Facilitating the Shift

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Are you one who feels a sense of service to the consciousness shift taking place across our planet? What might be the best overall approach, both at an individual, group and planetary level? This Openhand Shift Diary from on the road in Byron Bay Australia addresses this crucial view.

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I maintain that when we have a problem in life, a disharmony, a misunderstanding or some kind of convolution (whether it be in relationships, careers or general living circumstances), it's because we've hit a blockage where we're identifying with the outer illusion in someway. What this does is to cause the free flowing torus in you to grind to a halt. That's why it feels so unpleasant and you feel so stuck and de-energised.

How a facilitator can truly help, is to bring light to this blockage by helping animate it - you activate the distortion with your consciousness (at Openhand we apply the SEER approach). This helps the person see and feel what they were attaching to. By releasing that, the toroidal flow is restored, active kundalini re-animates and now life can take on a new more fulfilling, abundant and aligned direction.

There can never be a better time to get involved with Spiritual Facilitation as the world goes through major transformation...

Here's how to become a Spiritual Facilitator in the Openhand Approach

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Hi Heather - it's a beautiful sharing - your authenticity speaks volumes Slightly Smiling

Yes we'd love to have you on the facilitator program. I think your experiences of Samadhi are invaluable to share more widely. 

The next facilitator foundation course is happening in Australia during the first week of November 5th-9th (and it will be followed by the Facilitator School). There may be one in Europe in February 2019, depending on the demand. If you book early enough, the tickets down to Oz are inexpensive with China Southern airlines. Two weeks in the sun? The Sun Emoji

Much love

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Hi Everyone - Facilitator training in Byron Bay recently was vert special. A lovely group that went very deep into exploring, and connecting with, how we best support the realigning flow, at individual, group and earth levels?

For Openhand, it's all about connecting up with the Universal Torus and becoming an amplifier for that, so as to unwind and remove blockages wherever they occur. That's the subject of our latest video diary. Do feel free to share your thoughts and observations.

In loving support

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I love that your videos always hit the spot for me and feel to reply. Since my experience of the presence on the La Palma retreat I have experienced shifting of childhood programming which removed my endless drive and made me far more peaceful but also over the last few days I have had experiences at work which I realised were entirely karma related. I hit what felt like rejection and after a miserable morning spent my lunch hour in my car (aka the space ship!) getting into the karma from my birth and last life experiences...poof the whole scene changed, some may have been my perception but my analytical brain could see that most of it was a change in the people around me.Amazing!! Then I hit one of my old bedfellows...loss of identity... took me a while to recognise him but I got it at last and now with the skills you have taught me I could take it further back than when I was 4 years old when I thought it had started.... it went into my last life and then another one..  I saw a running man, remembered an emotional visit to Tintern Abbey and realised that it came from being thrown out of Tintern Abbey at the dissolution of the monasteries...... no identity, no means of support, institutionalised and on the run...boy could I feel that! ... and now such peace and what I feel is probably alignment. I would love to do the facilitator course...how could I not want other people to find what I have found.

With Much Love and so Much Gratitude, Namaste



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