Major Energy Field Shfts LiveStream

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Openhand's livestream recording from 31st July 2021 looking at major energy shifts taking place in the field, how various Star-soul groups are drawing close and the impact this is likely to have in society and within our lives.

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Gratitude for this, very encouraging and on point for a lot of what i'm personally experiencing. i felt some resonance as you spoke of anchars; i still have a lot of attachment to a sense of superiority, passed down but there nonetheless, although i feel in my (familial) case it also acts as a defense mechanism; put yourself above others and they can't hurt you. But definitely in the case of these anchar feel a strong sense of "no, this is my sovereign field and i did not give permission to have myself controlled or decisions made for me". This is a very strong feeling in my daily life to resist control, even though the conditioned part of me calls for it from fear. When you spoke of a member connecting with the synth reality i also resonated because safety and security have been such huge themes in my life because of my very unstable, unsupportive and traumatic childhood. Much to explore. Re the jibjab, i told a friend i would not be getting it on msnger and immediately after i started to get bullied by falselook. But as Albert Einstein said in every difficulty lies opportunity and in this case having that happen finally cured me of my addiction to it and i've not been back on since. The call to move on is strong but i think that's an old defense mechanism of avoidance that i developed as a child when things got hard so until i learn to integrate soul and let her inform, i feel i must stay and as you say, learn to face, unravel and quiet my lower self so i don't keep making the wrong choices and just keep ending up back at the same lessons anyway. A difficult and scary place for me. Hope i can keep strong and find courage to make it through. 

That tonal meditation is absolutely brilliant and powerful and i-m wondering if you'd consider making it into a longer official meditation for purchase? i would be so grateful for that!

Thank you and the members and the group and the higher benevolent beings for all your work and incredible support. Love Barb🙏💜💜💜

ps wanted to mention my experience of "two worlds". i-ve been using the breakthrough breath at work regularly now the last couple days and in addition to an ease in anxiety and resistance, got to first-hand learn how it feels to have a sound go through you when i poked my head out for a breath of fresh air and heard a cricket chirping. i FELT it in my heart, like my "heart strings" were vibrating. it was so beautiful😊 i've no doubt of where i want to go, just worried if i can actually let go enough to get there. just going to keep at it and see🙏💜

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