The Iris

The Iris

Like after rain,
Like in spring,
In the Heart of the Eye

Like a radio tower,
Like an antenna,
In the Heart of the Eye

In the Heart of the Eye
lies a treasure,
a miracle,
a flower,
The Iris

Make that Heart shine
like the sun
like a flame,
and it will bloom

Bring that heart to life
with attention
follow your dreams
and it will bloom

The Iris
once opened
once come into full bloom
it will show its treasure
just there, in the Heart of the Eye

The Iris
Beautiful flower
Infinite source
Heart of the Eye
In the Window of the Soul

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Mmmm today poems are definitely drawing me in!
Another gem, precious! Thank you. The words are opening heart-full inner looking...transformative...the Iris blooming like a God/dess. Infinitely and Soulfully. Superb!

xx love