Me, a collection on thoughts
and discrete culture packets.
Accepted or not
by those who do not think
much about the
status quo of ones in power.
Those behind the curtain,
they are made out of dust
same as me.

Me, collects observations
of psycho leaders who choose
dark paths. They lead to our oppression.
Historically it is always mimema
and mesmerizing drama.
Events and plans imitated
again and again.
Can’t give them respect,
not me.

Me, empowered,
kicks over the statues.
Laugh at them,
their fables, viral culture bits,
jokes and intellectual absurdity.
Me, I leave the game behind
and open to bright creativity.
Propagated from mind to mind,
it is me and you
and you and me.

Meme, on the internet
Is humorous but shocking.
Messages of positive commentary
travel like a virus.
Playful curiosity manifests
in symbols and
culture progressing more intelligently.
Empowering our hearts’ desire,
it is our gift to each other,
our meme.

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