Gaia Integrated 12/3/12

Gaia is unique. She holds genetics of
wildlife, fauna, oceans, and skies that create diversity.
Her feelings reflect soulful
aspects of seven billion heroes.
Holding space in a duality so extreme,
enormous range of emotions are experienced
unlike anywhere else. Only brave souls are here.

Energy waves burst from the galactic center
pulsing awareness and creative codes to the stars.
Helios smiles and his vast system becomes lighter.
Gaia’s collective awakens.
We remember we are in this together.
By exploring light and dark, we create solutions
to our core issues.
Holographically, we offer answers
to ancient and future bloodlines.
Freed from our past, our light bodies sparkle
like crystalline stars lighting the cosmos.

Being extremely loyal and patient,
Gaia works while most of humanity is unconscious.
She whispers,
“All is as it should be. It is time to create a new world.
Anchor in compassion by grounding from
your center of balance and gratitude.
On this journey we go together and it is a great ride.
Hold on because even though you are already home,
it might get bumpy.”
We breathe life force, sovereignty and freedom and hold on
best we can.
Moving with her in the dance of co creation.
We look like leaves in the wind. See how we soar.

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