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Hi everyone out there in the Openhand Community - how's it going for you in the shift? I trust your life is beginning to feel like a bigger movement of consciousness, connected to something incredibly divine. As the light progressively unravels itself from the old reality, you'll likely find yourself pulled in different directions as the old consciousness within, still snags on old density, the old ways of doing things. Here's where we have to dig deep, and trust that if we confront the tightness and unwind it, then the unleashing of flow is going to take us somewhere more magical and harmonious.

It can feel, at times, a little like being swept down the rapids. But now isn't time to cling onto the banks - it's time to take centre stream, and enjoy the ride. Yihah!!!....

Just like coming home!

It seems like I'm pretty much constantly out on the road, around the world these days, connecting with as many of you wonderful crazy mavericks as I can! Meeting here on the internet is essential, yes, but the Openhand purpose is all about facilitating the underlying movement of field energy in this 5D Shift. When people gather together, and work diligently into the truth within, then we break big gaping holes in the matrix, causing ripples to spread far and wide. We're working on ourselves, with a much greater selfless purpose. How does it feel to be a part of that?

I think it's essential that we connect together through movements like this, because together we harness realigning flow and thereby strengthen it. I find it gives our lives much deeper meaning and purpose. It can at times feel very disconnected, as people find themselves spread to the far flung corners of the world, often in situations and family environments that don't necessarily see, feel or agree with what's going on. When people gather together in these events, or connect into them via the field, they'll often tell me with tears in their eyes..."It feels just like coming home!"

If you're free this weekend, and you're down under in Aus, tune into our 1 day 11:11 event. And even if you can't be there, do tune into the vibe through the ether. Here are the timings and details

Openhanders - you are heard, your pain and challenge is acknowledged,
the magical cosmic beings that you are is seen!

It's all about trust now - that somehow, the flow will align for you, that no matter what challenges you face, the dots will all click into place, somewhere down the flow, and all those questions you had, will suddenly be answered.

Walking the Path of Light

And here's the point about living in 5D consciousness: divine creation is all about the question itself, not the answer. What do I mean by this? The old ego approaches situations wanting or expecting a certain outcome: "how to fix this job situation, the challenges in this relationship or these living circumstances?" The matrix teaches you how to figure a logical solution, to then control and manipulate life into making it happen. This cuts right across the divine flow. Instead, if you have a question about how to do something, or where a situation is leading, learn to formulate a higher consciousness question...

  • Why did I manifest this situation?
  • What am I being given to do here?
  • What is the Universe trying to teach me?
  • How can I express the most aligned version of my soul?

In 5D consciousness, when you learn to hold an aligned question in your consciousness field, and explore into that, then you're summoning higher dimensional energy - including etheric beings of light - to help you find an aligned answer to it. They'll work tirelessly to reflect where the flow is heading through that particular situation, and what you're being invited to be in it. When you do this, it's like there's an audible click in the field itself, where everything comes together. Now you're amplifying the higher flow, which will surely create in a higher consciousness way.... ultimately, it feels like a path of light unfolds under your very feet!

How to unleash your Cosmic Self

Out on the Road with Openhand

I'm out on the road as I write this, traveling down under, ready for the next Openhand event on 11:11 in Sydney. People often ask me still... so what exactly is Openhand?

Openhand is an ancient energy with a new name. It's what some have previously called "Ascended Masters". But I hasten to add, this consciousness is way beyond identity that needs some kind of following. It's never about idolising something, which only creates subtle internal separation, from that which your own soul is working to evolve toward. In any case, a true master realises there's always something to be mastered... The very idea of "master" leads to the identity of complacency. A true master therefore, from my perspective, would only ever consider themselves an eternal student.

I remember well, some of my early connections with the Openhand Higher Dimensional Team, when I was getting reacquainted in this incarnation. They reminded me of the pitfalls of identity, of becoming something for people to follow, rather than being inspired to follow themselves. They showed me some of the "Ascended Master" identities they'd been labeled with, and were very much working to distance themselves from.

I was out camping in Devon at the time as this was happening. I recall asking them... "So how do I best know you now, by what do I call you?" To which the response was... "there are 9 of us, call us each by a number". Which sounded pretty fine, since they work on the 7 rays of consciousness, which together form light (I explain who the other 2 are in the book DIVINCUS). On the very next campsite I arrived at that evening, I needed to login to the campsite wifi, to which the password given was... 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9! laugh

So "Openhand" may be best viewed then as an age-old energy, that works within the flow of consciousness to bring about aligned harmony in the Universe, ultimately leading to Nirvana - balanced, aligned flow everywhere.

The Openhand work: writings here on the website, and out there on courses in the field, is all about helping people experience the flow more strongly, understand where it is likely heading, then to maximise it through your life, to bring about joy and fulfillment on your journey of soul discovery - to bring you into abundant alignment with the Universe.

Your journey of soul discovery - Superstars!

It's time to challenge the limitations of fear and doubt that have bound you into an out-dated karmic reality - to take a chance, that if you dare to step out into the flow that you can feel at the very fibre of your being, then although it won't be easy, progressively, you'll breakthrough old consciousness limitation, unleash the soul, then experience a magical higher-dimensional way of being and living.

It's so precious meeting and connecting with you all - even if just by feeling your incredible energy tuning in through the ether and here on the web. It brings joy to my heart, because I know that together, we're building an unstoppable flow of realignment for the benefit of all sentient life.

Often that sentiment is captured in music, which is so important in the Openhand work, because it can open deep channels of feeling and emotion. Here's a track by a new conscious artist called "Jont", who the Openhand crew up in Halifax Nova Scotia know well. We're all superstars breaking out of the darkness and into the light...

In loving support

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About Openhand:
Openhand is a bridge into higher dimensions of consciousness. It is a way of tapping into the benevolent guiding hand of the Universe, to help you align with your soul through life. It empowers people to be totally authentic in who they are, and in so doing, facilitating a profound shift of consciousness into a new vibrational paradigm, in the Fifth Density. Discover more...Openhandweb, Openhand fb, Openhand TV

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Hi Joanne - how wonderful - what lovely synchronicity. I feel like saying "wish I was there!" - but then, I am, and you'll also be here! We'll connect up through the ether. You can let Jont know I'll be playing his music to the Sydney group. Maybe one day he'll come and play live at an Openhand event - now wouldn't that be cool!

Heartful of love to you.

Open heart


Great article! Really love the message....such a great reminder. It does get easier to live life this way...after a while it's the only way....recognising everything as an opportunity to know Self better. Crucial questions! Been resisting something I created and using this compassionate inquiry I uncovered deeper layers of age-old conditioning and beliefs. Still have to finish what I created but doing it now with less tightness. Really helps to have someone close to talk to who understands this way of life. 

When you're kicking off 11:11....i'll be hosting a house concert with Jont, John & Michelle. Holding you in my heart. Much love to all. Joanne 



Unfortunately Jont wasn't there in Halifax for the Openhand event, but his music very much was, and we've connected across the web since. I'll be playing more of his soulful vibes during the rest of the tour.

Great music Jont! yes