The Joy of Happy Cows

Submitted by Open on Wed, 08/28/2013 - 04:56

Here's a heart warming video if ever there was one. Dairy cows are mostly kept in pretty unpleasant conditions. Separated from their calves so as to keep producing milk; often inside barns away from the fields; and crammed into small spaces. What do they feel? Do they have feelings? The Industrial Food chain apparently assumes not. So take a look at what happens to 25 cows, designated for slaughter when they become no longer productive. See what happens when they're released back into the fields. It's a video that's sure to enhance your delight of mother nature...

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What a beautiful sight to see. The dairy industry is extremely harsh - I remember staying with my aunt who had a dairy farm and being kept awake for days by the cows mooing for their calves that had been taken from them, (maybe destined for veal crates). As a small child I asked my aunt why they were mooing and when she told me - my heart broke.


A delight to see them animated this way and people enabling it to happen. 25 tears watching I think! Thank you for sharing.