Openhand 5GATEWAYS retreat: Halifax/CAN, 11th - 15th May

Submitted by TeamOpenhand on Tue, 02/27/2018 - 05:42

We're moving through times of profound evolutionary change. People everywhere are evolving into Spiritual Enlightenment. But with so many philosophies and practices, how can you be sure you're aligned with the shift into the Higher Paradigm? 5GATEWAYS is a profound spiritual routemap set down by masters through the ages. It has the capacity to illuminate where you are on the path. This Openhand 5GATEWAYS retreat will take you on an experiential journey, processing karma and catalysing your next evolutionary leap. It's an approach that's been helping thousands of people all across the planet.

This event is being brought to Halifax by John and Michelle at the charming Fall River Yoga Centre. Contact Michelle & John 902 576-9642 or

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Wow I wish it was easy for me to join. I can imagine the path would be much clearer for those who attened the event. This is great.


"Events do not just happen, but arrive by appointment." ~ Epictetus