The Fat Lady Sings

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“Ladies and Gentleman, Children of all Ages, It is a great honor to introduce the last act of our Ascension Circus.
Before bringing her on, I ask, “How does one describe Divinity?” Breathing taking? Yes. Sensual? Yes, May I also include, “ Courageous, expansive and Vaudeville with a slight penchant for the outrageous!
She wears the spotlight like an ermine coat. Simply heavenly.
Without further adieu, Ladies and Gentleman, . . . singing with a voice of an angel . . . . . . I present to you, Miss Divine!

A soft spotlight highlights Miss Divine’s sensual entrance.
She wears a lavish, flowing lavender gown and white gloves up to her elbows. Her voluminous silver hair sports a sparkling diamond tiara. Brightly pink-feathered boa graces her full shoulders. A plunging neckline is laced with strands of diamonds and pearls.
With her graceful physical movements, display of color and texture, Miss Divine considers her large curvy body a work of art, a masterpiece. Energetically, she moves her huge hips in a shimmy dance.
In childhood excitement, Divinity encapsulates abundance, grace and style.

Divinity is comfortable with us.
Tilting her head to the side, she lifts her left shoulder. Puckering up her red lips, she blows kisses and bats her long fake eyelashes. She dips down, revealing generous cleavage and then comes up with both arms extended outward in great delight. The crowd goes wild, responding in hoots, laughter, and applause; Divinity is inviting us to immerse ourselves in life.

Music begins with a lone flute wavering in and out.
Off in the corner, clowns, dressed in boas, make bubbles by blowing through wands.
There are small numbers at first, but then in an instant, bubbles are everywhere, glowing in their evanescence with rainbow colors. The Windjammers start playing a jazzy pianissimo as more and more bubbles begin to rise. Soon,
great clouds float and shimmer to Divinity’s song.

Her rich voice comforts and hypnotizes the crowd immediately. Floating notes entice our physical senses, we actually feel her voice inside of us, its breath, and its pulse.
Divinity’s song breaks down all blockages until finally, we surrender, find ourselves and acknowledge who we really are.

She sings, one stanza of abundance and another about flowing energy. Her lyrics encourage us to create a reality where spirit blends with physicality in bubble-like loops. Then her voice booms into an expansive fortissimo,
“Release the fear, enjoy your bodies and change the planet, one bubble at a time. We are sovereign visionaries of our new world.
Whatever you focus on, expands. So why not focus on. . . ”, she simmers suggestively, “LOVE?”
Brushing away the cat calls, Miss Divine playfully sings,
“LOVE is the very best here; there is no other place like it,
but I’ll let you in on a secret, first, you’ve got to Love yourself !”
She wraps her arms around herself, and coos,
“That’s right, LOVE yourself!
She suggestively points her finger at her chin and frets,
“If you can’t LOVE yourself, then how are you going to LOVE me ?”

Divinity reaches up in the air, snaps her fingers to stop the band.
After a few moments of stunning silence, she booms in her sexiest voice,
“This is for all the rebels, all those feeling out of place, all those brave souls out there who have changed the world!” This is for you! She blows the crowd kisses, swings her hips and flings her gloves and boa to the crowd.
Divinity laughingly tells us, “I’d throw you my angel wings
but I must have drop them somewhere along the way.”

Composed once again, Divinity and the band continue,
“ Be free like I Am. Expand with your experiences, ride the wave of all emotional energies. . . even the dark ones. Especially, the ones you haven’t tried before. Because,” she flings her hair back and forth with a drum beat,
“ I Am.”
“And, did I mention,
that we’ll create a new dimension?
With what? She puts her hand to her ear.
The crowd shouts back, “LOVE!”.
Yes darlings, we’ll change the mass collective, one person at a time.
With what?? “LOVE!”
“If we are all willing to do a little chilling, we’ll change our world.
We all have the potential to mix it up a little.
The physical with the spiritual, all you have to do is open up your heart.
It’s going to take practice, some strength and courage because…..
Divinity places her hands on her voluminous hips and gives us an inquisitive look.
“Why, you didn’t think it was going to get a little bumpy?
You should know better, if you’re coming for a ride with me!
So hang on travelers.”
Suddenly, the lights go out. In the darkness crystalline diamonds appear. Sparklingly, they are everywhere, connected by each person in a breathtaking landscape. Pulsating, the glow intensifies until it is all we see and feel connected.
Lights come back on slowly and the applause is thunderous.
Miss Divine takes a deep bow and throws kisses everywhere.
In standing ovation, we smile, changed by her song, shifted in our consciousness. It is hard to believe the circus is over.

My friends leave at different exits, some are going up the stairs, some are just standing in a déjà vu moment, some are stepping down, others looking for the first exit they can find.
I sit, trying to savor the experience and enjoy being in the moment.
My young niece, is soundly sleeping beside me.
I gently nudge her and whisper,
“Mae Mae, It’s Time to Wake Up.”

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