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There can be nothing like awakening to your deeper spirituality. To know that you are an interconnected part of the whole and loved unconditionally by the divine is the deepest blessing. There often comes with it an enormous sense of gratitude, followed by the commitment to make essential changes in your life. But quite often, in a world of disfunction and disharmony, where every offering works to enslave in the old ways, it can seem a monumental task. Monumental it can be, but you don't have to get there in one giant leap! And it's essential to realise that ALL distortion - even those of the matrix - are founded on truth. That's why lasting change can happen through progressive innovation. Here's how...

Finding the "Middle Path" by 'Transmuting' distorted behaviours

The Buddha spoke of the "middle path". I've seen plenty of varying explanations as to what this means. To me, it's about finding the path of light, the flow of truth, through all life's circumstances. And that's achieved by recognising the two 'counter pulls' of the moment. On one side of the coin, is the pull of the ego, which has been addicted to certain behaviourisms that have been perpetuated in society - judgment of others for example. On the other side of the coin, is the pull of the soul, which has the interests of all life at heart.

What's seldom spoken of however, is that these two contrasting sides of the coin walk hand in hand. The aligned way, is found not by simply ditching the distortions one recognises - rather it is by transmuting the distorted behaviourisms. This is because all distortions are those of a foundational truth - each distortion, is that of the soul's expression itself.

Think about that for a moment, it means there's no burden of "right" and "wrong", of "good" and "bad", of "light" and "dark". Instead, each behaviour in each moment offers the doorway to transformation into something more aligned, more connected. It means we can drop the self-judgment. Phew!

Judgments may be considered as 'condemnations' of reality - where I may have formed fixed opinions about people and circumstances. However, judgment may be seen as a distortion of discernment, which happens to be an innate quality of the soul.... I discern the landscape around me, and the behaviours of those in it, and then I decide to find the path of highest vibration through it. The point being, I can only find the path by discerning the boulders in the way.

(Check out this Openhand Philosophy on Unfolding into the Multidimensional Landscape)

Consider also anger, which clearly is considered an unproductive trait to carry. Anger is where we might forget our inherent nature, judge people and circumstances, then get tight or frustrated that the flow isn't going the way the ego might want it to. It leads to tightness, a closing down, and disconnection from the source. However, working on the principle that every distortion is a distortion of truth, we might consider anger in a different way: that it is a distortion of the warrior principle of the soul - with a willful commitment to get things done. If I can apply the energy in a productive way, then I won't supress the soul, the anger will subside, and I'll integrate a stronger characteristic of soul.

Understanding the Soul and its Distortion

Following this 'transmutation approach', it's going to be essential to understand a couple of basic points about aligned behaviourisms of the soul:

  1. Firstly, then when you get tight, closed down, angry, anxious, worried or excessively doubting, then you are surely in a distortional behaviour pattern (because the soul tends to be free flowing, relaxed and open).
  2. Secondly, when you're relaxed, open, expanded, interconnected, and in the flow of 'rightness' in the moment (the flow of love), then you can be pretty much sure, you're in the flow of the soul.

The key to being in the soul is the sense of 'rightness'. What do I mean by this? Imagine you were an ET arrived from outer space having never seen a guitar before. You'd still know if a chord was out of tune or not - when the harmony it 'right', you'd simply know it. You'd feel it. So it is with the soul. There are many different qualities - many chords on the guitar - but when you're in tune, you simply know it.
(Check out this Openhand article for a viewpoint on The 7 Key Characteristics of the Soul)

So this is why the concept of Innovation becomes so important for the spiritual path. In terms of confronting our distortions, we must be careful in our evolutionary approach not to "throw the baby out with the bathwater". Instead, we must take the behaviourisms and progressively transmute them. 

How do we do that?

"Breakthrough" - the Transmutation Approach

Here at Openhand we apply the "Breakthrough Approach", to which there are four straightforward steps...

  1. Confront the truth of the situation you're in
  2. Honour and express the tightness
  3. Breakthrough into presence by completely surrendering into the feelings
  4. Unwind and unleash the authentic aspect of soul wanting to come through. 

It's best exemplified in this Openhand video...Break Through Subconscious Tightness

As simple as it may seem, the approach is highly transformation because it's about surrendering deep into the soul and peeling off the limiting distortions. You become as-one, "The One", through the situation, so the tethering anchors are broken and the soul expands through. The approach also brings a great sense of peace, in the knowing that you don't have to ditch "bad" behaviours, rather there's a way of transmuting them into something more productive.

What's more, you can begin in your life right now, with the situation you are directly in. You don't need anything other than what you've already manifested and you have exactly the right resources to succeed. Simply pick the first distortion your recognise is constricting you and your life, but rather than dropping it like proverbial hot coals, work instead to transmute the behaviour using the 4 step breakthrough approach outlined above.

Untethered soul creates Majestically and Magically

With the people I've worked with around the world, I've witnessed this as a sure way to progress and succeed - providing there is commitment to the process and a deep surrender into the tightness. What transpires is the amazing liberation of soul, which can't fail to create a progressively more aligned pathway and successful life - because untethered soul creates majestically and magically. Miraculous synchronicity clicks in all around you.

So you know change is necessary, it's something your soul yearns for. But don't be put off if the task seems too enormous at first sight. Simply pick the first distortion you come across, pull on that thread of consciousness, and, just like an old jumper, witness the old reality progressively unravel, which then begins to weave an entirely new garment. So is the great advantage and opportunity of progressive innovation.

And finally, to inspire you further, here is a new video I put together, innovated from past Openhand video clippings (thanks to Trinity Bourne for some great footage)...

In loving support,

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PS: And if you'd like more support Innovating to spiritual success, come and take part in Openhand's Advanced Spiritual Course Program.

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Hello everyone The Sun Emoji

I was going to post this question on the forum, but it's offline.

I've been meditating a lot, and deeply. Sometimes I feel like I never want to leave it.
But when I go 'living my life' that state rapidly vanishes away and I find myself going back to the same compulsive actions. My mind gets caught up a lot in double checking things, especially the messages I send to people. My ego almost desperately wants to know if I misspelled some word or expressed myself badly. I also have some compulsive body movements, and I feel they're linked to that compulsive double checking.

Intelectually, I know I must remain the observer after meditating, but that ends up being a tiring task that ceases my enjoyment towards life. I don't know... when I'm observing I usually feel like I'm forcing it, it doesn't feel natural.

Any thoughts on that matter?

Thank you Praying Emoji


Hi Everyone - how's it going out there in the shift? Illuminating I trust!

I felt inspired to write this article (above) today because I often get the sense that plenty of people 'on the path' frequently beat themselves up about their "bad" behaviour patterns. Firstly, distortions are a natural aspect of the soul - all realities are a distortion of absolute truth. Secondly, most importantly, is to realise that each distorted behaviour offers a 'sign post' of where to work, and a doorway into the more aligned behaviour - which then unleashes a stronger flow of soul into your life.

It's about using the 'transmutation' approach described in the lead article above.

Transmutate and shine!

Open voltage emoji iconThe Sun Emoji