Reclaiming Your Soul Sovereignty

Submitted by Open on Tue, 05/12/2020 - 17:00
Forging Soul Sovereignty with Openhand
<<<Sovereignty in System Shenanigans>>>
This whole great system shenanigans we're consumed within actually has great value. Not of itself, but what it invites of us. It's crystal clear that it's all about personal sovereignty. People will see what's going on in many different ways. Some will be happy that the system has ground to a halt - nothwithstanding that the billionaires profit and get ever richer. For plenty, they'll be catalysed into finding a new way of living and being. Which is great too.
The key is reclaiming sovereignty. What does that mean exactly and how do you do it?
It's something I spoke of right back at the beginning of Openhand - making the constant conscious choice. To give an example: I was just shopping at my local health food store, one of the few open on Glastonbury highstreet. They're obliged to socially distance due to state regulations. They'res a guy shopping in there wearing a state of the art industrial mask (nothwithstanding that there's plenty of scientific evidence that the virus does not transmit through the air and that actually these masks collect bacteria). He's standing at the shelves of the raw chocolate, picking up and putting back various possibilities before making his final choice - in between scatching his backside! (LOL). Afterwards, outside the shop, he takes his mask off, which now collects any bateria that his picked up, and presumably then goes on to transmit at the next visit to the health food store or wherever else. Right now I'm pitying all raw chocolate lovers - but NOT because of the virus. It just goes to prove the law is an A*rse!
But it also proves something else. It's an invitation to be conscious in every choice, every step, every moment. Not just to do things because the media or government tell you to. Where is their guidance and leadership coming from anyway?
Loss of freedom begins with simple unconscious and programmed choices, which may have seemed okay at one point. You could get by half asleep in the day job. Even though we all knew it wasn't working. That reflection has now come home quite spectacularly.
If we don't nip this in the bud now, next they'll have a reason to extract people from their houses - something that's already being spoken of and trialed.
So if you want to reclaim personal sovereignty just ask, "show me". For Gandhi divine guidance led to him walking two hundred miles to the beach and picking up a handful of salt. It led to the collapse of the British Empire. For us it might mean daring NOT to distance, and smiling lovingly at those you encounter with peace exuding from your heart. I can't tell you what that will be and how it will want to manifest. But your soul can.
Sovereignty is an invitation to listen, and to respond, in any given moment, in EVERY given moment.
Open 💙🙏

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