Gaia's Cosmic Karma, Self-Realisation and Ascension

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Right now, it looks like Gaia is brewing a storm. I feel aeons of suppressed energy bubbling below the surface and beginning to break free. I've seen this coming. During a car crash in 2002, I witnessed a series of spectacular visions. I saw the collapse of the old world consciousness, a cleansing of the Earth's surface and the Ascension of Mother Earth. In effect, I saw Gaia processing her 'cosmic karma'. Since then, deep communion with Gaia has clearly shown me that throughout our recent history, her Kundalini energy has been progressively suppressed, almost to the point of destruction. But now I feel her energy beginning to rise again - shifting into the higher paradigm. Here's how we can all take part:

The voice of Gaia

We've recently finished our final gathering of this year's Spiritual Facilitator's Program, in which we sat together in meditation and connected deeply with our blessed mother. We all felt it, but one very empathic lady in the group seemed to take on the very 'voice' of Gaia. What did she say?

She spoke as much through action as words: with deep consciousness bodily movement, she shared a soulful truth that we could all sense, feel and intuit. There was no doubt. The consciousness of Gaia was rising. Her energy felt empowering, uplifting, expanding, liberating.

But there was sadness too. And a sense of Gaia's profound compassion for humanity. As we reflected on the wholesale destruction of the natural eco-systems of our world, it was hard not to be deeply moved.

Throwing off the Intervention

I've always known that an Opposing Consciousness has intervened with the natural evolutionary process not just of Humanity, but the very Earth herself. It has established a matrix of controlling energy which has been holding the consciousness of the entire planetary eco-system to ransom. Well now, as the kundalini of Gaia reactivates and rises again, that matrix of controlling energy is beginning to unwind and break.

It's like Gaia is throwing off an old, unwanted karmic overcoat. Everything is of consciousness, and so what we need to remind ourselves of, is that as this mantel falls away, it will take with it all of the out-dated structures on it. Practically every thread of controlling consciousness that is of the lower weave and not evolving, will literally, over time, fall apart...

"I'm speaking of the financial system, religion, politics, education, business, health services, technology, science and even leisure. All of the old beliefs that are NOT evolving with rejuvenating emergence of Gaia, and coming back into alignment with the natural evolutionary flow, will fragment. That's what I was shown in the car crash and that's what I'm see beginning to take place right now."

To me this is why we're witnessing great uncertainty in the human matrix; great destabilisation in the financial systems for example and why there's increasing tension and hostility from those in fear. It's why we're witnessing 'freak' weather around the world; why energy and resources are beginning to dwindle; why there's a mass moving-on of plant and animal species.

Death - the only one certainty in life

I feel an urgent yearning for us all to get very real in our lives. And I'm increasingly hearing that from others too. Yes it's great to have a positive attitude and know we are incredible beings of amazing spiritual potential. Yet for us to truly unleash our true majesty, is to be totally aligned with where the flow is wanting to take us. Even if that ultimately leads to our death, remembering that death is simply a doorway into another form of life - a 'passing on'.

I feel like Gaia is now beginning to move into a deep karmic process - shedding her 'cosmic karma'. But she does care for us, just as she does for every animal, tree and blade of grass. I feel she'll take her time in the cleansing - perhaps two or three generations of human life. She's going to connect with each of us - assuming we're open - and show us exactly how we too can also cast off our old mantel of unwanted consciousness. So don't be afraid. Or if you find yourself in fear, confront it. Consider it deeply and explode the myth that it is. There is but one certainty in life - that we will all die and pass on...

"Death is a part of all our lives. Whether we like it or not, it is bound to happen. Instead of avoiding thinking about it, it is better to understand its meaning. We all have the same body, the same human flesh, and therefore we will all die. If from the beginning your attitude is 'Yes, death is part of our lives,' then it may be easier to face." The Dalai Lama

When we confront and lose our fear of death, the magical thing is, we lose our fear of living too. And furthermore, in my direct knowing, providing you pass on without too much fear, the liberation of death will be the most breath-taking expansion of your life.

