Hello, Hello, Hello?

Hello, Hello, Hello (based on Kyron’s Innate Body and Britney Spears singing Telephone with Lady Ga GA lyrics)

Hello hello hello. . . you are breakin’ up on me.
Static on the line is kinda of hard you see, see.
You’ve been holding for such a long, long time.
That I sorta of hear you is a really good sign, sign.

Hello hello hello. . . . I’m free choicing this call, call.
Now the phone is ringing, ringing off the wall, wall.

Hello, hello, hello. . . . Oh damn, Karma’s on the line. . . .
I got not service so I can’t hear you at present time.
I can’t text and you are breaking up on me
I’m kinda of busy,
kinda of busy,
kinda of busy
Stop calling, stop calling, I don’t want to talk anymore.
I gotta dance on on a spanking new floor floor.

Higher energy is spinning like a glitter ball,
exciting photons within humans all, all, all.
It’s a brand new song that they’re going to play
Make our bodies evolve in a special way, way.
Pure intent activated from our heart
triggers we are in a new start, new start, start, start.

Just callin’, just callin’, just calling
my body innate.
Time to wake up, I’m ready for my fate, fate.
Awaken DNA knows it is in real time,
for body, akashic, and earth grids align, align align.

Hello hello hello. . .the message is clear,
health and longevity are dear, dear dear.
Gaia needs life spans growing long and being well.
It knows old soul wisdom has creative potential,
Creative potential,
Creative potential.

Spiritual evolution doesn’t lie
Old Souls don’t have to die, die, die.
Just saying,
just saying,
just saying. . . . .
You don’t have to die anymore.

Hello, hello, hello….Hey, what did you just say?
Are we discussing the ability to stay, stay, stay?
Hmmm,Yes! I’ll expand the night away, way, way.
Dancing, I’ll be dancing, dancing, eh, eh, eh.

Hello, hello, hello. . . old souls, be great if you could stay.
You crossed the bridge, will you help show the way?
Our mission with Gaia becomes clearer day by day
Be great if you could stay stay stay, stay . . .
Great if you could stay,
Great if you you could stay stay.

Hello, Hello, Hello???.....Hello?

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