4 Key Missions of Energy and Lightworkers in the Shift

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It's crazy and confusing out there in society right now with much purposeful deception and misdirection. But not if you understand and focus on your mission here in the shift. What is your purpose? What did you incarnate specifically for at this moment? Understanding these crucial questions can furnish much peace of mind and dispatch wasted effort.

Here then are 4 key missions of energy and lightworkers in the shift...

The Overal Mission of Benevolence

I am concerned, that although there's much illumination of the intervention going on at a surface level, still many spiritual and alternative commentators are missing the overall end-game. Dramatic changes have begun to unfold across the earth that are instigated by the benevolent shift to 5D consciousness. However, at times you can palpably feel the anguish and efforting to fix the old 3D construct. It crushes the soul, undermines motivation and damages well-being.

A simple shift in understanding and perception would solve this:

We're NOT here to cure the situation in society. Neither is it about creating a new sustainable 3D situation. It's all about unraveling the old karmic construct and shifting into 5D. This, Gaia and Benevolence have already begun, and is well underway.

Understand the Process of the 3D to 5D Earth Ascension Shift

Where do you put your attention and focus?

The shadow state, in its various machinations of the pandemic and the "reset", is NOT in the driving seat as many see it and are railing against. Inadvertently people are handing over their power with this misconception. The shadowside are reacting to the major energy shifts going on in the field and the widespread elevation of consciousness. They are gearing up their preparations to take a swathe of humanity into a metaverse and off-planet. To 3D eyes, as the swamp gets stirred up, it just looks like they have the upper hand.

Rest assured, they do not.

However, this does depend on where you put your attention and focus; where you see this all going. If you understand your purpose and destiny here then it's going to make your life much easier and more harmonious. Because you'll start to see that every curious twist and turn is falling into step with the shift.

Essentially we are here to reclaim the earth and restore the harmony of life here, but in a higher vibration. This will be achieved by holding ground, unraveling the energy field, stirring up and stripping off the dissonant frequencies. Yes, it will look muddy as the swamp clears. But don't be fooled into thinking that somehow we're on the back-foot. When you understand why you are here, the reverse is true.

Here then, are the 4 Key missions of energy and lightworkers. Discover which one is most applicable to your configuration. Or perhaps you recognise yourself with several or all of them?

The 4 Key Missions in the Shift

1) Illuminating, Awakening & Healing others: there are plenty who are ready to be illuminated, awakened and healed. This will accelerate as the shift unfolds. But to be clear, this is much more than just awakening at an intellectual level to the control system. It is awakening to the soul and its interconnectivity with all life. It's awakening to the much bigger picture. Plenty of you will have the capacity through self-realisation practices to awaken people. Crucially though, be aware that it is NOT about awakening everyone. History reveals that shifts happen in waves of awakening. Some are not ready at this juncture and it can be depleting to waste your energy. Water and shed light on the seeds that are fertile!

2) Unravelling the Energy Field: In 2012 with the galactic alignment Gaia shifted her centre of consciousness into 5D. And for at least the last decade, well over 200 species of creature and plant life have been moving on from the 3D, going extinct here, daily. The shift is well underway. However, to make the ride as smooth as possible requires that convolutions in the energy field from the old karmic construct need unraveling. Those with the awareness can do this within their consciousness. You find yourself drawn to a particular place and performing curious movements or speaking light language. You may then get to see the reflective synchronicity of your actions, in surrounding signs and symbols. It could be in the movement of cloud formations for example.

3) Realigning the Intervention: The earth has been embroiled in an Extra-Terrestrial Intervention that has been controlling the energy field and hybridising humanity to fit within those limiting frequencies. At times it has been savage. However many of those intervening groups are seeing the error of their ways. To polarise and demonise does not help the situation. It only perpetuates the disharmony and means we'll only recreate a similar construct further down the path. Many lightworkers have the capacity to reach out and communicate with these groups in their being. You're standing strong in your energy field and communicating forgiveness but with strength. And also creating portals to channel the intervening groups away into the angelic realm or else further afield in the cosmos - onto reality constructs more commensurate with their vibration and learning requirement at this time. For those who feel a resonance, energy and lightworkers need to lose their fear and remember how to align these beings in their field thus ushering them back to the light.

4) Holding Ground: You may find yourself drawn to a key location on the planet, which might not necessarily be what you'd most desire. You might not understand why. Inquire deeper. It could be that you're one of those to hold the 3D ground. You're meant to infuse and anchor higher dimensional energy. Simply by holding the space and expressing your authentic frequency there, starts to break down the intervention energy and dig it up AT THE ROOTS. It means the shadowside can no longer cling on. And as the earth cleanses herself in the culmination of The Event, then the intervening consciousness will have been completely purged from the earth, thus readying the planet for the fresh beginning in 5D.

The Extraordinary Diversity of ET starsouls on Earth

Atlantean Visions of Future Landing Now

Recently I had a tremendous vision of future landing now in my own life, a lucid dream at the culmination of this shift.

