Valley of the Kings

Submitted by Open on Tue, 11/22/2022 - 03:33

What's the energetic experience of the Valley of the Kings? Why did the ancient Egyptians really mumify their elites? It's all about the tethering of souls to harness energy. But with dedicated energy work, the old density can be removed and the field opened up with the natural Torus.

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I recently watched an interview Jackie White did with an English energy worker called Qadir.  Qadir has found soul prisons all over the British Isles.  Qadir does not go into much detail into how these prisons were made nor what the elites use them for exactly, but he says that he calls in help and the prisons are dissolved.  I feel that everyone needs to do their bit to change energies which may have been used to keep most of us subservient to people in power.  If I remember what he said correctly, some of the prisons in England are centuries old.

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