I Awoke this Morning with 11:11 Calling - Glastonbury Seminar Beckons!

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I was awakened early in the morning, 4am, before the grey bearded beast of the matrix had fired up its engines. It was quiet, but 11:11 was ringing loud and clear. Later that day I was guided to Glastonbury Town Hall, where so many previous alchemical seminars have taken place. By chance synchronicity I bumped into one of the janitors I know and the events booking lady. The penny dropped: "Is 11:11 free by any chance for an evening seminar?" "It sure is", was the welcome response...

Pearls from the Quantum Field

It all just fell into place like pearls shaping from the quantum field. 5 minutes later I bumped into Paul the printer, "can you print up some posters in double quick time?" "For you Open, no worries!" was the reply. The design was on the way to him later that day and printed out by the next morning. Having picked them up, everywhere I went I was literally falling over people who know me and would be interested in the seminar. It's all falling into place like pearls from heaven!

11:11 A Convergence of Cosmic Importance

11:11 is not so much a timing, but rather an invitation - the cosmic convergence of 4 key centres of consciousness: your own soul, the soul of Gaia, Our Solar Logos, and the Galactic Grandfather. Get these key centres in alignment with your life and all will be well. You'll be guided by the quantum field in this great shift of consciousness that is unfolding all around us. It's high time to detach from the shenanigens of the 3D and set your sights firmly in the 5D.

Everything Falls Into Place

Don't you just love it when everything falls into place?! I can already feel the alchemy building for Glastonbury Town Hall on the evening of 11:11. I've presented there many times over the years and they've always been highly charged events - always connected into the ether and animated the audience. In 3hrs, there have been countless quantum shifts. And so I'm greatly inspired by the prospect looking forwards.

We plan to film the event for international Openhanders, but if you can possibly get there on the evening, it will be well worth your while. People have previously travelled from all over Europe and even from the States (!) to be there. See if the pull animates your being.

Full Information and Reservation

You can find all the details at our event page across at the Openhand Ascension Academy. You can simply rock up to the Town Hall on 11:11 at 6:15pm, but best to reserve a place as it's sure to be packed. And in the Openhand ethos, we would like it to be available to all. So the event will be by your heartfelt Β£ Donation. β™₯️

There will be some events in your life,
that if you can possibly make it, are unmissable.
This will be one of them.


​A reminder that we also have a full 2-day workshop happening at the end of November...

We're in the heart chakra of the planet, the sacred Glstonbury, where the veils are thin and you're stepping into an alchemical portal of transformation. Applying ground-breaking Openhand processes to break through karmic blockages and unleash the majesty of your True Self.
Deepening into Your Sacred Ground of Being

Here's a blast from the past...

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Well it turned out to be a tremendous seminar at the Glstonbury Town Hall last night. We had a packed house of starsouls - a rainbow tribe of a diverse backgrounds of vibes and resonances. And leading into it plus all the way through, you could palpably feel the Benevolents in the ether supporting the show. The Arcturians were having their much typical fun with the technology at times, (just to make sure I was staying light in the heart!), but they always fixed things as needed - bless 🧑

We did catch some good footage, so hopefully, next week sometime we'll have the video to share with the wider community. Meanwhile here are a few snaps...

Tilly looking colourful and doing a great into...

I don't get nervous for these things because everything generally flows of itself. But at the beginning, my legs were literally shaking with the energy coming in. Good job I was wearing baggy pants!...

I looked at the real agenda behind it all...

I have a new multidimensional explanation of the Torus. But the apple always serves a treat (and tastes good afterwards!)

At the end of the day, it's all about the Merkabah and MayaSamadhi...

Thanks from the heart for all who showed up for making it a truly special and memorable evening

Open πŸ’™πŸ™

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Indeed it was a tremendous and remarkable evening! β€οΈ

The energies felt very good last night and well flowing. There was really fascinating bunch of colourful public gathered there. I was sitting at the back row watching how people were nodding in the agreement to what was being said. I could sense when energy was moving within the audience bringing the messages about those moments of deeper excitement or interest.

To me it was very well flowing presentation of Openhand's ark of treasures in a very smooth and compressed format. Perfectly done! I feel elated and much of excitement with the shift, the inner climb, happening within myself and on our planet. 

There is a sense of a need in more of this kind of seminar-like short events. It's the right time for it.


With much love and gratitude 

🌺 Asya