Society Broken: Transition Through

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Episode 3 of Openhand's 5D Shift Podcast, exploring how society is now fatally broken - what's the evidence? Crucially, how to be inspired by the great planetary changes happening and how to transition through.

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This was wonderfully helpful and inspiring! Always uplifting! Thank you so much! 🙏❤️

Regarding the alarming decline in the world's wildlife, i have to say in my neck of the woods, i see a different reality. i'm blessed to live in a city that actively, if not always successfully, protects and conserves as much natural land as possible.As such, it boasts a wetlands conservation area right by the lake that's only interrupted by a road. There is a cove in the lake across from this wetlands that is home to geese and ducks and the occasional swans. This year, not only has the population of these waterfowl exploded, for the first time since i've lived here, it has also become home to Sandhill cranes. One day riding the bus i was amazed to see one. A few days later there were around 20. i wish this was the case everywhere, but the shadow still has a hold, but i'm delighted to see that the light is indeed breaking through!🙏

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Yes indeed Barb, thanks for reminding us that even though 69% of the eco-systems have gone, the glass is still a third full!!

Let us focus on every single drop of blessed nature out there that we come across.

I'm here at the stunning Pleiades retreat centre, where it's an utter joy to experience the flora and the fauna.

Cactii are my favourite!!

And the little hummingbirds, darting around, hanging in the air with lightly beating wings. What a joy!!..

Bright blessings

Open 🙏

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It's so uplifting to see; i feel Gaia is really blossoming despite everything going on. Can't keep her down! It sounds so wonderful there, and sure looks fantastic. Thanks for the shots. i love cacti and their energy. Last time i saw a hummingbird was quite a while ago so thank you for that! Nature and wildlife are my passion and joy. Have a fantastic blessed retreat. With you in spirit🙏💙

When i found out about the shift and the huge changes to come i was already in the midst of loss and went into a deeper depression, wanting things to stay the same, but just get better. "Why can't things just be better?" But realising the fundamental distortion in our very DNA and the exploitation of humanity has slowly helped me shift from resistance to acceptance to the kindling of excitment at the possibilities of transcending all that and regaining our sovereignty and freedom. Thanks for explaining that it's just a reconstruction, really helps to see it that way. i don't have youngsters but i work at a daycare and love kids and have felt concern, so your explanaition helps so much, especially about parents projecting their fears. i know if i were a parent i'd be overly attached and use them to alleviate my loneliness and boost my sense of purpose, so i feel it's not just fear for their children, but fear of losing the things they gain from having them. Reminds me of Arthur C. Clark's 'Childhood's End'. They are here to get shit done😉 When the SHTF for me it was after i had been sitting with the sunrise (as per Rumi who says ask for what you want at sunrise, don't go back to bed) asking for change in myself because i was so dysfunctional and self-sabotaging and afraid of people. This morning i sat with the pre-sunrise twilight asking again to keep me strong so i can keep transcending the old ugly baggage, and then a shooting star appeared. The universe has heard me. How can i feel lonely knowing i'm so loved!? i hope everyone, especially those who are in the dark like i was, and probably will ahain tbh, will know that love soon. Absolutely you have inspired. Be lost without you really. Best thing is how i'm starting to learn how to trust and count on myself. Oh to have that freedom and strength! To be ok with not knowing (there's no fun in that!) To stand true in myself no matter who's throwing stones. To be my own best friend and mentor. To know and embrace who i really am and know and embrace my higher purpose. To never abandoned or reject myself again. What a wonderful feeling! Thank you for helping me actualise that! Still a long road but i'm on it. Not enough thank you's! Great podcast!❤️💛🧡💚💙💜🙏

Here's our new Podcast episode 3, Premiere that goes live October 22nd at 9am (UK): what's it stir in you?

Do share your thoughts and feelings - I'd love to know.
And please do share widely - word of mouth is always the best way to reach out to new people.
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In this next episode of the 5D Shift Podcast, we're exploring the direct evidence that society is now fatally broken - there'll be no "fixing it". Yet, I say to you this is a GOOD thing, an OPTIMISTIC thing. For the new paradigm to emerge, the old one must first break down. The crucial thing is understanding how you can successfully transition through it all. The higher dimensional light is breaking through. What are you likely to be experiencing and how best can you make the progressive transition?

That's the subject matter of this next 5D Shift Podcast.
It premieres live here on October 22nd at 9am.
See you there!
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