Living fearlessly, as the Divine Being you are

The time has come to live fearlessly, like the Divine Beings that we are. What can you do with your life? What will completely fulfill and serve your highest good? My experience is that as we increasingly embody our higher self, there is an inherent tendency to realign with the natural evolutionary flow and to move into divine service, that which helps all of life. It's perhaps the most rewarding thing we can do.

"And in coming into alignment with the flow, we're going to increasingly find, we have immense power. We don't have power over or control over. It's not about intentionally trying to manifest our desires and shape the world according to ego. It's about allowing our attention to be directed to where the flow wants to take us, and then bringing all our energy to bear in that creative act: all thought, emotion and heart-felt physical action."

I've shared my views on the 'rise of our divine humanity' in my recent book "Divinicus"...find out more

What specifically can we do?

Of course Humanity is an integral and deeply cherished part of the natural eco-system of Gaia. Despite our waywardness, we are loved beyond measure and being invited to come back into alignment. Together with Gaia, we can help cast off the old karmic overcoat and break the constraining threads for others to be liberated too. With the power of our own willful, heartfelt intent, we can transform the field and uplift our lives. But we must fully understand what is now taking place across the earth and exactly what coming back into alignment will mean - both for ourselves and the planet.

That's why we felt to produce this video and the free guided meditation following it...

Ascending with Gaia

It's about connecting deeply with the earth, drawing her Kundalini Energy up into our body and through our field. Breaking down the dense matrix of mass human subconscious, throwing it off like a worn out overcoat. We're allowing the rising kundalini, supported by the song of the whale, to surge up through us, unleashing positive waves of energy through our being and into our world... Free Meditation Download: get it freely from our website here...Ascending with Gaia

And please do share it widely. The more we come into alignment with the re-energising flow and work together, the more powerful the human shift of consciousness will generally be. Thankyou for you support.


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Thank you so much for this article. My own calling is coming into alignment and I trust the pull. I care immensely beyond description for Gaia and appreciate your assistance in her graceful transition.

I feel compelled to share a lucid dream that may bear some additional light. It was perhaps two weeks ago. I have never been farther than the outer layer of the planet in sleeping dream. For the first time I traveled at a speed I cannot describe yet it was swift away from the planet. There is no word to describe "far" either as I can't comprehend the magnitude of the distance. I passed through an expansive gas-like cloud in the color of crimson-purple. Upon coming out of this cloud and traveling further I slowed when I reached an asteroid belt. I fixed slowly on one of the rock formations and could see very close as if my face were right there. The rock appeared to be frozen, emitting an ice-like sound of expansion. And there and then I witnessed the rock breaking apart in small chunks with a frosty sound. I have no idea why I dreamed this. Perhaps my connection to Gaia is more ancestral than I had anticipated. Blessings!

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A frozen rock in space, is also called a comet.

Comet Panstarrs, is what we've called it. It is expected to be visible to the naked eye in late February and early March.
It is a non-periodic comet so we don't actually know what it will do.


If it helps Amber, for me, there came a point where I was caused to let go of the trigger word. In a situation not disimilar to what you describe.

As we move into Enlightenment, there is the steady removal of identity. The removal of any sense of individuated self that wants or directs to anything - even enlightenment. We're coming into the place of pure presence.

So a process or a tool, like these trigger words, will only get us to the edge, to the very lip of the void. But then something internal has to switch so that we dive into the void. For me the word "openness" - which was my trigger - itself dissolved into the simple inner knowing of what that meant. It was just presence. The bubble had burst into that point. Upon which I just seemed to settle into it.

Perhaps the key is, as you say, in total acceptance of where you're now at. I know that you're making great progress and are on course to process your karma in this lifetime. I can feel that. I feel the inner resolve and sense of commitment. It's just a question of time.

I also admire your sense of self honesty. It doesn't feel like you repress what's happening. This in itself is the most important step along the road to enlightenment and the catalyst which can accelerate things profoundly.

