The External Reflection

Submitted by Open on Mon, 06/08/2020 - 17:15
Looking at the reflection of society with Openhand
<<<Don't Wish for the External Mirror to Change>>>
I hear plenty of people right now wishing that the external mirror of the world would change from the dissonance, complexity and darkness that it is. But this is self-defeating. The external is the reflection of where the internal configuration of consciousness is. So if you see dissonance, then that's the reflection of where the soul is attaching and projecting externall - and at a collective level.
Instead ask for illumination. Why have I created that? Why have we created that?
Then explore into these questions. Where's the unconsciousness? Where's the attachment? Where's the identification with the external?
Now work to unwind needing something of the external. Let go into it. Unravel through it. Unleash aligned soul expression within the dynamic. Feel your eternal connection to source, AND, the New Paradigm.
Many have prayed for the New Paradigm for so long now and wondered how we would get there. Here is the pathway, right now. here is what's necessary to journey through. The control, the fear, the acquiescence to the injustice was ALWAYS there. The difference now is that it's become visible.
So work with what is, with what presents. The mirror is perfect. Shift internally and then look for the reflection of the new harmony externally. This is how you shift reality.
Open 💙🙏

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