Glastonbury Seminar 11th Dec

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Hi Openhanders, Just to let you know, I'll be giving what's turning out to be an annual December Seminar in the Glastonbury Town Hall this Wednesday 11th Dec. The subject will be "ET Intervention on Earth and the Human Imperative". It will be wide ranging, looking at the true nature of this interdimensional intervention and how to cleanse it from your field. We'll consider the precarious situation it has now brought the Earth to and how the forces of Benevolence are working in concert to bring about a "Great Realignment". How can you ride this vital transition? What will it mean to your life? If you can make it, come join us at the Town Hall on Wednesday. Doors open at 7pm. For those spread far and wide, we do hope to film it. Here's a video of last year's seminar to stimulate your interest...

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Yes we did get the footage - the room backdrop wasn't so great because so many people were crammed into it!

Nevertheless we're hoping to have the footage out in the near future.

Best wishes