Prayer for the Day Completion

Prayer for the Day: Completion/2

Some days my raggedy edge of ego creates schisms. Dichotomies both inside and out result in struggle and tension.
As I walk, cold wind nips me and
I wonder if I can do this for one more day.

Silence surrounds me. It soothes
with fleeting thoughts that maybe I don’t need to do everything.
So I let them go one by one or finish, even little things.

This is different from before, when I search for answers in my soul that lived in higher perspectives or in heart space. In a world outside and inside of me,
I sometimes lost myself by tapping into the energies around me.

In stillness, I look at the situation without wanting an answer. I am just here and open that new solutions will unfold without me knowing how.
My feet touch the earth. Its grounded flow connects to the soles of my feet. I welcome it and allow it to take root. Both my soul and earth energy fills me from both up and down.
Heart-centered consciousness on Earth depends on those in this human collective who are grounded and spiritually evolved. We are the channels.
I take in the smells, the winds and clouds of the day.
Walking, I feel both the ground and my heart.
I let go and focus on love.
I am complete.

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