Much love and support

Open *OK*



Chris you spoke about your anchor word of "openess".. funnily enough i deleted a paragraph from my last post about my anchor words and how they dont seem to be working for me at the moment, this is what i wrote.

i was finding hew lens version of ho'oponopono really helpful processing tool. my interpretation of his teaching is to respond to any experience that isnt pure devine inspiration (which for me is 99.99% of the time) with addressing the data (meomeries etc) in the subconscious that are creating the experience you are having in the following way "thankyou data for this experience im having thats allowing me to see you and free you " "im sorry for ignoring you for so long, please forgive me" "i love you". The words are just words of course, but the meaning behind them seems a really strong catalyst for alchemy for me. especially the i love you part, (love to me is just complete acceptance, when i accept, i can distinguish my essence around the resonance i am accepting, and at the same time i can feel the resonance of the thing im accepting, when i hold this place, more often than not, the thing im accepting transmutes and i regain a small piece of me and become a bit more "fully functioning"

but my mind is hazy lately and i cant even remember this simple process of thankyou, im sorry, please forgive me, i love u. im too tired to do it, to hazy to find myself and as such the words dont have my energy behind them

chris you say "Can you handle the fact that you've released this entity from either someone else or the surroundings? But that it has gotten stuck within? Can you overcome any judgment or worry about that? Can you become totally accepting of its presence? Everyone has them up until Enlightenment."

im not freaking out about the fact that i "absorb" other peoples densities when i cant process quick enough to let go of the resonance i hold that they can "attach" to, what im frustrated about is that its having the effect of distracting me from being able to process this karma i want to process, as when i let entities attach to me, i get brainfog i completely lose my motivation/energy. i cant remember what im doing and i dont have the energy to process the karma. so its not that the entity is there that i cant accept, its that i cant get out of the brainfog place and my anchor words arent bringing me back.

I guess i will just have to accept that im not going to be able process this karma until ive addressed this entity, and i have to be ok with the fact i may have lost my chance to process the karma while i had the catalyst of "special timing" on my side... i will work to be ok with the sadness i feel that i may not have another chance to process that karma in this life. Then i will go over the questions you asked above to make sure im absolutely ok with what youve asked, then i will work with the entity, and THEN i will work with the karma i guess.

the entity is part of the furniture now and i cant find it. so i will do the ho'oponopono with the fog, this is quite tricky, because the fog is what makes it hard to remember the ho'oponopono. and my partner being around is so disorientating and really makes the fog worse and worse, i recognise i resent him alot for not giving me a break so i can get back ontop of the game. its such a tricky place because now im down, its like the door is open for all sorts of stuff to attach to this density im carrying - i think i know how the black hole works now. i do feel the black empty infinite nothingness inside my heart. i guess i will just go on with life and do what i can to reenergise when hes not around.

thats all for now :)


Seeing people share their experiences of an event that will be remembered in the history books of our future for many aeons to come, always inspires one to be himself and love reality for all it's might, glory and wisdom. Thus I shall I do the same and share my story.

Someone earlier said that they were dealing with headaches and such, and for what comfort it gives you, know that I dealt with many of them. On the 21st I went dancing like a true mad man at club, and I met some dude born on Chirstmas day, I then preformed the most "epic" shut down ritual (go to sleep) of my life, so far. God knows how much energy had flowed through my body that night. Then a couple of days later I made the choice to meet up with that dude at a quiet little pub, instead of going to an illegal rave out in the middle of some woods. He gave good good advice and made me realize why my higher self has guided me to remain a virgin at the age of 20, which was a great pain in my mind. And on new years eve, I put a tear on a friends face, I wanted to break the relationship anyway, but something else came up and I spoke my mind which made him cry. And now I deal with the physical issues associated with choosing to dance like a mad man.

Now I stand inspired by the dedication and love shown by the people of this place, and wish nothing less for those that choose to read these words.

Love & Peace


Actually Troy "the dark night of the soul" tends to be a more generic term to do with the death of the ego. In working with Amber, this is clearly more to do with her unleashing empathic capabilities as a gifted healer, able to process and release energy through the field.



