Quan Yin and the Openhand Energies Returning to Glastonbury

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One or two people have asked me who is the statue in the background of some of the Openhand videos recently?
She is Quan Yin, known as the Goddess of Compassion. Her energy is central and foundational to the Openhand frequencies that we work with here. So I felt to share a little about the nature of her energy, why it's important to Openhand and how I came across the marvellous Serpentine statue.

Yesterday, we returned her to Glastonbury, where the Openhand energies will be once more based from 2020 onwards...

Goddess Energy of Compassion

This is the statue that people have asked me about, forming the centre piece of our altar at the Openhand base...

She is Quan Yin, known as the Goddess of Compassion. Her energy is central to the Openhand frequencies that we work with here. It is an energy that compassionately and patiently holds space, while inquiry is explored. She works on opening the 8th chakra and above. Some have said her Twin Flame has previously manifested in the form of Lao Tzu. There is certainly a close connection between the two energies, although in the Lao Tzu form, personally I find the energy more actively illuminating rather than space holding.

In her hand she holds the "Flask of Immortality", containing the downward flowing source energy - the energy flowing through the Universal Torus. She is also often pictoralised riding a dragon. Which to me represents her energies riding through the lower metaphysical energies of the Torus. It is said that she forgoes the sanctity of nirvana so as to stay as a bridge into the lower densities until all have attained Enlightenment. For me this is quite accurate.

Quan Yin is the perfect container vessel to hold the various Openhand frequencies that we work with here. The image and the energetic representation came to me very early on in my incarnation. She appeared in my meditation space holding a tremendously compassionate, loving and supportive consciousness.

A short while later, on one of the earlier Openhand workshops, I had the good fortune to meet a couple of people, Dave and Ann Evans, who also resonated with the Quan Yin energy. It was then that they gifted this tremendous statue to Openhand, which was incredibly generous since she cost a small fortune - I am eternally grateful. Praying Emoji

She's made of solid serpentine, and I recall one day driving into Wales to collect her. She was so heavy, it took three of us to lift her into my little car, which weighed it down to the axles! To me the statue exudes a calm, cool and collected energy, an immovable compassion. She's been with me ever since.

Yesterday Aspasia helped me return the statue to Glastonbury, where we'll be basing the Openhand energies once more from the New Year. As Glastonbury represents the heart chakra of the planet, it seems entirely appropriate she reside there.

So a new chapter has turned for the Openhand energies and work into 2020.

I am intrigued as to what will unfold.


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I find the plane of the mind getting busier these days. Especially with the increasing distraction of technology. The challenge of this I find is not just to switch it off, because there are some wonderful things to be experienced too - great connections and inspirations. And we are a global family. So it's about discernment - being clear about what we expose ourselves to has some beneficial effect.

And so what is the orientation of consciousness, mind and emotions that can best help us?

It's being clear with yourself what really serves, in any given moment. From the moment I awaken of the day, the first thing is to sit up and just breathe. It's at this moment, for me, that I feel the intensity of the physical/mental densities most strongly. It may sound strange to some, but being out of the body through the evening is so peaceful, it tends to be an intense constrast coming back in. That's where the Breakthrough Breathing really helps.

Just a few minutes opening up through the lower densities, connecting up with the Sacred Ground of Being and crucially - embodying it here.

What you're doing is infusing the deepest connection of source into and through your life. This is going to have a highly beneficial effect in all aspects.

Of course this is easier said than done!

What tends to follow is a kind of bouncing in and out of this state. As the day unfolds, the 3D world will tempt you in. Not that we shouldn't engage, we're here to learn, evolve an grow through it. So it's not about detaching, but rather working to be anchored in your centre even as you come through mind, emotions and body - you're working to open out through them.

This to me, is where the Quan Yin energy greatly helps. When I connect into the Sacred Ground of Being - that consciousness which is around the source - then it feels like I'm in a beautiful, lilly and bamboo filled garden, with pools and waterfalls - that's when I feel the sense of this compassionate connection most.

So as we venture through the festive season at this time (or any challenging season for that matter!), then I encourage this deep inner connection that begins at the start of the day, to find your divine orientation and authentic flow. I'm sure you're find the day unfolds a good deal more harmoniously!

Here's an awesome peace of music to capture the sense of this by an Openhand course favourite, Sacred Earth. Breathe, connect, enjoy...


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Glastonbury is a highly alchemical place, and seems to be a key fulcrum in the shift energies, it representing the heart chakra of the planet. It is an alchemical cauldron where karmic energies are activated and resolved. I'm tremendously excited therefore to have found a new base there, in line of site to the magnificent Tor, nestling on Wearyall Hill. It promises to be an exciting and adventurous new chapter!

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