I'd been regressing a group of people back to the time of Atlantis and the great upheaval there some 12,000 years ago at the conclusion of the last shift. They were indeed awakening people with their consciousness, unraveling the field, and realigning Opposing Consciousness. As the old reality destabilised, I realised that for me the journey was stimulating visions of the future. In the meditative journey to the group, I visioned for them the wall of water incoming following the solar flash that precipitated the culimnation of the Pole-Shift. As I peered across the horizon, it looked like a mountain range, towering into the heavens, but moving rapidly towards us. We were holding ground at key locations on the planet, anchoring aligned frequencies. Then the gigantic wave engulfed us. I found myself immediately transitioning, by the process of Maha-Samhadi, to the light body, but curiously ascending through the 3D energy of the wave, even though I was now 5D. I was rising up through the green and blue water smoothly, before bursting out on the surface and into the New Paradigm. All around me were other souls surfacing in joy and release. The lucid dream was quite extraordinary, very prophetic of the future. There was no fear of 3D death. Instead great excitement and joy at the liberation.

Embracing the Bigger 5D Picture

Do you understand your role in the shift yet? Having a sense of it is becoming utterly crucial as the situation begins to escalate. You may be drawn to change locations or work in a particular way. You might find yourself beginning to speak curious light languages or make intonations that seemingly have no sense. But these are likely to be crucial to the shift and your purpose here. Look beyond the noisy 3D drama. Work to drop personal desire and open up to the possibility of divine service. It may mean a change of location or how you live and work. If you find yourself in one of these roles it will be extremely fulfilling and enriching at a soul level.

Above all, work to embrace the bigger picture of where this is really all heading. What the endgame really is - the shift into 5D consciousness. This will make your life increasingly harmonious and rewarding, even as the shadow flails around in its noisy end-game throws. The future is certain. Let's embrace our purpose and make the shift there as smooth as possible.

If you resonate with my sharing and would like greater clarity in your role here as a spiritual facilitator in the shift, then consider getting involved:
The Openhand Facilitator Program

In loving support

Open 💙🙏

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Hello Open and Openhanders,

I've been wondering why I'm drawn to make friends with people who are fully in the programme ie terrified of covid, pro jibjab etc. But my sense of connection at a friendship level is palpable, undeniable and reciprocal. Most of my longstanding friends are all the same, if a little less extreme in their views. Apart from 1 good friend, I never seem to click with people who share my non-3D ideas – the spiritual folk. Reading this I think I must be in the fourth – somehow shining a light at the roots. 

I don't debate stuff - it doesn't come easily to me; I don't elaborate on my views other than to say I'm not jibjabbed when it's a safe situation to be honest in. So I kind of fit in down here just being me. Don't want to be left behind though!  But it's reassuring and encouraging to see that I have a role here. 

My saving grace right now, among a very challenging life, is dancing 5 rhythms. I do get into strange shapes, unravelling all sorts of goodness knows what (does it need naming with language? maybe not) in a wonderful group of dancing people. We don't talk, just move, breathe, dance then go back to our lives. I'm finding connection with people through dance too. It's very beautiful. 

The name flux and flow came quickly to me for this post, I think because my life has been very unsettled for a few years, particularly since March 2021 with redundancy and changing work roles amongst very difficult situations with my children. But I'm riding it and being supported by the universe. 

That's all.  Thank you for your wisdom and sharings Open. 


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It's never too late Jude, until that wave rolls in.

Why not make friends with people who are juiced?

Just be careful of the boundaries, that you don't soak up unnecessary ideology or fear.

Open 💙

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Yes I see what you mean by not soaking up others' fears.

I'd love some more awakened friends. Lets see who comes my way.



It’s an interesting sharing, Open, and the livestream was very illuminating – thank you! I personally resonate with all four missions, although the first one may be my main one.

However, I find the others to be the more peculiar ones, and therefore also, in a sense, more interesting… Just today Alex and I felt a strong pull to go to a specific park, not having any idea as to why. When we arrived there, we started walking on a route that we usually take. However, I suddenly had a strong, expansive sensation on my crown, and I then quickly felt my soul embodying and taking the lead, which pulled us up this narrow path up a rocky hill that we’ve never walked up before. Ultimately, we just walked and moved around in directions that made little sense to our minds. It often happened that we just moved around in small circles – and I have to admit that I felt a bit self-conscious considering the people around us, although I decided not to let it prevent me from following my inner guidance. In the end we felt to sit down on a bench, and it then spontaneously came to me to do the torus. As I did this, I felt a lot of density moving through me. Shortly after, I felt a pull to go back home. As we approached our car, we arrived at this bottleneck with no space for cars moving in both directions – however, this was clearing up as we came. A group of people were talking nonchalantly and joyfully together close to our car. As I noticed them, I instantly felt that they had a message for us. I therefore asked Alex to translate what they were talking about. And what they said was…: “Your presence was very catalytic!”. This made me laugh, instantly knowing that this message was our ultimate feedback loop for how we had behaved in the park.

