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I think one of the biggest challenges in living the awakened state, is how you bring the expansiveness of the divine into the old world reality? 

When you get into the practice, it's not hard to let go...in meditation for example. And when you're skilled in a 3D sense, it's not that hard to create. But how about bringing the expansiveness into creativity, into daily awakened living? That's not always easy - people tend to bounce from one state to the other. The real awakened skill, is to integrate one INTO the other...

The Demands of the Matrix

The matrix has its daily demands, requirements and expectations: things that we must do, or need to do in order to get paid, get resources, gain some kind of shelter and security. It's almost impossible at times to imagine that the expansiveness of nothingness can actually put food on the table and a roof over your head.... but I assure you, speaking from personal experience, it most definitely can.

I recall the early days of my incarnation here. It was probably a little different than for many, because I incarnated via a "soul-exchange", what some call a "walk-in". I am at a place in my journey where I don't tend to lose higher dimensional connection. So although, just like everyone else, I took on a great deal of density, I seemed to be able to maintain some kind of overview perspective of what was going on. I could see clearly how the density contracts you down; I experienced methods to expand out again, and I could see how challenging it could be at times to bring the expansion here into this density - how do you create from higher consciousness?

15 years ago it was indeed pretty tough, but a great deal has changed in the field since then - things are opening up and the flow into higher dimensional consciousness is gaining strength. Energy is unravelling itself from the purely 3D - the whirlpool is unwinding and rejoining the river, back on its journey to the ocean. It means if you do let go and open up, then then like a surfer riding a wave, you will catch the flow, and it will create in the most extraordinary of ways: in your relationships, jobs and careers. If you trust, that little spark of magic will open a direction you hadn't expected, new connections will happen, and resources will come to meet your new creation.

Attune your spiritual compass

For me, these days, in terms of navigating the matrix, I apply a spiritual compass that I call "Openway". Put simply, it breaks down into these three steps:

  1. 'Open into the Soul' - soften through small “I” identity; tune into the mainstream of the soul and begin to follow it.

    Through breathing, meditation and keen internal observation, you begin to soften identification with the small “I” identity, felt as tightness throughout the bodymind. You begin to pick up, and attune to, the subtle vibrations of the soul, often felt as expansiveness, timelessness, joy, peace, interconnectivity and unconditional love. Completely accept that the purpose of each and every moment is self-realisation and actualisation. Therefore relinquish the need for any particular outcome, or any resistance to the natural flow of the moment. Thus you start to connect up to the soul’s mainstream, which begins to speak through you as an inner pull to act or the landing of Higher Self intuitions. Increase the integration of soul by following these impulses as much as possible.

  2. 'Open through Blockages' - confront and unwind activating blockages; integrate fragments of soul releasing from the density.

    As you increasingly attune to the mainstream of the soul within, subconscious blockages, tightness and karmic trauma are activated, felt as constriction, tightness and source pain. Become as-one with these experiences by completely honouring and expressing them. Work to realise either as a knowing or feeling, what the limitation was all about. Accept them to the extent that you don’t need them to go away. Once fully accepted, use breathing, movement, visualisations and emotive music to unwind the inner restrictions. Allow the fragment of soul to integrate by feeling your completeness in the situation.

  3. 'Open for Beingness' - soften through tightness into pure presence; unleash ever more authentic qualities of soul and step into Right Action.

    By opening through blockages and source pain, you expand into the tightness they generate, dissolve them and begin to access the 'void' – a crystal-clear place of pure presence in the background of activity – our True Self. It feels like infinite peace and acceptance – awesome okayness, pure “isness”. From the infinite potential of pure presence, authentic beingness will simply arise. Attune deeply to these feelings by applying yourself to full energetic, mental, emotional and physical expression of this naturally arising beingness. Give yourself completely to “Right Action” – a sense of ‘rightness’, which is totally aligned with the natural flow of the universe, leading to resilient, fulfilling, successful and joyful living.

Trust in the flow back to the Ocean

Creating this way does require you to work on your level of trust. Not that a particular outcome will happen, but that somehow, the river of life will extract you out of the eddy current and carry you to the ocean. But there will be plenty of times when you can't see around the next bend. That's okay. Just keep connecting up to the flow and take the next step, the one that's presenting right now.

You will at times wonder if you have the right resources to support you. Here's a big tip: the resources are ALREADY around you. You ALREADY have what you need to take the right step. Then as you do, the higher consciousness landscape that you're working in will shape and change all around you - in your relationships, at work and general living. The field will create in the most magical and unpredictable of ways.

So do accept and surrender, yes, but also have the courage to step forward, even if you don't know what the outcome is going to be. That way, you'll start to live a blessed and magical life.

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In loving support

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