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Here's an essential LiveStream from March 2021 that explores the sense of a 6 month window of possibility we have, as energy workers, to come together and challenge the lockdown narrative; what we can do to open up channels and ripples of light around the planet for the upliftment of all.

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22/03/2021 Openhand Journal Update:

I mentioned in my LiveStream on Saturday (video above), the strong intuition that we had a 6 month window to really open up through the global lockdown to prevent a complete take over by the shadowstate in the 3D. Things are getting very tight, like my honey badger story, caught in a vice like grip by a humungous python. That is until a cunning fox came along and yanked on the python's tail, providing just enough of a suprise for the badger to work himself some freedom of movement.

During my LiveStream there were worldwide protests taking place - peaceful demonstrations by regular folk against these ridiculous, draconian and bogus measures. Of course there's little or no mainstream coverage of these, instead you get reporting on highly staged violence against the police - as in Bristol, UK last night. It's designed to get people back onside the state. But here in the UK, and plenty of other countries, we're well past that point. It would appear the genie is escaping the bottle, and at the risk of mixing metaphors, the badger might be finding his way to freedom. Only time can tell, but the early signs within this window of opportunity are promising.

What's needed now is concerted action by everyone. In the 3D, wherever possible, non-compliance with these draconian measures - standing up against them and encouraging others to do the same. Remember, we are the many, they are the few.

Are You an Energy Worker?

Most importantly, if you recognise yourself as an energy worker or with the potential to do so (it's highly likely if you're tuning into Openhand), then you have the capacity to be the wily fox, to go into the energy field, "pull on the tail of the serpent", and create just enough breathing space for more of humanity - the badgers - to wake up and break free.

Breakthrough Breathing Helps You open into the field... Breakthough Breathing
The Openhand Bow helps clear density in your own field and around you... Openhand Bow
The chakra attunement meditation helps open into the dimensions... Chakra Attunement
Removing entities & implants helps clear the cause of the lockdown...Removing Entities and Implants

Do review the meditation in my LiveStream above and how you might apply something like it in your locality.

Have Faith

Let's come together in the field and inspire each other. The time is now for diligent and committed global opening up action.

Keep the faith.
We can do this.
We are seeded to do it.
For the good of all, we must do it!

Thanks a bunch to Hugo Talks for compiling this marvellous and inspiring summation of the peaceful protests that took place around the world. Highly inspirational...

Blessings to all

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Good morning from Planet Earth, beloved Openhanders. First off, I want you to know that I had all the raging symptoms of Covid19 this past December. Middle of the night with no way to contact any of my family for help.  Far too weak to move, such impaired breathing that even a call for help was impossible.  My entire body was aflame with pain.  With exhausting struggle I managed to reach a bottle of CBD water soluable beside my bed, unscrew the dropper and squirt 3 dropperfuls into my mouth. Exhausted and very painful process. I knew I was going to die that night because breathing was nearly impossible. I also knew that this was "the virus " which hit me with no warning. It was full-out. The headache felt like the worst migraine ever which I used to have but have not in 10 years. Very gradually the CBD began doing its job....reducing inflammation and the pain began to lessen enough for me to sleep. Death was still foremost in my mind and I was fine with that. I had already put everything in place for my children. Legal and directives and they each had a copy of it. No problem.

After awhile I was awakened again with a jolt but this time I felt the virus leave my body. It was as though some invisible force has a giant magnet and was extracting the virus cell by cell.  In a few minutes it was all over.  Breathing returned to normal, and my immune system was in full process. The next day I was tired, but up  and dressed and functioning. I knew that I was developing an immunity to the virus and all of its mutations and would continue to do so as long as I remained vigilant as to what is healthy for me and what is not. The rest of December was spent in a self imposed quarentine/retreat. I had much to process from this experience, which had lasted only a few hours in the middle of one night.  I do know the virus is not a hoax. It is very very real. But it felt like it was also a spiritual assault or perhaps one from a different orientation of beings from elsewhere.  Wearing a mask is effective only because people are told and believe that it is.  Certainly the same holds true for social distancing and washing your hands all the time. But a virus is airborne and surrounds all of us.  A missing piece in all this is stress, and unsettling caused by karma, by poor nutritional habits, by pollution, by what we ingest mentally physically spiritually, and by our disconnect from nature. Our frantic lifestyles  in pursuit of goals that are often ridiculously meaningless is killing us softly. The call to each of us is to further awaken to be more that we think we are. And to love and embrace more than we ever thought John Wesley once said long ago "to do all we can, whenever we can, wherever we can, to whom ever we can " staying connected to the Divinicus Source within each of us. 


Sandra Zarins

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That's such a tremendous, genuine and inspiring sharing about your experiences with the virus Sandra.
Tremendously illuminating. If only people in the mainstream would hear this perspective of the situation and how to effectively deal with it.

Profound thanks from the heart and wishing you strength, wellness and abundance.

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I watched the live stream before. Many things clicked into place I must say. Thankyou Open for bring these messages for us especially when its crucial to hear it. I had a great emotional upwelling when I listened to the parable. I didnt need the explanation as I understood the significance of it. Many times I get distracted on the path. But that was a sudden recognition that I'm a light worker and I'm here to bring change in the field by transmuting density within myself. Yes focus on the light around the density. It's so easy to get distracted in this 3D world. I realized that the feeling of purposelessness, unmotivation is not necessarily mine, I must be picking up on the grey energy around. I feel the strong urge to ground myself in nature, follow the soul more in my daily life. When you touch the soul, you know what you have been missing by getting lost and expecting things from the physical world. But you do have to go there to come back!

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Hi Vimal - I do feel more and more people are "getting it" in this community - the awesome power of their expressed consciousness.
And most importantly, and I say this to everyone, "Be mindful of where you place your attention", because that becomes your orientation in life and what you end up experiencing generally.

We have the capacity to see the field interdimensionally through awareness, subtle perceptions and synchronistic interplay - it informs us in a myriad of ways, and then the soul knows exactly what to do in any given situation.

We're starting to believe!

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