Vitamin B12

Hi there,

The levels of B12 and iron in my blood are currently low. I was quite shocked by some of the ingredients in the iron tablets I was prescribed by my GP which included liquid paraffin, sodium laurel sulphate and gelatin. I decided not to get those! I was also prescribed 6 injections of artificially created vitamin B12 over 2 weeks, which seems a bit extreme and also decided against that suggestion! What a strange health system...

I am looking for alternatives and did find some supplements in the local health food shop that feel much kinder. They are developed from bacteria rather than artificially created. One is in a spray form so it can enter the bloodstream more efficiently. I am aware that B12 can be an issue for vegans and particularly those following a mainly raw diet. I have previously not taken yeast to avoid candida, though I might try adding some yeast to my morning smoothie. I know that Open recommends not overly washing organic veg as some of the vitamin may remain in the soil.

I wonder if anyone has any further thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks, Fiona

PS. I also acknowledge the opportunity to explore what might be causing an imbalance in the first place!


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Thats wonderful, I really think he is doing brilliant work! I cant wait to visit the tree of life one of these days... :)

I was implying that blue green algae is a source of B12...

"KLA has about seven times more human active B12 per gram compared to spirulina. The KLA human active B12 amount in one gram equals the daily B12 needed for people. Spirulina is the second most concentrated vegetarian B12 source on the planet and has 250% more than an equal weight of liver and has 14 times the daily B12 needed in 100 grams. No vegetarian has to ever worry about not getting enough B12 in their diet if they are taking KLA."…

Nice, also wanted to let you know we are very much enjoying your cookbook as well! : )


Dont know if it was mentioned already...

Spirulina, chlorella but I would suggest blue green algae more specificly tachyonized blue green but I will let you be the judge of that... do a google search or if anyone is interested I can post some links...


I was led to look at Ayurvedic practice some time ago. It makes sense to me. I daily use a sludgy-looking stuff called Amrit, suggested to me by an Ayurvedic alternative health store. Amazing stuff! I order it on-line. Also Ambertose, put out by Mannatech Company. It is also amazing and works at the cellular level. Also order on-line. I take no other supplements and attribute a vegan diet plus these two products as the reason I no longer suffer from migraines (2+ years migraine-free), no longer need the one medication I have taken for decades, and never get sick, not even a cold. Ayurvedic and ambertose work for me and for my family. Ascension seems to have led the way...I attribute all of this to this amazing time we are in. We cannot do much about the terrible state of the planet, but it seems that as we continue to ascend, the physical body does as well.


Hi Trinity,

I know how much Bree and Ilana are loved and respected and how they feel like part of the family and share much joy. I am aware of times when animals have helped to heal. The examples I referred to previously where at the other end of the spectrum, where there didn't seem to be much respect or awareness for the animals. "Pets" seems to be another example of feeling what is right in each situation, living with awareness and making conscious choices.

Love, Fiona


Hi Amber,

I think you raise an interesting point about domesticated animals. I sometimes contemplate the rightness of this too, particularly when I see dogs being led on leads or owners trying to get them to behave in a particular way, sometimes shouting at them. I do acknowledge that pets such as cats and dogs can bring much love and healing to people too.

I know of a dog whose first litter of puppies were taken away once they were old enough. When the dog had her second litter, she more-or-less abandoned them and seemed to me to be depressed. Such heart-breaking examples do make me question the keeping of pets.

I'd be interested in hearing the views of others.

Love, Fiona


heya fiona

Thanks for the info, the injection i had was hydroxocobalamin chloride, i will look into simple methylcobalamin injections also.

Kind Regards

:) amber


thanks Trinity for the info, i will read it thoroughly tomorrow as its time for sleep but my immediate response to what exactly is a happy Cow was

"The ones I met on the farm". These cows were like love in the form of cow, i live surrounded by cows in neighbouring farms but these cows I met are like a completely different creature. It was like they glowed with the love they received from their people, i was struck by them. They seemed pretty darn happy to me and my friend. There's only three of them if I could remember. And no they don't sell the cheese to make a profit, just for home use..

those cows, plus the b12 issue have got me considering that maybe some animals actually do want to be in relationship with humans in this way. I will continue to look into it..

Im also wondering now if domesticating a pet is much different, where it is not able to self actualise because we have interfered, sterilising them, removing them from their natural environments and then holding them in captivity etc... At least a cow has a new role and isn't just left dependent and in limbo, like many pets are.

Will mull it over tomorrow :)


That's a very interesting article Trinity. How ironic is the suggestion that the reason we no longer produce our own source of B12 is due to the introduction of meat into the diet!

Hi Amber, a tricky one indeed, thanks for sharing. For me the bacteria based supplements from the herbalist/health food store felt like a better option than the artificially produced B12 they put in the injections. On the positive side the only other ingredients in the injection were salt and water (compared to the extra ingredients in some of the other more medical supplements I explored!) The injection is usually hydroxocobalamin (if you are in the UK at least), from what I understand this is a combination of cyanocobalamin (not so easily absorbed and less beneficial for humans) and methylcobalamin (best type). You can request an injection of the latter if you feel inclined. Best wishes with the exploration.

Love, Fiona


Im dealing with this topic at the moment too

I couldn't find much on the b12 shot a Dr prescribed me recently, but feeling i really needed to do something and being exhausted, i just went ahead and got the first shot done last week.

Driving to the appointment to get the injection, i was thinking how unnatural it was that my "natural" diet required I need a doctor to inject fluid into my muscle for it to keep me healthy .... when the alternative was to you know, just eat an egg, or cheese, or something..

And then I started thinking about the embodied energy and unnaturalness involved in making those iron fortified foods and vitamins etc, versus a visit the local biodynamic farm up the road and getting some of their natural cheeses from their super loved happy cows..

this is a tricky one ..


Thanks Trinity,

I can't believe I have overlooked the B12 issue for so long! It is my desire to live as pure a life as I can and in our modern society it feels like I make many compromises (or conscious choices). I guess taking supplements feels like another compromise though sometimes necessary, since as you say most of us are "de-natured" nowadays and don't get our B12 like our ancestors would have.

Luckily unlike iron you can't overdose on vitamin B12 as one of the supplements has 48,000% of the daily EC recommended daily allowance :) That should be plenty - lol :)

Love, Fiona


Thanks for the useful reply Trinity.

That's a very informative article, I had briefly read it previously, it was good to look back on it again more thoroughly. This statement particularly caught my attention - "If for any reason you choose not to use fortified foods or supplements you should recognise that you are carrying out a dangerous experiment." and "B12 need never be a problem for well informed vegans"

You are right about absorption playing such an important role and I have been paying more attention as I eat recently. As well as vitamin c and other nutrients, I think that non-physical factors may have a role to play. I am aware that I sometimes over eat or eat too quickly or pay too little attention while eating and suspect that this may have a negative impact on how effective my digestion might be.

I had overlooked that the B12 in yeast was fortified, that's useful to be reminded of - thanks. I think I will find other sources.

Interestingly when I went to the herbal shop, the guy I spoke too had recently completed a paper on B12 (I love the synchronicity). He was able to tell me that there were two main types of b12 and that methylcobalamin is the one that is far more beneficial for us. He suggested a spray form for higher absorption rates and also informed me that you could wear a patch on your arm as a method of intake.

He also spoke about absorption and vitamin C. He suggested the use of lemon with food, I'm now curious if this has to do with the vitamin c or acid or something else.

It's been really helpful to explore here, hoepfully it will be useful for others too, thanks, love Fiona