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Submitted by Open on Fri, 08/14/2020 - 04:52

For any Openhand social media lovers out there, Openhand has a new Instagram channel called "into5D". The purpose behind going that route is to connect with a younger audience, that might just now be getting into an understanding of the 5D Shift and what it's about. "into5D" will provide provocative snapshots to initiate an exploration of wider awareness. It's being run by Openhander "Jye". You can connect to "into5D" at this link below...

Thanks Jye for setting into5D up for Openhand and all the great designs we have there already.


Openhand Instagram...into5D

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Thanks Jye for stepping up and suggesting this - of course our aim is to bring people over here onto Openhandweb for deeper inquiry. But we acknowledge that snippets of connection is how a lot of especially younger people connect these days. And would you believe it (I certainly didn't) but two thirds of people who visit Openhandweb do so on a mobile phone - wow!

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