Inquiry in relation to the nature of the soul

In line with the experience of a you and a me and an anyone being an illusion of separation, would it be more appropriate to describe past life regression as a 'claimable' personal experience or as experiencing a vibratory near-match with that particular life which allows aspects to overlap and thus be relived? My inquiry comes forth from entertaining the thought that separation is an integral part of experience as endlessly interacting frequencies create curves and eddies by default. However, from that viewpoint it is unclear to me whether the uniqueness of a sovereign soul should be seen as a 'packet' of source actually moving from life to life while remaining that packet which may increase and decrease vastly in consciousness during that journey until it returns to source one day and start all over, or as a brief instance of singularity which, in each unique case, is created from and returns to source at the moments of birth and death?

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Hi LtJ,

I love your inquiry by the way - keep going. Keep digging. It'll take you ever deeper and deeper.
But also the inquiry must be a feeling observation practical one - not just intellectual. Have the inquiry but then ask, "show me" and following the thread of experience.

You said...

In line with the experience of a you and a me and an anyone being an illusion of separation,

I'd say, "you" and "me" is NOT an illusion of separation. Where "you" and "me" are unique souls. If that were to be only illusion, then there'd be no relativity of consciousness, therefore no experience at all.

It's about holding two apparantly contradictory truths simultaneously - which needs quite a unravelling of singular truths in the mind...

At our core, you and are are "the One". AND, you and I, in manifested form, are unique.
0=1 + -1

It's a dynamic equilibrium between both sides of the equation in constant flux. Both conditions held simultaneously.
It's what the Brahmans call, "the big out breath and in breath".
It's the only way you can get awareness creating from nothing.

So I would say work to unbuild singular truths in any given moment.
Work more with possibilities and probabilities, but not absolutes. You can't have the absolute in the relativity!

Open 🙏