Hi Amber, yes, what a misnomer "Bringing in the Light" can be. In reading your post above, I'm almost embarrassed I still use it! It is of course a metaphor. Or at least that's how I mean it.

When we work within the field, and remove our own internal resistances to the moment, then we open a space, like a vortex, which then unravels density in that particular place so that the light can flow in. But to have the maximum effect of this, is to work without intention at all.

Up to enlightenment, everyone is internally efforting to varying degrees. Even sitting in stillness involves some degree of internal efforting. To me, the path is defined by bringing attention to the efforting that is now activating for us - where we've been previously desensitised but now sensitivity is reactivating.

By bringing consciousness awareness into these blockages and then letting go of the attachments that are somewhere buried within them, the light flows in, the path resumes and most importantly, we - as the Seer - step out of the dynamic.

During this period of development myself, I realised I could speed up the process. For me, what I needed was a key to unlock the doorway into presence - the Seer. For me the key was the word - "Openness". It was a way of being. It opened a hole in the karmic density I was experiencing. The hole became a doorway. Suddenly I'd stepped through the experience. I was now in the space between the spaces, which is where I currently reside. The place of absoluteness.

Your experience in dealing with karma is deeply revelatory for all reading...

    "this density ball i spoke about in my last post that seemed to get lodged somewhere between my throat and my heart - im pretty sure it still hasnt budged and my awareness of it is waning. Im pretty sure the idea is not to lose awareness of it, i want to address this thing before it becomes "part of the furniture" and i dont notice it. I know that perhaps im choosing to ignore it as it is so overwhelming. I decided to take myself of to the beach a few times and the waterhole to try and "charge myself up" for this challenge, the density showed itself again to me a couple times at the waterhole and each time i just cant seem to get myself to stay with it. Its either too feint and i lose awareness of it or "too much" and i cant stay with it, i kind of just want to focus on the earth and connecting with it, more specifically, this earth body that ive been given to use!"

Yes indeed. Such denseness (which feels to me like an entity - Opposing Consciousness), becomes a part of our inner furniture. Can you handle the fact that you've released this entity from either someone else or the surroundings? But that it has gotten stuck within? Can you overcome any judgment or worry about that? Can you become totally accepting of its presence? Everyone has them up until Enlightenment.

You go on to say...

    im frustrated when i cant feel this density ball because i want to feel it to process it, anxious about processing it even. But then when i can feel the density ball, i get overwhelmed and feel like im going to pass out, like its too much.

So where is the middle path? Because this is the undistorted place where your soul flows. And to access this middle path is to look for the doorway into presence. Right now you've located the place of subtle efforting - of identification - I spoke of earlier. Reflect on this, and for anyone else reading...

When you are in the midst of your worst fear, your greatest pain, you are NOT that experience. You are that which transcends the experience.

It's about honouring the experience but then looking for the key that helps you find the clarity of emptiness through it. Here's the crucial point: it's not about trying to get rid of the pain at this point. The pain will not soften, don't expect it to. Look instead for the space through it.

As you find this, the pain will then become manageable. You'll then unwind the pain and the density will leave.

It's clear to me you have the gift of being able to channel away such entities through your being. An amazing gift. Trinity had very similar experiences to what you've described when she started doing energy work on the Openhand courses. She too had problems with entities getting stuck, that she was helping channel away from participants in the work. But she 'expanded the pipe' and now they flow away freely.

Hope this helps!



thanks for the post chris,

when you say" bringing in the light," im confused. I dont imagine or visualise "bringing in light" at all really, i just work to completely accept whats there and then sometimes if its a dark thing i accept, it changes and i feel a bit more of myself come alive, sometimes i feel clarity, sometimes light as a result of the process, but i never imagine bringing light?
It occured to me that i could try to remember the feeling of christ consciousness that i felt to keep it "alive" in me, but its a tricky thing because the mind does the imagining and the mind can own the experience and deny the genuine one. ..

i just tried to imagine the christ light i felt in the back of my heart surrounding this density, it feels ...weak, the experience seems weak, diluted. maybe because my mind is hazy lately

is there something im not getting about "bringing light"?

