Flying with Eagle-Eye Spiritual Focus in 2021

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Numerology always speaks volumes. In 2020 we witnessed a clear parting of the waves, just as the Hopi Elders have prophecised, where one group of humanity heads into a high tech synthetic reality; meanwhile those with spiritual focus are choosing the higher path, one that leads to 5th Density Consciousness. 2021 signifies that those choosing the divine route, must focus with Eagle-Eye vision as we transition through the inevitable density of society and traverse the pandemic fall-out into the New Year.

We can do this. We've got it. But we must focus.

Rising Above the Storm

What does the Eagle do when the storm clouds gather?

While the other birds head for the safety of the trees, the magestic eagle does the opposite, he stretches out his wings and uses the energy of the storm to rise above it. And that's exactly what those on the ascending path are being invited to do in 2021.

But crucially, we must also take another metaphor from the mighty eagle. He does not disengage from below. Instead, using pin point accuracy he chooses where and how to engage, then does so with full commitment and energy.

If you allow it to, your soul will choose the engagements. And let's be clear, it won't always be pretty, you'll have plenty of battles on your hands as we traverse the storm, for too many people are acquiescing to the mainstream narrative, the propaganda.

Working with the Density

Even when you elect to fly as the eagle, you'll hit density. It's where your own inner attachments and karma suck you in. That's okay. Quickly recognise when this happens. But instead of hiding from it, physically turn into the density and unwind through by releasing attachment to a particular outcome.  Work the situations through, applying something like Openhand's Breakthrough Approach.

Then stretch out your spiritual eagle wings once more and soar into the 5D sky.

Birds of a Feather

We're at that crux point in life right now. Do not lament the shenanigans of 2020. Humanity manifested this humungous mirror because of unconsciousness. It was necessary. But now what do we do with that? We can either cower and acquiesce, just as plenty in the mainstream are clearly doing. Or else we can choose to see the inverse mirror. See what you are not, and be inspired by all that you can be instead. Where the mirror presents in this way, the choices become obvious. That's where you'll need to summon the courage to follow the path of your soul's calling in 2021.

The Eagle is mighty and fierce. When the path is chosen, there's all-in commitment, energy and focus. There's no waivering. And where we embrace that metaphor, where you've picked up the soul's flow and committed to it, then the whole universe comes in to back you up. You positively use the winds of the storm to your own advantage.

It is for this reason that 2021 will be Openhand's Year of the Eagle. That's how our work and approach with you will be inspired. It's all about liberating your soul from each of the daily battles you find yourself in, to then stretch out your spiritual wings and soar once more into 5D skies...

If you resonate with the Openhand Approach, come and get involved. We'd love to host and support you.
From all in the Openhand Team, we wish you a successful and expansive journey through 2021.

In loving support

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as always the synchronicities cause spontaneous grins of delight watching you speak of eagle when eagle spirit only just visited not long ago! i was unclear of the me eagle speaks to freedom, something my ego has been longing for since letting herself get "trapped" (read: caused lol). now i see, especially after seeing the latest video, that eagle is calling to soul. i've decided to stop trying to control (ruin) things and just once and for get tf out of her way! lol! i can't wait to soar with her!!! there aren't enough thank yous in the multiverse for openhand💜


It always feels great noticing the constellation of Aquila in the sky. I also love the dazzling brightness of Sirius!


Oh wow yes year of the Eagle I like it.

Just want to tell this happening with Eagle.

End of November early December I am  on the third floor of our house. I use this room to meditate or contemplate, especially at first light.

We have a 180 veiw of the pennines and often see  buzzards using thermals to climb up and up.

Anyway it's first light and I can hear a buzzard calling, it's really close. I open the window to look up and another cry goes out and the buzzard is gliding past me at eye level, just 20 feet away. Calling again the bird glides away, actually looks back at me calls and glides away. I don't think I saw it use it's wings other than to glide.

The message was loud and clear for me to rise above this nonsense, see the bigger picture.  I'm smiling now recalling this. What a gift, thank you Eagle.

Year of the Eagle yes please.





The eagle energy really speaks to me. Thank you Open!

For me the overriding theme of 2020 was clarity - it challenged us to dig deep into ourselves and stand firm in who we are and what we believe in. It showed us that during times of misinformation, manipulation and confusion, trusting in our own feelings is the only thing that makes sense! And, most of all, it showed us what is really important in our lives. 

Right now I can see that this year will challenge us to really prioritize the important things, to stay in that clarity of being, and to let go of anything that stands in the way of that. 

And, as you say, focusing on the 5D and maintaining the witness, while knowing when to dive in is going to be key to that.

I'd like to share a photo I took of the first sunrise of 2021. It's a challenging landscape and yet one of magic with those of eyes to see!

First sunrise of 2021



It is so beautiful connecting with the Eagle energy. Thank you for this Beautiful video. 

"we will journey through" brilliantly stated. 

Sending love-



P.S. the plants in the background of this video were of course speaking to me- such wonderful energies!- is that the same Yucca plant from previously?



Hey O, 

Great vid! I have been seeing alot of eagles flying above me of late so it is very encouraging watching this vid.

I have been processing stuff full on too, leaning into the wind/tightness so to speak, left right and center! 

I had a beautiful reconciliation moment recently with one of my sisters I haven't spoken to for about 7 yrs and it was amazing! I am truly blessed.

So much is coming up, and though it is excruciating at times the gold is being mined! I dont seem to run from it as much Yay!

Thankyou for all the encouragement. I am so grateful to all who share here. Bless yall.


and big hugs

Erin 💚🌳🐎





The Eagle is Openhand's Totem for 2021. The sense of mighty Eagle came to me in a vision whilst preparing for the New Year. I find it's a superlative metpahor for riding the storm clouds we're going to face. I put this video together for you to inspire your journey beyond fear and control in 2021. I'm very much looking forwards to connecting with you all as we stretch out our spiritual wings in the New Year. Namaste HeartPraying Emoji