THRIVE in 5D: 5 Day Retreat, Gdansk/POLAND, 14th-18th Oct

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Something phenomenal is happening. The next evolution of humanity is emerging right before our eyes. We're evolving into 5D consciousness. Where everything in the 3D is breaking down, we're able to reclaim this energy and thrive from a new form of consciousness. We're dreaming a new higher dimensional reality into existence that is fair, equitable, just and abundant, where all our needs are met from divine union. That's the immaculate opportunity avaliable for those who dare to venture into the realm of infinite possibility.

This event has now been retitled Ascension Activation Retreat as part of Openhand's new World Tour... Full Details

Retreat Highlights

1) Applying ground breaking meditations, inner journeying and guided self-realisation to deepen through inner layers, connect with the source, and experience expanded 5D consciousness.

2) Unwinding 3D identity layers, breaking through ancient 4D Homo Sapiens karma, healing at the deepest levels, to then begin to unfurl the new DNA configuration of the 5D Human.

3) Providing a Spiritual Compass and 5GATEWAYS Routemap to help you demystify the varied inner influences on the path and integrate your expanded 5D spirituality into your daily 3D life.

4) Finding harmony in a new form of conscious relationships, releasing 3D poverty consciousness, to then create a fulfilling daily life now, from the expanded 5D state.

5) Relating your transfromation to the global effects of the Shift, from Abrupt Climate Change and Civilisation Instability, to ride the Earth's transformation successfully into the New Paradigm.

"These 5GATEWAYS Retreats are all about resonating a higher vibrational frequency, that unravel karmic density, resonate authentic characteristics of being, and help you come from higher consciousness in life."

The Shift into 5D Consciousness

People the world over are beginning to talk about the new 5D paradigm that's beginning to unfold around us. But it's hard to see when your eyes are still focussed on the bare essentials of daily 3D living, where everything is beginning to break down around us. The soul of humanity is positively yearning for something much more evolved and divinely interconnected - to live a sacred life, that has a sense of belonging and connection to the wider Universe.

That's the dream that many are yearning towards, which can get clouded by the growing anxiety of enviornmental catastrophe in the 3D. So how can we build a new way of living, right now, that will carry us optimistically into the next emergent reality in the 5D? The answer is to embody the new 5D consciousness that the world is progressively unfolding into. Pathfinders and Wayshowers the world over are living in this new way, uplifted, invigorated and supported by the flow. It's high time for more people to benefit from this new consciousness and positively thrive in it.

It's not an easy transition to make however, it does take courage and commitment to break through. At times you'll likely feel lost and alone in this endeavour. That's where tried and trusted methods, based on ancient wisdom and proven meditation techniques are essential.

Openhand is a higher dimensional consciousness that is here specifically to support your shift into 5D. We have copious experience in working with people around the world to break through the old karmic limitations and expand the next highest version of your true, Cosmic Self.

You're not the first to have ascended into 5D. We're calling on the experience of past masters to support your journey, felt and experienced as an energetic vibration through the field that can illuminate the path in the most difficult of life's challenges. That's what this accredited 5GATEWAYS work is all about.

Introducing Openhand - A Higher Dimensional Consciousness

Openhand is a higher dimensional consciousness, which may best be considered as an integrated team of Ascended Master Energies working with the Benevolent Mission in the ether supporting Humanity's Shift into 5D. When you know how to work with it, you may use it beneficially to break down karmic blockages and infuse authentic soul beingness into every facet of your life, which leads to divinely supported living right now.

But to be clear, this is never about telling you your truth. The New 5D Paradigm can be theorised, yes, but it must then be realised. It's about holding a cauldron of alchemical exploration for you to get to know the deepest aspects of yourself.

Who are you at your deepest core?
What new gifts of beingness can illuminate your life right now?

Held in a Safe and Protective Space

During the work, you'll be held in a safe and protective energetic vessel, where the veils over authentic reality are thin. We'll be resonating authentic soul vibration - keys to unlock the door of your next big shift. We'll be taking you deep into the Void of Presence, integrating soul, helping process Karma, unleash Kundalini and activate your Spirit Light Body, which is our vehicle of Ascension.

5D consciousness is not something to wait for. As the energy of the old Karmic Construct now unwinds, you'll find higher dimensional 5D energy to support you in 3D living right now. The Openhand work is crafted to help you fulfill this.

Guided by "Open" - a Higher Dimensional Bridge

I incarnated somewhat unusually via a soul exchange, which initiated during a near death experience in a car crash. It was my passion to come here and support the 5D Shift of Consciousness taking place on the earth right now.

I work with a higher dimensional team that I call "Openhand" who are an intimate part of the Benevolent Mission gathering all around the earth to facilitate the shift. I act as a higher dimensional bridge able to resonate soul frequencies of your higher self and bridge you into higher dimensions of consciousness.