Update on this karma that seems to be taking ages to process:

this density ball i spoke about in my last post that seemed to get lodged somewhere between my throat and my heart - im pretty sure it still hasnt budged and my awareness of it is waning. Im pretty sure the idea is not to lose awareness of it, i want to address this thing before it becomes "part of the furniture" and i dont notice it. I know that perhaps im choosing to ignore it as it is so overwhelming. I decided to take myself of to the beach a few times and the waterhole to try and "charge myself up" for this challenge, the density showed itself again to me a couple times at the waterhole and each time i just cant seem to get myself to stay with it. Its either too feint and i lose awareness of it or "too much" and i cant stay with it, i kind of just want to focus on the earth and connecting with it, more specifically, this earth body that ive been given to use!

but then on the other hand i want to deal with this density ball!!

im frustrated when i cant feel this density ball because i want to feel it to process it, anxious about processing it even.

but then when i can feel the density ball, i get overwhelmed and feel like im going to pass out, like its too much

maybe i should just let myself get feint next time, i get the idea somehow that passing out is like being owned by the wave instead of surfing it tho..

quotes about "taking the leap" cross my mind however when i surf ive seen what happens when one surfs outside their capabilities. So, when i surf i wait for the right conditions for my capability and as such i am far more likely to ride the waves -not just spend the whole time getting wiped out battling currents and exhausting myself.

thing is, with surfing, its clearer to tell where your at, capability wise, and what wave suits

but with processing karma, i have no idea what is comming and what i can handle!!

so it feels as if im at a standstill.

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Dear Amber, I have a sese of what you are feeling(perhaps) up until a few months ago I had the most fulfilling,happy and spiritual year of my life,which was my awakening(mid 2011) but without rhyme or reason my last few months have been very dense,almost depression but different as it seems a 'little' more external.After reading up and researching for my own symptoms the nearest parallel I can find is what is termed 'Dark night of the soul' which is an intermediate between spiritual transformation.I know the Shift is happening and effects us all in different ways. You are not alone.Peace be still.


Heya WhiteT

i get what your saying completely :) thanks for sharing too, im rarely in a space where i can put experience into words and i have been like this since i last posted... But i thought i should at least reply with something! so please know that i get what your saying, i do resonate and what you shared really helped me as it caused me to experience a few "penny drops" -thankyou :)


Hi, Amber thank you for sharing I resonate a lot with what you are saying, specially about having had no choice but to go sit down and let it happen, I also feel a loss of 'consciousness' or ego maybe?. When I process what you describe as baseballs I feel as though there is a melody or a chord associated with them, the higher it rises the higher the pitch; When it reaches my head it seems like its too loud to hear, I feel light headed though I know the sphere is still there.
In my experience dancing helps, I know it sounds silly but I guess its my form of yoga; as I let the melody or pitch (its not exactly music though it is beautiful) guide my body I feel the energy well up and fill every vein and crevice in my body, then get ejected out kinda like knots that untie easily and completely with one tug of the ripcord, like the tangle was something I imagined.
I would like to say that there are off days where I just feel frustrated that there are more tangles, but I'm starting to get the idea that maybe if the energy just keeps flowing it wont be able to tangle, or maybe it'll even start to work itself out (rolling rock gathers no moss?).
I think what I was having trouble with was accepting that this is not happening on my schedule, and I have no idea how much past life karma I have left to deal with. I am working to accept both of these, thank you Chris I feel like when ever I want to ask for advice you post the answer before I get to ask the question. Thank Gaia for all this synchrony I guess, and thank you for all of the wisdom you share.
Love, Light, Music of the Spheres,


Hi Amber,

Thanks so much for your sharing and being here in the world.

There are many sensitives incarnated here like you, who have the ability to process the denser energies - the Opposing Consciousness - through your own being. So it's being able to bring light into the darkness and release it - hence the 'balls' rising up through you.

