, the distorted behaviour patterns further embed themselves in your psyche and you are removed from the experience of divine union...

This very human process of the soul fragmenting within, is mirroring in a microcosmic way, the universal macrocosmic process of light penetrating the darkness and temporarily getting stuck, before breaking through.

As people awaken, the dissipated fragments of soul begin to reconnect, and slowly but surely, the soul gains increasing influence in one’s life. As this reconnection gathers pace, your psychic capabilities begin to reveal themselves, tentatively at first, but then increasingly, as you respond more to your intuitive inner pull to act...

Where does this inner pull guide you to?

It is at this point that confusion can creep in. Sometimes by following the pull, synchronicity furnishes material ‘success’ in life, and so in the beginning, you may feel the temptation to use the new-found spiritual laws, applying intention to shape the Universe to yield a desired outcome. This may indeed seem to work for a while, but the underlying purpose of the Universe - and that of your soul - is to create learning experiences that you may realise you are already whole and complete, beyond illusionary desires or falsely perceived needs. This is true abundance: to express fully who you really are - as an experience of the One - and every incident conspires to help you dissolve more deeply into this sublime way of living...

"Desire is a judgment of the moment,
saying “I judge this outcome is better than that one”. It is caused by ignorance and fear,
not trusting what the Universe is unfolding.
It is like applying the hand brake to a moving car,
it leads to fate rather than destiny.
Desire requires effort...
Enlightenment requires lack of all effort."

If efforting to manifest an outcome, you are denying the absolute truth of the moment. You are, in effect, making a statement to the Universe “I am not able to accept things as they are. I am not awesomely okay with life as it is”. In which case, you are, in that moment, establishing internal separation from the One. You are creating an identity, which is incomplete in some way.

Your authentic being, on the other hand, fears nothing and can locate the blessing in all situations, even those which the ego may consider dark and difficult. The soul (when fully integrated) flows fearlessly as a wave of co-creative universal activity, exploring all darkness with the untainted curiosity of a small child. Whatever the darkness within, the soul will seek it out, so that you may confront, work with, and ultimately relinquish, attachment to it; the soul is always seeking to become the master of circumstance, not the victim of it. You will increasingly feel this awesome majesty of authentic beingness as more of the soul reintegrates and infuses within (providing you are working to open a space for it, that is).

Mankind’s immediate destiny is Ascension into the Fifth Density (should you choose it), which can only be fulfilled by transcending your attachments and the conditioned behaviours arising from them. If you try to manifest conditioned desires, you may create for yourself an apparently more cosy and abundant existence in the short term. However, if this is based on materialism, or indeed the need for any material outcome, you are likely to nd yourself attuning more to denser vibrations that are now being unravelled and broken down, as opposed to the lighter, etheric ones of the New 5D Paradigm which is beckoning you.

Ascension involves confronting the inner constrictions, opening out through them, and thereby continually attuning to the higher, etheric vibrations of the universal orchestra of co-creativity. These are found in every moment by accepting the denseness - the heaviness of the base drum - but not needing to change or shape it (at least not initially). In which case we do not identify with it or give it energy. Instead, you will begin to pick up the ow of lightness - the subtler instruments - which transcend the heavier vibrations...

“If you want to attune to lightness, you must be light; to be light, you must become effortless;
to be effortless, you must surrender e ort.
e real secret therefore, is one of surrender... surrendering to the truth of the moment

and being awesomely okay with that.”

So as you increasingly infuse soul, you are guided on a pathway of choices, each offering the opportunity to either gracefully surrender to the path, or give in to the conditioned desires of the ego. When you finally and completely accept that every incident is being shaped by what you are being on the inside, and that to struggle to manipulate or control external events is ultimately fruitless, then you are finally ready to step onto the internal super- highway of guided evolution. is “Realignment” happens as you surrender to the will of your soul. And it is one of the most profoundly beautiful experiences - as you truly recognise the real purpose of life, it will likely break you down into tears – tears of homecoming joy.


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From Chris Bourne's Memoires...

At the age of 12 I realised something was deeply wrong with life; the soul in me became active, desperately looking for a deeper meaning and purpose. I searched everywhere - academia, high intensity sport, business, even the military - and although I was successful in a worldly sense, none of this made me fully happy or contented. Each achievement, each fulfilled goal, only managed to quench the thirst of a deeper longing for just a fleeting moment. en it would quickly begin again – the seemingly endless quest for the intangible – something I knew was there, somewhere, but what to nd? How to nd it?

Then one day, at the age of 40, I stopped struggling. I had had enough. I was ready to give it all up; to give in. Maybe even to die. What point was there any longer? I had ‘achieved’ much more than most, yet none of these accolades brought any real meaning. As I surveyed my life, it felt like I had been abandoned, cast adrift, in an endless ocean we call the mind. e truly sad part was, I didn’t even know what or whom I’d been abandoned by!

Like many across our planet today, I was consumed within society’s ultimate deception: the delusion that we are all separate from one another; that we have to graft and struggle in life to get what we want; that there is no benevolent guiding hand leading us to our ultimate salvation. en suddenly, just as all seemed lost and I had reached the end of my tether, this veil of deceit was, for me, forever shattered.

