Torus Flow

Submitted by Open on Wed, 10/21/2020 - 06:06
Torus Flow with Openhand
How can something as abstract as "The Toroidal Flow" benefit your life? In short, in EVERY way!
Everyone in spiritual circles will have heard of "Full Kundalini Activation". It's essentially your soul reconnecting with the source and being constantly energised from there. When this happens, your field takes the form of the Toroidal Flow - until it integrates, it feels like a spiralling gyrating spin. You see people experiencing it all the time on Openhand workshops - it's kind of amusing to watch 😉
Well when this is active, it has a quantum effect on your surroundings. Bacsically you're replicating, in your given space, how the universe itself works. You become an amplifyer for the universe and corresponingly it animates through you. Basically, all forms of life are intrinsically destined to come into this attunement. Everything connects up into the Flower of Life - that is it's meaning.
Humanity has been divorced from the Flower of Life by being locked down in a control system divorced from this inherent movement. But the collective yearning is re-animating the Torus for more and more people and in more and more places. What it means is that as you do it more in your life, you connect up with others - through synhcronicity - who are doing the same. Life becomes deeply alchemical and magical. You see guiding signs and creative crystallisations everywhere.
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