And yes, it would be entirely right to release them up through your head. But maybe there's a little blockage inside of you that needs to be unwound so that the energy can flow away freely.

I get the sense you've done this before, elsewhere in your past history and this may well be the karma you're processing. If its the place I'm thinking of, then an a infusion of the Christ Consciousness caused quite a sudden explosion. Remember the final scenes from the film The Matrix? Well you could kind of see it like that: the Christ Consciousness exploding through the darkness.

This time, we must harness the infusion of light through the heart. To accept the denser energy more, be as forgiving as we can, not to judge or need it to go away. But then with the infusion of light, let the tightness in the mental plane unravel, unwind itself through us, like the unraveling of a knot. People may literally feel it as knotted tightness in the head.

So acceptance, forgiveness, bringing in the light and unwinding the density. You're doing an amazing job - you and other lightworkers like you - so keep going. Keep doing what you were seeded here to do. Let the light unravel the density within, steadily, with love and also inner resolve.

Blessings and love

Open *OK*


hi, thought id share where im at, incase its any help to anyone, including me!!

this period has been pretty intense for me, however i have been quite busy and i didnt really get to sit alone very much except for the times where floods of tears or energy buzzed up through me and then i had no choice but to go sit on the earth and let it happen.

off-and-on, im aware of this baseball shaped thing in my stomach that wants to rise up through me, ive experienced this before, im told its karma. In the past ive experience these balls move up through my body and they come with a compulsion to vomit, pass out or die and I find it quite hard to stay conscious - as in, i feint or get very close to feinting and then resist. In the past, it took a max of an hour or two for these balls to pass through, sometimes only 15 mins.

But this time its been days, and im concerned about this. Its so intense, there is this incredible roaring feeling that accompanies it, for some reason i feel that passing out isnt a good thing, like maybe i need to be conscious through it. The balls have got stuck in my head sometimes, and for some reason i feel like thats not whats supposed to happen, like they need full evacuation or something.... also i dont have anyone with me, so passing out when your on your own seems pretty unwise.

so im having a bit of a freak out about whether im procrastinating with processing this or whether im just letting things happen in smaller more managable sessions.. do other people have the karma stuck in their awareness on-and-off for days?

a second thing thats confusing me is

i sat down under a tree the other day and got hit by floods of tears and an overwhelming desire to have a baby (a first for me), then, either the next day or the one after- on 22 december around 10 am i was washed through with this feeling of being completely in love and in complete acceptance with my partners humanness (usually im just frustrated or offended by it), and i could feel this incredible christ energy flow through me and we kissed him, it was like the perfect union of christ and human, i felt so balanced and right. to stay surfing the wave of christ energy the next move would be to express the love physically, and this felt so pure!! - but my mind kicked in " are you crazy? your not even sure you want to be with your partner and you want to get pregnant, your too unstable... are you sure your not just lost in the moment " and i fell off the wave of christ energy i was surfing, and my partner went out. a few days later i got my period - which came with sadness - like it wasnt used for its purpose or something. i feel some sense of remorse now, like ive missed a really special moment ill never get back and i dont understand the lesson, whether it was literal or symbolic.

any feedback or insight would be most appreciated!


Some once told me that one cannot be taught to experience the energy of Unity Consciousness , to be honest it seems now that reading over those kind words, is as though I was reading something new altogether:

Experience will be your teacher, the time is now.
I want to thank this group for your gifts wrapped in prose, they mean more than you know. I have been meditating, fasting, and sleeping for a couple of weeks now. Over the last couple of days I feel as though I fall into trance , not totally asleep but I would describe it as different from deep meditation states. As I fall in this blissful state of ecstasy I feel things resonating around me, ALL things resonating around me, its rather overwhelming and beautiful but once its done I feel tired and find it hard to focus on anything.
Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this transition more smoothly? I'm starting to get headaches though I'm not sure if these two are lined up.
Love, Light, Music of the Spheres, -..S*


and i would like just to add how much we need each other -- with/in our differences in all this processing...
"respect", "softness" and "love" are key words for me right now.