It’s really weird, but ultimately cool stuff, this energy work!

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What a tremendous story - I encourage all who possibly recognise themselves as energy or light workers to take note. 👍

One of the tasks we'll find ourselves doing is to free up the Torus. This will often begin by breaking down negative and dark energy ties that restrict it in a particular place. So one's movements cut through these ties and break them down. And then by activating your own Torus, brings the Torus of that location back to life. Yes, you may feel self-conscious! But with experience, you stand out less and less.

And then, watch for those all-important feedback loops - for they are priceless!

Open 👍💙



 I resonate with most part of the post and especially where deconstructing my karmic structure and shadow side emerging strong and pulling down into the density.. 

However, I am yet to find clarity on the bigger picture and my purpose to be in here.. am confused and sometimes frustrated and losing heart.. 


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If you're still confused about your purpose and there's frustration (which stood out strongly in your post), the crucial thing would be to ask, "why the frustration?" What's causing that? Do you expect that you ought to know and that you ought to be shown?

If you elaborate a little I'll be able to share a reflection.

Best wishes

Open 🙏

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Namaste Open! 

Gratitude for holding the torch of wisdom and guiding me through the darkness of my ignorance., you are my Guru in real sense.. 

Although I bathe in showers of energy downloads ( as you pointed out in your mailer!, there are indeed showers of energy!!) and feel a deep connect with Mother Earth .. I am also going through a phase that is stagnant, that feels like hitting a dead end and I really don’t know what’s going on, where I stand, what’s my purpose… May be that’s frustrating??! Also, more often I feel like getting into meditation or going to place.. but not able to .. May be that’s frustrating?! But my practices and mediations are very comforting .. 


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Hi Janhavi - I would say to explore how the inner movement and feeling relates into the outer. What do I mean?

Firstly know that everything is shifting, growing and integrating internally as you do the inner work. So expect that things will change. It's an invitation to develop.

I would say rather than perhaps seeing meditation as separate from the movement and flow of life itself, work to integrate the two.

A great way to do this that we apply on the retreats and seminars, is to do plenty of "free-wheeling". You ask for greater clarity in a situation that's going on for you, then ask, "show me!!" You sit and feel. Then just take off for a few hours allowing the pull or sense of higher knowing to guide you. Then watch for the reflections you get back.

The reflections are likely to be showing you one of three things: 1) the shadowside you need to let go of. 2) a new aspect of beingness wanting to come through. 3) The next step to take.

If you explore this, you may well find your guidance becomes more fluid.

Best wishes

Open 🙏

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Namaste Open 🙏🏻🙏🏻

I am full of gratitude for your kind and wise guidance 🙏🏻  I completely gave in to the guidance .. and discovered in these 4 days that my shadows still exist in a form that I didn’t know of! Also understood my fears as stumbling blocks to express my authentic self.. often it feels like I am at a juncture where I can either fly or bump my head to the rock below.. referring to the material realm.. but my inner world feels great.. I never felt this comfortable and aligned ( after facing my shadow side) 

I hope I get to the point where I have clarity of my being … I can’t thank you enough.. shat shat naman 🙏🏻🙏🏻 

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Hi Open,

Strongly drawn to share how much I appreciate your recent Facebook sharing on uncovering one’s individual mission. The short meditation at the end was a powerful clearing and activation for me. Many thanks 🙏 

I’m here for all 4 but the 4th had a special resonance. Most fascinating was your vision of future landing now around the wall of water. I had a similar spontaneous inner experience with the same feeling/knowing of “holding ground to the end,” yet experienced as a solar flash event. Complete acceptance of the “THIS IS IT!!-ness” of the moment brought indescribable joy and freedom as I was unexpectedly shot out into the stratosphere, into the cold vastness of space, and fully reconnected into a familiar network of living light surrounding the planet. It felt very “dragon-like,” as in that state the heat of our very breath itself was thawing long-frozen density. The experience then culminated with the visceral knowing WE ARE THE RAYS OF THE SUN ☀️

Whew 😅 


Hey O,

I am so grateful for this vid it touched me deeply and brought me to tears. I feel greatly encouraged and more illuminated as to my purpose.

I resonate especially with no 3 and also no 2. 

Its hard to put into words but I shall try- the connection to this soul family is so precious and heartfelt, its getting more tangible as time passes. I dont feel so alone as I did. I am so thankful I could leap in the air and dance around. My heart is leaping for joy!!!

I am very grateful for the sacrifices you have made to facilitate our journeys in this shift.

Bless you and the team seen and unseen.

Oodles of love

and a big etheric hug

Erin 💚🐎🌳


It's tremendously confusing out there in society right now, with much purposeful distraction and deception. Knowing your mission and purpose here can greatly ease your life and bring harmony of being. That's why I felt to share above what I believe are the 4 key missions of energy and lightworkers in the shift. What's yours?

Bright blessings

Open 🙏