Supported by Aspasia, Mark and Hannah

Aspasia is Openhand's Community Coordinator responsible for weaving the organisation of our events together in terms of booking and administration support. She is also a very experienced spiritual facilitator who skillfully co-creates explorations of Awakening with all souls (see her website: AspasiaAwakenings). She will be a support facilitator during the event. Please contact Aspasia if you have any questions about the nature of the event or travel and arrival arrangements...

Essential to Openhand's Work is the development of a Global Facilitator Network, who're all skilled in supporting people's awakenings and shift into expanded "5D" consciousness. Support Facilitators have been through Openhand's core program of courses and received Spiritual Facilitator training. They're skilled in helping you get to the bottom of karmic blockages and remove them.

Support facilitators Mark and Hannah are scheduled to be at the event assisting the work with you.

You will be well looked after! HeartHeart

Inspiring Sound Temple of Joana & Huzy

We'll be once more at the uplifting Sound Temple of Joana & Huzy. Our first event there was literally cosmic, with the resonant sound of the gong cleansing our fields and uplifting spirits. The Sound Temple is located at Borsk, a 1 hr train journey from Gdansk. Here's a sense of the venue and energy...

An inspiring Sound Temple in peaceful secluded countryside...

Set in peaceful and secluded countryside surroundings with its own lake.

You'll be safely held in a profound vehicle of alchemical change...

Plenty of compassionate one-on-one...

Free flowing movement to unleash Soul...

Phew - this work turns you upside down and inside out!...

Relaxed hanging out spaces...

Divine accommodation...

Charming hosts Joana & Huzy...

Looking forwards to the sacred sound of the gong...

Great conscious, plant-based food with accommodation included...

Administration details

Venue: This special 5 day retreat, "THRIVE in 5D", takes place at the private Sound Temple of Joana & Huzy, 83-442 Borsk, Borsk 40a, Poland. Website... Sound Temple

Timings: Arrival on Wednesday 14th October between 3-5pm ready for a gathering dinner at 6pm. Closes Sunday 18th October by midday.

Cost: The full costs, including comfortable accommodation, high vibe plant-based food, instructional fees and facilitator support is: 2100 PLZ (approx Euro 490). Do ask about our reduced price Bursaries for locals and those who are resource constrained.

Payment: A 25% deposit secures your place on this gathering. The balance is payable one month before.

Travel: You can easily take a direct train from GDANSK Airport to KOŚCIERZYNA where we can arrange for pick up to the Sound Temple (do please inquire for more info).

Not for profit: Openhand is a not for profit organisation. All surplus revenues are reinvested to facilitate our objective - to help others in their journey of spiritual awakening.

Reservation info: To reserve a place or to get more information, contact our Community Coordinator Aspasia: Or if you are from Poland and would like local information email our host there, Huzy: or call him on +48 503899194. ***IMPORTANT*** We will respond to your email as soon as possible, if you have not heard from us within 24 hours, check your spam folder


We can no longer deny the tumultuous changes happening to Humanity and the World. Our lives and the way we live need to change, right now. A powerful wave of higher consciousness is rushing in to sweep the old reality steadily away. We're being called by the divine to join the new dawning in expanded "5D" consciousness.

Here's a short video inspiration that gives a sense of what the event will be about...

It's a way of being you know well in the core of who you are. It speaks into the fibres of your heart. It's an interconnectedness, cherished, nurtured and supported by the divine in your every step. You can live that 24/7, now, in your relationships, work and every facet of your life. That's what successfully navigating the path of the 5GATEWAYS can achieve. Let's Thrive in 5D!

Booking Info:

That Booking Info again: To reserve a place or to get more information, contact our Community Coordinator Aspasia: Or if you are from Poland and would like local information email our host there, Huzy: or call him on +48 503899194. ***IMPORTANT*** We will respond to your email as soon as possible, if you have not heard from us within 24 hours, check your spam folder

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So is it a 4 or 5 day retreat? I want to make sure of the correct dates.

Kindest regards 


In reply to by Kristian Johansson (not verified)


Hi Kristian - we were just in the process of finalising that one.

I can confirm it will now be a 5 day retreat from Wednesday 14th till Sunday 18th finishing in the morning. The event will be enfolded into a new tour from September to December. It may have a different name then and will likely have an updated emphasis - we live in fluid times!

It would be great to see you there.

Very best wishes

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I to say we were all pretty stunned by this sound temple venue near Gdansk last time. What an amazing conscious creation! Nestling on the shores of a huge lake, Huzy and partner have built a veritable jewel of a retreat centre, specifically designed around holding sound vibration. And when the gong plays, you're simply teleported into the heavens! Come join us for special time, with wonderful hosts in a wonderful environment. OK Hand Sign