and right now i really empathise with the light warrior aspect, i feel huge amount of strength rushing through my "veins" -- at the moment, oh, yes!
and it does feel like holding the space for something cosmically enormous...


talking personally (how else could i?), there's always only as much as i can take... there is a recognition of my limits as well as the ever growing power i can melt into.

all this makes me think how absolutely beautiful and touching it is to see so many of us doing this... here we are as outposts "waltzing thru" our little lives while feeding the light through...

so, me too, i experienced "the great dip" in the last coupla days and also came down with a strong virus/flu (processing "shit", hahaha), and contracted several times ... this expansion-contraction/throbbing process is getting ever more speedy, like several times within an hour even...

i watch and experience it, let the often contradictory waves of impulses wash through me, lift me up and then throw me down on my face again.

it feels like i'm some flag in high winds...

-- but just "read" what's written on me :-)


Hi Thesa,

It's a powerful sharing. And it feels to me like yes, you were tuning into the overall Gaia process. What it does, is give us a 'feeling glimpse' into the wider cosmic picture, but then if you've still got your own density within that expansion, then you're going to activate that too and it's going to pull you back into the microcosym.

So in short, it feels like you're popping in and out of the new realm. That's likely to happen for all ascending people now as they progress forwards. The higher light will draw them, but if people allow it, the lower density will activate. This is where the trapped light in the matrix must be processed and released - just as you describe. And yes, it can often feel like processing a cold or mild flu. And yes, lower mind will make you feel like you dreamed it all.

You just have to keep accessing the higher light of the Fifth Density - that sense of interconnectedness and synchronistic flow. The feeling of cosmic alignment, of being much more than simply a limited lower density human being. You have to keep trusting in this and allowing it to guide you.

This higher paradigm is now the only reality with any longevity to it. Let the old world fall away!



I just feel like sharing this…somehow, spontaneously it feels like being the right time and place:
The last weeks and days I suppressed the feelings regarding the 21st. I was not listening to anything else but my mind. And at the same time I was unable to stay focused. 1 week ago I increasingly felt the density and tightness…in my legs, pelvis and lower back. Dense food. Dense thoughts. Nausea. I didn`t allow myself to really go into it. I had intense feelings of inferiority and compliancy. It all culminated around midday of the 21st … then suddenly I felt uplifted and strong. I was withstanding every pull back into density.
Went back home for Christmas. Released a lot of tension. I went from the matrix into the familiar warm nest. 2 days ago there was another shift. Anger, fear, pain. Restlessness… coming out of nowhere. I went outside and found myself standing in the dark. Barefoot. Full of fear and panic. Cold around me, I could feel the frozen earth beneath my feet. I could feel something very dark around me, coming towards me rapidly. The only thing that I could think of was: “Take it from me”! And my mind had no idea what I was talking about. With my arms spread out and repeating it ever and ever again I felt the darkness getting more dense and running towards me. It felt like more than only my own darkness. More than I was able to confront. Then there was fear of death… it was too much to bear. I ran back inside, fleeing and not able to confront it. I pretended everything was fine but 5 min later I followed the pull to lie down on the floor and feel into it. To let go.
Then my prayer seemed to be answered… I felt a vibration around my feet, my hands. Then my whole right side was opening up to a kind of benevolent, vibrating light. My fear was gone. I let it in. It filled my whole body. Every corner. I felt everything at the same time. I felt my skin…which was the most fascinating thing!
My thoughts were guiding this vibrating, viscous fluid inside of me into every part of my body …with the intention to cleanse it from something. It felt like a breath of life.
Then the doorbell rang… I had friends coming over for dinner. My mind was calling me back into “real life”. The matrix was dragging me back.
With every outbreath I pulled the light through my mouth out of my body. And with it went something. I don`t know what.
I got up. My voice sounded differently. I could hear it through my body. I could feel every part of my skin. Painful and wonderful at the same time. This lasted until the next day… and with it came a “bad cold”, my whole body was in pain. It feels like my body was not ready to cope with that infusion of light or whatever it was. I am still in that process… and not really sure what it was that got me in that state.
Went for a walk today. At the shore of a lake I was standing again with my hands opened up. Kneeling on the ground and washing my hands in the clearest water. It felt like a baptism.
Then a melody and these words came into my mind and out of my mouth.

