Grand Galactic Convergence: Let's Thrive from 5D

Submitted by Open on Sat, 03/04/2023 - 05:08

Gain an insightful sense of the key planetary stargate that is La Palma in the Canary Islands, a crucial bellwether in the shift, and what an Openhand group there experienced on retreat. Sample the powerful movements of energy that are the Grand Galactic Convergence - how people are transcending the density of the Old Paradigm and beginning to Thrive from 5D. PS - do stick around right to the very end for some superlative divine magic!

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Hi Open and everyone,

There was a white flash moving from right to left and dropping down a bit then the other one that also moved right to left and then back across to the right again.  I thought orbs were bigger for some reason.  Are they spirits?  

The video was really good!  At first I was more focused on your words and almost missed the first one that came about 8:14 and then saw the ones you talked about around 8:19 and after.  Total of 3 that I saw.  Fascinating!

We've had crazy winter weather here.  Just as I was typing this it started more torrential hail that was bigger than pea size.  Never had so much torrential icy stuff here!  We've had record snow levels at the beach so I know the Shift is happening here too, so many things weather-wise are not normal.

One more thing...I'm pretty sure kundalini is not fully activated in me yet but when I watch your videos, my body starts swaying side to side, especially while watching the La Palma video.  Are your videos activating it more?  I really get into all the videos you make.  Thank you so much!  Praying EmojiHeart

La Palma is an awesome place!

Sherri The Sun Emoji

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Hi Openhand,

I was freewheeling in Cornwall a year or so ago, and whilst passing through Penzance, a fairy revealed itself to me. I was walking along the street in broad daylight, and about twenty feet away from me, in the form of, like a sparkler, it flitted, flew across my path, in the most delightful and playful manner. I was given intuitively that it was a fairy, I saw a sign for fairy within seconds of the view. I've not seen it since but hope to again some day!

I've just received the most wonderful healing shift of consciousness from higher dimensional's overnight and woken early. I'm working within quite a dense vibrational field on the 3D, the sort of situation one might fear their own vibration will be lowered detrimentally. It's not unknown the challenges of infusing higher consciousness in such a place, in some ways it feels like I'm within its complete antithesis, however.

What has been such a huge aha for me tonight, building up like ripples, over years, yet just weeks, yet just hours, I've dropped the game of black and white. I knew intellectually it was a false paradigm, but I'm free of it now. This spiritual war that is being waged, 'waged' like slaves, it seems so outdated to me now.

It was in my field because I was attracted to sources of information on other subject matters of interest. It was a part of that general paradigm so surreptitiously became a part of mine. I've also dealt with karma about being a witch, which I was offsetting with an over zealous attraction to Christ consciousness.

I was literally drawn to Catholic monasteries a few years ago where I received exorcism. Any flavour of the oversoul will do for me, but that particular charade has ceased. And, this will ruffle a few Openhand feathers, ever the Devils Advocate, I honestly trust the people of the mainstream society, more than any spiritual group or system. I'm utterly convinced, have such a strong feeling, that ordinary folk are going to be fine. More than fine.

Change is coming

Remy 🧡

I've spent the last few days weaving together some of the footage we caught at the pivotal La Palma retreat recently. How might what we experienced in that key stargate speak into the wider planetary shift? See what unfolded for us and do share your thoughts and feedback.

Well wishes to all.

Open 💎

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