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"War zone" - coming to terms with Atrocity

Hi Open,

Some time ago in a response to a video I posted, you finished with:
This is when you become totally free. Truly free. You could be in any experience - even in the middle of a war zone - and you are totally okay, totally at-One. You'd accept the war zone was a necessary expression of light breaking through the darkness. You wouldn't resent it, nor need it to go away.
This is true peace.

What am I?

If I am not the ego, then am I the soul? If I am not the soul then what is the soul and what is it's purpose?

If I am not the ego or the soul then who or what is it asking the questions?

Does the ego only ask questions or does the soul ask questions? And how can you tell the difference?

If I am not the soul, am I the observer? And who is asking the questions on whats being observed? Is there anything beyond the observer? And can I reach that place by simply observing? If I am none of things then what am I?

Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility is a term that is used widely in spiritual circles, but what does it really mean in practice?

One possible definition that came to me tonight, as I was doing a form of meditation based around creative drawing, is as follows.

I am responsible for every aspect of my life, including everything I think, feel, say & do, & everything that happens in my life, including all situations, circumstances & relationships I find myself in.

I'd be interested to hear what others think or believe about this...



Psychic Experiences

I am new to the website and sought it out because it does acknowledge other views of life that I experience daily. For example empathy and other psychic experiences. I have been continually struggling with a person's energy and learning how to build the skills necessary to break a telepathic connection. There is limited understanding on this subject and little support. I think I do struggle with finding a safe space to communicate with knowledgable people. I am often unsure how to think about this experience and I do ask higher mind for guidance.

What's the True Nature of Authentic Healing?

Recently a lot of stuff is activating for me. I can also find a catalytic energy that some might call a healing ability. So the question came up again for me, wether to use it for "healing" or not, what healing really is and when it is aligned with what I call the organic path.

I want to share my insights, wich might be controversial to some, and would like to hear how you feel about healing.