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There's a fascinating new documentary film out by the alternative researcher David Wilcock called "The Cosmic Secret". It's a tremendous production, exploring many deep concepts about ET involvement in humanity's past and the future we're unfolding into. It includes plenty of factual and whistleblower evidence and personally I found it an essential view for people on a multidimensional 5D Shift pathway. I would also add an important caveat to be aware of...

Pieces of a Jigsaw, but as yet, no full picture

Despite this being a great movie, and highly informative, we're still at the early stages of 'disclosure', and so there's a distinct need to be cautious until the full mutlidimensional landscape has fallen into view. And that could still take some time, as the situation is quite confused and confusing. It's essential therefore to keep an open, inquiring and challenging mind.

Especially so, as there are several ET groups out there acting through the ether, with different motivations and agendas. The "Galactic Federation" that people speak of, might be considered like the UN: a degree of cordiality and harmony on the surface, but many separate political and existential agendas underneath. As below, so above.

Essentially these various ET groups involved in humanity's story, break down into two patterns: (1) those working to liberate human consciousness and support the forging of a new sovereign human beingness (2) those still trying to manipulate the genetics in order to continue an enslaved, hybid species, that is disconnected from the natural flow of life.

Event lines not time lines

It's important to be mindful that there is plenty of deception going on from these various groups, and that they do feed into the spiritual mainstream, often by sureptitious thought and energy implantation. Especially when it comes to creating new 'timelines for humanity' - subtly alluring people into their desired future.

I believe it would be more aligned to think in terms of event lines rather than time lines. Firstly time is but an illusiion of the mind. Secondly in thinking in terms of time-lines, it becomes possible with a committed collective consciousness to project intentional bubbles of reality into the future. That's how some of these intervention groups work. Where event lines are concerned, it's about embracing this current step, as guided by the soul, stepping into it, and then allowing the natural landscape to shape around it, as aligned with the Universal flow.

A concern I had about the movie, right at the end, is when it is spoken of that those who aren't ready to ascend leading into the Solar Nova Event, 'will be taken off the earth in space ships to another 3D planet'. As weird as it may sound to some, remote viewers and prophetic dreamers have also seen visions of this. Personally I can feel a key intervention time line moving toward it. But I maintain there's absolutely no need for it. Reincarnation is the natural universal cycle that allows the soul to determine itself, and where it needs to go next in order to process karma. My deepest concern is that a wave of humanity is being duped into following a high tech synethic agenda, that is divorced from the natural aligned cycle of reincarnation - just as the Hopi Elders have warned. The 'harvesting' of souls is unfortunately common place in the wider cosmos, until that is, souls develop full integrity and sovereignty. The Benevolent Mission is working tirelessly to unravel this highly distorted agenda. It's something to be rightly wary of.

Great Movie to Watch

I certainly don't wish to point the finger - it's a complex subject to articulate for sure, not at all easy. But we do need to be accutely aware of where deceptive ideas might be fed in, to prevent illusionary future time lines being created. That said, it's a very informative movie and well worth watching. But do be discerning as to what is real and true for you. Here's the trailer...

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