Through a sequence of miraculous experiences, I was fully awakened to our absolute authentic reality. A universal orchestra of co-creative activity sang its sweet melody loud and clear. Higher consciousness was speaking to me through the synchronistic pattern of life, leading me on a journey of self-realisation. Situations, events, circumstances and chance meetings conspired to reveal an inner pathway through consciousness itself. I was taken through ve “Gateways of Light” leading to my Enlightenment and Ascension. Frequently painful, sometimes terrifying, it was a magical journey of unfolding, owing as one with my soul, experiencing ever ner tastes of universal unity and harmony. In short, I was reacquainted with our birthright, to know ourselves as what we really are - the unfathomable “Seer” - that exists in and through all things.

Through that journey of inner unfolding, I was reconnected with the place of universal knowing, a vast cosmic library of divine energy I have come to know as “Unity Consciousness”; an imperishable ow of unconditional love that we can all gain access to by letting go of the governance of the mind and surrendering into the heart.

In so doing, it has become abundantly clear to me that my purpose here is to help bring a message. Not a channelling, it was rather a ‘download’ of energy, of consciousness, which infused directly into my being and became a part of me. Although the message may have originated at a higher source, I now recognise it as my own. So rather than just simply speaking it, I live it and it animates my being.

Initially, it was di cult for me to fully process the message through the veils of distorted human thinking, and even more difficult to put it into words. However, the energy would not go away, and so I persevered and with the patient help of Benevolent Consciousness, I finally unveiled the truth as a deep inner knowing. Now, after much dedicated soul searching, I am comfortable that I have found the right vocabulary to capture the true essence of it.

I know the message is of vital importance to all humanity at this time of great turmoil and transition. I know in my heart it provides the solution to every single problem we currently face. It is one which has been gifted before, but it has been much misunderstood and maligned. Time is running out, we need to dust o the pages of history and look at the message with fresh eyes. We need to open our minds and unlock the hidden code buried in our hearts. So what was the message that came to me? It was, and continues to be, this...

“We stand on the brink of a miraculous new evolution for mankind. A higher vibrational reality is beckoning us founded on unconditional love for all life and synchronistic co-creativity; it is a ‘heaven’ which exists here and now all around us. In this New Paradigm, we are completely at one with each other and all life. ere is no killing, manipulation, or exploitation of any sentient life form or natural resource. All is shared and experienced in harmony without fear. ere is absolute trust in our at- one-ment with the divine. Indeed we experience ourselves as the divine, not separate from it. Our living purpose is self-realisation and spiritual enrichment.

The New Paradigm is already unfolding all around us, but it is difficult to see, taste and feel as the old world values crumble and collapse. All life and all structure are formed from universal life energy - from pure consciousness. Nothing is stationary, the underlying fabric from which all life is woven is naturally evolving to ever higher states of harmony and at-one-ment. It is a river of life owing ceaselessly through every single moment and nothing can resist its eternal ow. Anything that is of lower vibration, lower harmony, anything that sustains inequity and the selfish exploitation of life, will, over time, literally fall apart.

That is what is happening to our society right now. To many, it is an inequitable and unjust system based on exploitation, fear and greed. It is one that has unceremoniously shunted our existence out of harmony with our planetary system and our Universe as a whole. Industrial consumerism, the supposed ‘virtuous’ building block upon which the very fabric of our society has been founded, is now tumbling. It has become an insatiable beast that has been raping Mother Earth in this realm, stripping her bare of natural resources to fix humanity’s ever-burgeoning addictions. We have built a society on false promises and written countless blank cheques which can no longer be cashed. We have founded our lives on sand and the tide is now fast coming in.

As this turbulent transition takes place, we are each being invited to join the New Paradigm in the Fifth Density; we each have a ticket for that journey. To get on board, we have to go within, peel away our attachments to the material world, process out our fear-based thinking and dissolve distorted behaviour patterns that limit. It is these that constrict and confine us in the lower level of consciousness. We are being invited to separate out the authentic characteristics of our soul from the conditioned beliefs, illusionary needs and false agendas that have been programmed within. We have to let this darkened veil fall from our eyes so that the new world can unfold into view.

So in this eleventh hour, we are each being presented with a choice: either we continue to buy into the collapsing fear-based mentality of division and struggle or we step into the heart and reconnect with our divine birthright. Benevolent Consciousness is drawing ever closer to help those prepared to listen. We are being provided with a routemap through the inner landscape. e map guides us through Five Gateways of consciousness leading to Enlightenment and Ascension into the Higher 5D Paradigm. It is a process that has been followed by spiritual masters throughout the ages, and has the power to unite evolving people everywhere.

We each follow a unique pathway as we ascend the spiritual mountain, but those who have climbed before us, report similar experiences, challenges and opportunities as we pass through key ‘altitudes’ en route to the 'summit'. The map is a gift to humanity in these times of profound change. It o ers the priceless opportunity to come to know ourselves experientially as what we truly are - the “Seer” - an eternal presence through all creation. In so doing, we move back into harmony with the natural ow of the Universe and unfold the magical lives we were born to live.”

The message came, via my supportive guide "Open", with an experiential exploration of how to tune into higher guidance and what may happen as we follow our inner journey of Spiritual Evolution - our Ascension into the Fifth Density. It is not an easy journey, there are many distorting and manipulating influences that would attach us to the external drama of life and thereby divert us from our path. However, if we apply ourselves diligently to the task of unveiling our inherent beingness, then a beautiful adventure of self discovery unfolds before us, full of mystery, miracles and magic.

I know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that success is open to every single one of us who ventures honestly down the path. Are you ready to make that journey? If so, from my personal experience, 5GATEWAYS is a profound spiritual routemap, that can guide you on your way.

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