Say it loud
And say it clear
Right from the heart
Without any of your fears
You`ve got it all right there in your hands
In your heart
In your love

Sounds like a message:)
And now I can hear this little dwarf in my head again telling me I`m making it all up. Well I still have a “cold”:) I know I´m processing something and that should be enough proof for my mind.


All of You wonderful Openhand folks. You are all my oxygen! I read every word with compassion. I hope to meet a lot of you in 2013 in my visits in Glastonbury, which I have a felling will be many...


We've always said on this site that ultimately choice is an illusion. At least in terms of the directional flow. To me, our real choice is how we experience it and how we express through it. But ultimately the universe is moving in one direction - although yes with various temporary eddy currents and diversions along the way.

Choice is really to be the being that you are.



During these days it is one of the main things I am looking at.

Where is the choice?

I have these moments when I go completely blacked out, and then I feel as if somebody wakes me up.

There are days when I sink and no matter what I do nothing helps, I am just lost and I learned to accept these moments and not prefer them to being dissacociated or centered, etc And there are days or moments when I am completely 'there'.

And what is the most striking - I am HUMAN! I can really experience it now. I get angry, I get blinded, I get lost, confused, become silly out of sudden and can't get obvious things.

And I feel this is not my choice. And so what does it mean lighten up?
All my life things just happened to me. I was awakened. I was brought to study chemistry. Whatever I did I feel I didn't chose. It just happened. And often I feel that all my inner work has nothing to do with my evolution. It is like it would happen this or the other way. I was and still am completely driven through his life. How is now different? I don't see it, can't see it.

And the second question is about this whole system. I see it as some big game to play to resolve something, whatever it is.

I was hating and fighting Matrix, conditioning, the entrapment all my life. I wanted absolute freedom. Only that now, when I thought I am finally almost there, almost ready to get out - to find that I should actually stay and only START finally doing what I was meant to do all my life - play with it fully and resolve all that stuff that I am carrying. The irony.

How does it work with the fact that 'we should let this denseness go' if in order to let it go, I feel I actually have to go into it and in a way rely on all these things that are not aligned with the new way, the new world?

And the last thing I wanted to say. While everybody was celebrating the birth, I know several star people who actually sit and cried during all the process, for days. What does it mean? Does it necessarily mean identification with the denseness dying out? Or is there something happening?

Thanks, Yulia


When I was very young I had this beautiful dream.I was flying, everything was made of light. I had a great sense of peace and felt I was not alone ... Someone was holding my hand. So I looked down and saw a street. Everything was made of light. The street was full of people, people made ​​of light. I went through them and dived in warm water made ​​of light too and then I woke up and I was contemplating the darkness of my room ... I never forgot that dream. It was true, strong, so real that i never forgot it.
It was just a dream...but aren't we dreaming all the time?


Thank you for this message. It is hugely powerful for me. Your closing phrase says it all for me: 'light warriors, light up'. In fact the term 'light warrior' came to me in the night last night - and I realised, again, that that is what I am. Well an important aspect of it, anyway.

And I feel ready with all of my light warrior being to go into the next 'phase' which seems to have kicked off over the last few days (I feel that I've dropped into a space of far greater light and my energy body has gone through what feels to be another major restructuring). I have chosen to go into a space of density over the next few days - I am staying with my father for Christmas and the energies, particularly staying there overnight (and I am there for three nights), can be challenging for me. But my soul is leading me there. And I will take my 'sword of light' and my love - and will use any inner tools that come to me in the moment.

I know now with all of my being that it is only by surrendering entirely into the darkness that we find the true light within - and this light will guide us through the deepest chasms if, rather than resisting it, we allow ourselves to drop deeply into it, becoming 'as nothing' and following the path that unfolds before us.

Many blessings, Tonya