Psychic Experiences

I am new to the website and sought it out because it does acknowledge other views of life that I experience daily. For example empathy and other psychic experiences. I have been continually struggling with a person's energy and learning how to build the skills necessary to break a telepathic connection. There is limited understanding on this subject and little support. I think I do struggle with finding a safe space to communicate with knowledgable people. I am often unsure how to think about this experience and I do ask higher mind for guidance. Psychic vampire explanations are possible, but this still does not help me solve the problem and they tend to be negative. I am very positive, optimistic person that has a sense of how we think and feel because of my loving nature. This is the first time I have had to feel telepathic communication that is overwhelming. There is so much more to say, but this is a great start. What experiences or guidance do you suggest for this issue???

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I think this is a good way to look at the situation. I experience a constant communication with this person and it began from a place of him wanting something from me, well a physical attraction. There have been many emotions that have come up over a long period of time and it is still there. He seems to be hovering even in my dream world. I use to have some kind of truth in my dreams that would help me. So I do go through this blame because I am unsure how to handle this. Much of what I've read tell me that I have to focus on myself and build these skills. I have chosen to concentrate on that and change my own environment to invite new opportunities. I think the best advice in the article is that you can hold space for someone without getting emotionally involved. I do believe empathy is a gift and am drawn to learn much more about these unexplainable experiences. I hope to find someone to discuss these thing with in person. I am in California if you have any suggestions. Thank you