What is inconvenient?

Submitted by Open on Sat, 05/28/2016 - 16:04

What is inconvenience? I think it's important to look closely into what you might consider as being inconvenient in your life. Maybe there's a deeper reason for it happening? To know, first take ownership - after all you created it. Then look inside as to how the inconvenience feels. There'll likely be some kind of tightness or frustration. Feel into that, soften with it, accept the 'diversion'. Look for a more authentic, higher-truth expression through it. When you can do this, you won't have to recreate the inconvenience again.


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Hi Open,

Interesting synchronicity, as you posted this just after I had quite an inconvenient flight to Burkina Faso and have been wondering about the deeper reason for it to happen.

First I had to conquer the ‘military zone’ that Brussels airport has become. And as I still don’t seem to have fully worked my way through my tightness around authority and the system, I of course ended up clashing with the system when after buying something in the supermarket I wasn’t allowed to walk back the same way I had come and was told to go outside and march in line through the military operation once more (where I earlier had already been reprimanded by one security guy for not walking in line). Interestingly, when I refused and just walked by the security guy the same way I had come, he didn’t do anything to stop me. As this was all unfolding I was very aware of heat of the anger arising within me.

And then once in the air…. Turbulence! For about 1.5 hours we went through non-stop turbulence, during which we were all tied into our seatbelts (I had Divinicus with me and synchronistically just been reading the chapter ‘Buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy’ before the turbulence began ☺) and couldn’t use the toilets. My stomach didn’t cope with this really well and I started to feel very nauseas and uncomfortable. That’s when I started wondering why I had created this turbulence in my life and started dive into the nausea, which triggered the vegan airplane meal to slowly make its way back up and finally to release itself from my body through vomiting. I feel it had something to do with control. During turbulence I somehow loose control of my body as it is being shaken around uncontrollably. If it is only for a short period of time as during most flights, my body quickly recovers afterwards, but in this case it was too long.

So I was quite happy when we were about to reach our destination, but then just before landing there was suddenly a strong smell of fire in the plane. As soon as we landed the plane was stopped on the runway and the crew went in their positions at the emergency exits (which I happened to sit next to), but I have to say everything remained relatively calm and we left the plane through the normal exit doors. Strangely this whole event didn’t shake me that much, compared to the turbulence, perhaps because I had solid ground under my feet by then. The word ‘free fall’ comes to mind in relation to the turbulence. And somehow free fall, or letting go of control, is related to a fear of a physically painful death (I don’t feel I am afraid of death itself, but I definitely am for the possible physical pain just preceding the transition out of the body).

Meanwhile, I have just returned back to Europe and for the second time this year after coming back from Africa I have fallen sick on my return with some digestive/stomach issues (wondering whether I still have some karma with this continent?), another inconvenience. Again it feels like there is something to do with control and physical pain going on. When I am sick and my whole body feels weak and my muscles are aching of fever, it feels like I have partly lost control over my body. I am finding it very hard to surrender to the physical pain and just let it be, but rather wanting/hoping for the pain and weakness to go away as soon as possible.

Much love,

P.S. This morning’s synchronicity: ‘Mr. Miracle’s Last Illusion’ on a banner when I was drawn to take a slightly different route to work than usual. I think I will have to book a ticket for this ‘magical musical theatre on the edge between life and death’.