Light of the Soul

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Light of the Soul Breaking through with Openhand

We need to beware escalating external distraction out there in the mainstream right now. The system is losing its grip, and they know it, that's why you'll see all manner of charades and shennanigans, such as what's happening on the world stage right now. It's all designed to distract by adding another level of fear and control. Don't let it!

The only reason it's happening is because there's a huge shift in consciousness taking place, brought on by galactic energies. It's shifting the energetic foundation of the karmic construct we're living in. The unaware might not understand it, but nevertheless can feel the tides surging in. And those in power who are intellectually aware of the bigger picture, such as the pole shift, solar forcing and galactic energies, realise their game is up. And so they're switching to new agendas - to ultimately take people off planet for example. And for this they need (to try) to suppress. But as I elaborated in the Openhand Book DIVINICUS, even as each new iteration of the charade is introduced, it will only ever be as shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic.

The old lady is going down! And there is nothing for us to fear. The divine has imagined the perfect release, the perfect unravelling. All it requires is trust, faith and focus; commitment to stay internally connected and attuned to your soul, because this leads to the source of the real truth in you. So don't let the escalating drama distract. Pay attention if it's relevant, yes. But stay attuned within. And the new will come ever more strongly into view, particularly in the wake of the old paradigm as it inexorably sinks.

Process out any fear. Everything is unfolding perfectly for us.

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