Return to Atlantis: Openhand Vog 2022

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Openhand's second "Return to Atlantis" Pilgrimage through ancient Egypt is now underway once more. An intrepid group of pioneers has gathered from across the planet to journey through humanity's past life karma. Crucially, it's going to be unleashing transformative planetary energies and preparing us for the culmination of the Shift as we ascend into the new 5D Paradigm.

Explore our colourful Vlog. You're sure to gain insight and upliftment for your journey. Bright blessings, Open 🦋

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15/04/2022 Openhand Atlantis Journal

I'm not a romantic of the pyramids, I'm well aware that despite their monumental beauty, there were central in a system of control. But I knew I wanted to be close to them so as to feel them and understand what our mission here is. They say, "location, location, location" - here's the view this morning from our guest house roof...

It's clear the pyramids are much older that reported in mainstream Egyptology thinking. Judging by the weathering on the sphinx and the orientation of the pyramids exactly as the precession of the equinoxes in 10450 BC (by their exact alignment with Orion at that time), it places them more in the 11th milenium BC.

That would mean they preceded the great flood that happened at the end of the last Ice Age, in the Younger Dryas, which according to alternative egyptologist Dr Robert Shock, was caused by a solar nova event, that blasted the casing off the pyramids and precipitated a rapid end to the Ice Sheets around the world. They melted inside 3 days sending a deluge of water around the world - almost certainly what Plato was referring to and now known as the "sinking of Atlantis".

This is why I so much wanted to bring the Openhand work here, because it prepares us better to mediate through the next shift, which is due anytime soon.

Thanks for tuning in everyone - it's going to be an epic ride for sure!

Open 🧘‍♂️🙏


Hi Open and everyone,

Without knowing about this event - my attention was drawn to Egypt (one guy I follow is Egyptian - didn't know but he shared it recently, and found myself talking about this just yesterday).

So it looks like I am tuned in, or I should be tuned in - and therefore I will be tuning in.

Fine tuning to the soul!

Wishing you and everyone attending (in all ways) a soulful experience!

Best wishes to all,



14/04/2022 Atlantis Journal Update

I arrived last night in the vicinity of London Heathrow, ready for an early morning flight to Cairo. I felt to go out for some evening free wheeling, and what should I find right outside the hotel door?...

I've never been to this location before, so I laughed my socks off when I saw it!!

It speaks right into a key mission for the shift and what I can reflect to you all. What might that be?

Life has gotten very complex on the planet has it not? It was even challenging to pay for the hotel carpark which could only be done by phone. I feel one mission of the trip is to enhance the Ray 3 - that of interpretation, especially into the lower dimensions. And who were the masters of that? Those who created Atlanrtis and Egypt, they who encoded the DNA of Homo Sapiens -
the Annunaki.

The last time I was in Egypt was leading up to the Galactic Convergence in 2012 where the Annunaki were extracted from the Intervention, which helped enormously to unravel a key aspect of the matrix field at that point. This time I feel we'll be forming reconnections with them to help us in the complexity of modern day civilisation.

What I absolutely adored about this Atlantis Lounge Synchronicity, is that I always use the flow to choose where to go, how to travel and where to stay. Providing you can stay relaxed and open, even when things get tight and frustrating, then the divine can speak into the density and weave magic. That's going to be crucial to us all as we emerge through and out of the density.

Join us on the Voyage and in the daily vlog. Let's send some energy through the community and around the world. Let's open some channels of light for everyone.

Excited? I am!!

Bright Blessings

Open 💙🙏

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Hi Open, waiting with excitement to see your video vlogs as Egypt can be rather mystical.            

I had a calling to go there in 2011. My time was short & I could only venture as far as Bubastis,Home of the Cat 🐈‍⬛ Goddess.

I wonder if you have been or will visit the Cairo museum. Very strong energies there…rather dark I felt personally. But I was also quite mesmerised by the incredible beauty & otherworldly craftsmanship of the ‘Golden’ Tutankhamen burial/Sarcophagus exhibit.. well & truly mesmerising craftsmanship that does not seem of this earth 3,000+ years ago!

Egypt does seem to hold many keys to the human mystical/mystery!

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Hi Adrian,

So great you feel moved to join us through the ether. It seems many exhibits from the museum in central Cairo have been moved to a new museum here in Giza. It's not part of our trip this time, but maybe in another visit in the future.

Stay tuned! The Sun Emoji

Tilly Heart